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    Chekhov has hijacked the first post! Please make suggestions. Finished up to page 56 to end List of threads and the best posts arguing whether individual characters are or aren't the boss. If you are thinking of replying to any of the posts, please remember some of the users who made these posts are no longer active and may not reply. Also, just because a user gives evidence in support or against a certain theory doesn't mean they believe it. Some people like to change their minds, test out an idea, or play devil's advocate. General Discussion of clues that could narrow down possible boss candidates. (Separate thread) The gender of the boss (Separate thread) Gin and Vodka's names are in the Mermaid Guestbook The boss's name appeared before File 551 Individual Characters Agasa Hiroshi Interview where Gosho confirms Agasa is not the boss Agasa is not the boss (Separate thread) Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons against (Kaine-Sherlockian) Reasons for (Ace Detective) James Black Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons for (Vicky) Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Miyano Atsushi Reasons for (Xcommando) Discussion (justwantanaccount) Reasons for and against (Schwa) Reasons for (Retro) Elena Miyano Discussion (justwantanaccount) Reasons for and against (Schwa) Okino Yoko Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons for (Akazora) Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Reasons for (greaterbeastxellas) Reasons for (Charala97) Okiya Subaru Reasons against (Glass Heart) Kudo Yuusaku Link to interview where Gosho confirms Kudo Yuusaku is not the boss Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons against (Stopwatch) Mouri Kogoro Reasons against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kisaki Eri Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons for (Glass Heart) Reasons against Part 1 Part 2 (Chekhov MacGuffin) Reasons for Part 2 Part 2 (KirisatoSei) Reasons against (User 4869) Reasons for (ccrogers15) Miyano Akemi Reasons against (Scar Akai) Karasuwa Renya Karasuwa Renya (justwantanaccount) Karasuwa Renya - arguments against (Chekhov MacGuffin) Karasuwa Renya - arguments for Part 1 Part 2 (Black Demon) Kuroba Toichi Kuroba Toichi - Reasons for (aika) Kuroba Toichi - Reasons for (kkrazy1412) Kuroba Toichi - reasons against (User 4869) Other Daikoku Rentaro (Mermaid guestbook) (justwantanaccount) Mermaid guestbook name translations {Daikoku Rentarou} (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kaneshirou Genichirou (Scar Akai) Vermouth's Husband - general musings (Chekhov MacGuffin) Vermouth's Husband - general musings (Black Demon) Kobayashi Sumiko - Reasons for and against (Glass heart) Tokyo spirits - general musings (Akazora) Yamamura - reasons for (Dusty) Suzuki Shiro - reasons for (bosshunter) Shiratori Ninzaburou - reasons for (Dusty) Shiratori Ninzaburou - reasons against (User 4869) Kazumi Tsukamoto - reasons for (shiningstar) Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko- reasons for (emilyy418) Not one of the residents of Souhei Dejima's house (Chekhov MacGuffin) Kojima Genji - reasons for and against (ChaosBeing) Commentary by Username Detective Shinichi on the Case Closed Casebook Glass Heart Seven Crows, seven codenamed members of the Org? Akakata Facts about the boss Chekhov MacGuffin Boss related to Kogoro's past Chekhov MacGuffin Part 1 Part 2 Info about the boss and evidence against common candidates Akazora Part 1 Part 2 Boss characteristics Black Demon Part 1 Part 2 Thoughts on Nanatsu no ko The Black Demon Boss not completely in charge? Akazora Boss is a Nazi Black Demon Suspicious people Amontillado Suspicious people Silver.Bullet Musings on anokata Chekhov MacGuffin Mermaid guestbook name translations (Ooguro / Daikoku Rentarou) Cocoa - commentary about favorite boss theories KirisatoSei - Pondering the "Ai will be surprised" info Quol Part 1 Part 2 - Thoughts on Vermouth's relationship with the boss Chekhov MacGuffin Part 1 Part 2 - Thoughts on Vermouth's relationship with the boss I believe I had read somewhere that the boss of The Black Organization has been shown in the manga (anime, too, I would assume?) at least one time. Although, I'm unsure if it was only the possibility of his/her name, or if they were actually physically shown. If I'm not mistaken, Gosho Aoyama said it in an interview, though I'm skeptical because I haven't had any luck finding it to use as a source. (If you can find it, please let me know!) Anyway, what do you guys think? Maybe it's a bit too difficult to find that one possible character that could be the boss through over 500 episodes and over 700 chapters, but do you guys have any suspicions as to who it could be? Or just a comment about him or her in general? How about what the Black Organization's purpose is? I don't remember where I read it, but I heard something about one of their goals being to raise the dead. Also, there was a comment about immortality, which seems the most interesting to me — after all, has the mystery ever been solved as to why Vermouth is actually so old, yet remains youthful even without make-up and disguise?
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