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    someone pls explain the joke to MK
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    yeah he was a mega spammer back then and hell never see my rumor
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJO3ROT-A4E I rarely drink milk
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    You're so good , my brain makes dopamine when I see your drawings.
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    Whahaha xD I do get C's though ... a lot. But in my country you get divided in secondary school. Depending on how "smart" you are. I attend the highest level , so my C's pretty much equal B+'s on the lower level. I'm a disgrace to my family . Do I need to commit the act of Hara-Kiri now ? I don't really chase them , I awkwardly show the females my intention of having a relationship by showing typical Alpha-male behavior. (Bitchslapping the other boys to show dominance) OT : Why do teachers say my behavior is bad even though I improved a lot ? Do they dislike me because I'm too handsome ? Like people who dislike Kim Jong Un because he's too sexxy ?
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