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    So everyone, What was the last movie you saw? For me it was "crazy stupid love"
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    Source for this topic: http://myanimelist.net/forum/?topicid=1235745 "In cooperation with 15 major anime production companies and manga publishers, the Japanese government will next month start a huge extermination operation against 580 foreign sites which have illegally uploaded anime and manga contents on the web without the copyright holders' permission, NHK reported on July 28th. While the government has started supporting the genre as one of their important cultural exports, there appears to be no end of illegal uploading of anime and manga via pirate sites, mainly operated by Chinese. The Cultural Affairs Agency estimates the loss caused by the Chinese pirate sites last year was amounted to at least 560 billion yen (about US$ 5.5 billion). On August 1st, the government will start simultaneously sending requests to delete illegal anime and manga contents to the operators of the 580 foreign pirate sites which they have found. In addition, the operation will launch a new site to guide the fans to a legitimate site offering some 250 titles including the latest ones at a cost of several hundred yen." So what does this mean for us in America? Well here are the thoughts that came together after I spoke to two subbing groups about this, so I'll copy and paste what we said: "It will be hard for Japan to reach this into America, which is why they're mainly going for Chinese. Plus, if servers are coming from Sweden, as many anime sites do, then it won't effect those sites. The problem is that China will leak shows even earlier than Japan, which is where the big money loss is coming from." "A lot of anime sites won't even see an issue even if america is targeted because there's this main stream idea of just embeding the video on the website, the DMCA can't touch them because there's nothing on the server being hosted. Sites like AU, Anilinkz, ACTV etc... as long as they arent hosting things themselves... there's no stopping it legally. Just in case you are curious - a lot of people wonder if subtitling anime is illegal in terms of dmca, NO it is not. Subtitling anime and letting people download it is a grey area that is ignored. It is at the point you profit from it by streaming it on a video player and hosting it on your own server that becomes a dmca issue." So what are your thoughts?
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    Haibara has nothing/nobody to return to. Her old life lies with the BO, which will eventually disperse. She's already living a good life as a child. If I were her, I wouldn't necessarily want to entirely ditch all of that in order to pursue "reality". This means fully creating a new life for the second time. Even if they were to become friends, Haibara/Shiho will still remain a pretty unsociable person. Since she's already familiar with these people the only gain she'll get from changing back is that they won't see her as a child anymore. Haibara changing back is a completely plausible conclusion, however, I just happen to prefer the latter.
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    I hope DC ends before I or the author die. I don't like to be left on a cliffhangers with regard to the ending.
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    Link: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/07/28/japanese-government-to-start-anti-animemanga-piracy-operation-next-month Looks like our happy days are about to be over.
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    Case Closed Movie 3. I watched it on the 4th of July. Yep, that was the last time I watched a movie. I'm not too fond of watching movies, (Unless they are from an anime. ) but I really do want to see the new Godzilla movie. D:
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