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    I really like this one: red pen on blue paper note, especially the girl's lip and hair. The eyes look kinda acceptable! I draw this when I think about me in college
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    Um ... I am so sorry for double posting... Anyway, this is the heiji drawing I was talking about; I honestly didn't find something as a quote so I just didn't put it.. Pls tell me what you think (I am not so pleased with it... I know it has lota of problems :/ )
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    An old sketch made in procrastination, and colored in procrastination. Even then, it's still pretty old.
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    Most of you have already heard the news, but just in case some of you haven't Movie 19 is going to feature Kaitou Kid and Vincent van Gogh's artworks. The sunflower teaser preview at the end of Dimensional Sniper was a reference to van Gogh's "Sunflowers" series. (Source) Movie 19 will be released in theaters around April 19th, 2015. You can expect Gosho's poster, basic plot information, and maybe the first teaser trailer (very short) to come out around somewhere between the middle of November and the first week of December (estimation based on past recent movies).
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    I'd say he's at least their level as well. He's just a bit dorky, like Eisuke, so sometimes it's easy to underestimate him.
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