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    Your drawings are really improving. They were good before, but now they're absolutely freaking amazing I love the colored pencils effect, especially in the family reunion drawing <3
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    And my favorite also Conan/Shinichi, Kogoro Mouri, Heiji, Kazuha, Sonoko, Kaitou Kid!! And Aoko Nakamori!! Love them also! But most of all Mouri Ran!
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    Me too! My Most Favorite my Idol is Mouri Ran! She is kindhearted and very strong! I like her karate!
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    Hi! I'm in latest now of DC!! Love it!! For my favorite are when Conan is with Ran & Mori Kogorou! And ofcourse when Conan/Shinichi is with Heiji! And also with Kaitou Kid! Love that!! My most favorite Episode is when Ran is really suspicious about Conan's true identity! That was for me really exciting!! DC also part of my childhood! It was really awesome for me that DC is still ongoing! DC is the best! Awesome mysteries!
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