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    Here's chapter 6. I know it may seem really contrived, but this is the best MeitanteixX and I could work with based on what I had. http://drmuttonchops.deviantart.com/art/Detective-Conan-Alternate-Bourbon-Arc-Chapter-6-536007095?ga_submit_new=10%253A1432854516
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    I was thinking about personalities lately and did some researching googling on it and I pretty much stumbled on this. http://fortune.com/2013/05/15/have-we-all-been-duped-by-the-myers-briggs-test/ The article pretty much raises that MBTI tests are flawed and stuff and that it doesn't tell the whole story about a person which I agree on. One of the things the article stated that is the flaw of the test is that the categories are purely dichotomous (two possible options only) yet, most people fall in between the two options given like a person might be equally introverted and extroverted. Another thing raised was that the "test-retest-reliability" or Constancy of the test is really low according to the statisticians and it's pretty much explainable... Our personality is subject to constant change depending on the situation you are in, the mood you are in or just generally, you wanted change. Haha, In simple terms, our personality is completely dynamic. It changes depending on the what you are currently in, like for example, you are experiencing a severe depression and you've been in several parties and people noticed that you don't talk that much. Some people might already assume that you are introverted when in truth, you are just not feeling well to talk much at that time. And one last thing I wanna add that isn't in the article that I noticed is that MBTI can become a psychological barrier towards behavioral change on a person, like for example, one person might argue that the other person's part of behaviour is bad but in defense of the other person, he/she says that it's not his/her fault and that the his/her MBTI is like this or that. Most psychological tests are like that anyways, if used in a bad mannerism like for example a lazy person might argue that he took an IQ test and his/her IQ is just 90 that why he/she is like that which is pretty stupid. (The irony xD) Haha, I pretty much believe that we have the ability to change everything about us and people just creates excuses not to. Welp, wat the heck. Not trying to sound smart or anything, just spreading awareness. :3
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