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    Hello and long time since I wrote here. I just want to notify you, that the newest Conan subreddit has made contact to Gosho Aoyama and have made plans for an AMA (Ask me Anything) The plan is that subscribed reddit users can ask questions, and these questions will be mailed to Gosho, so he can answer them. More information here: http://www.reddit.com/r/OneTruthPrevails/comments/2fib7b/gosho_aoyama_ama/
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    Link is in my original post but for you I'll post it again: http://www.reddit.com/r/OneTruthPrevails/comments/2fib7b/gosho_aoyama_ama/ Do note that you should subscribe to the subreddit to ask the questions, and not all questions is send to Gosho
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    Could you post a link please?
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    I'm pretty sure you should post those questions on the reddit thread
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    My 2 most important questions would be: 1) Why are almost all murders about revenge and the murderers are always portrayed almost sympathetically? Why no murders for money, jealosy, power, killing of witnesses etc? 2) Is Conan ever sorry (at least just a little) for the situations the murderers find themselves into when they kill out of despair, only after being convinced that legal justice doesn't work (I mean, does he feel the powerful "victims" without scruples deserve so much more sympathy)?
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    Hmm. I've have kept a list of questions I'd like to ask Gosho for a while. These two I think are the most answerable in that they are about subjects that aren't too touchy, and hard to non-answer. •Why did a delinquent-type like Kogoro join the police force? Where is the rest of Kogoro's family and why do they never visit or get talked about? •What are the name origins for "Miyano", "Shiho", "Akemi", "Elena", and "Atsushi"? Edit: The name Ooguro/Daikoku Rentarou (大黒 連太郎) appeared in same set of guestbooks that Shiho Miyano, Vodka, and Gin also signed in the Mermaid immortality arrow case. That same name was also used for a building that had a Black Organization meeting place which was blown up in Tequila's case. Can you explain the significance of this name?
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