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    Hello everyone. First of all forgive me if this is the wrong forum, or section. I have a PS2 and lately I found that a DC game existed. "Detective Conan: Legacy of The British Empire" The game was released in 2004 by Bandai and Japanese only. Searching for the game leads to a onld thread of this site. Anyway, I have messed around quite a bit with the PS2 and so, I decided to translate the game. The game datas are in .DAT files and their are proceeded by a map file .HED. I spent a few days to find the routine and then at last I managed to extract them. I dumped the entire script, and then for another week I was stuck with pointers size and character limitation. But I solved that problem, and I am now coding a DC Script Editor for faster translating. I also have an image editor and a Japanese translator, and works still goes on. So far , some parts of the menu are translated , and some images too. As for the script, it is around 3% complete,(delay becyase of text size issue, which is now fixed.). I would apprecite if someone has an manual of this , or knows how to activate the bonus/Extra menu. Below you have a video of the game in Japanese. It is not mine. The screenshots are a bit old, but anyway just to show them. I have advanced way more than that, they were supposed to be simple testing test. I will probably post a vid on youtube ofthat translated text. Some images , are those before translating. You have a Wiki here, and it states that this game never got a English translation, well it will get it soon. Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0pMt8toMTE
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    Ps No information on the next file is available i think. Except it a new case, and no break. Ah wait. I just found this. I saved it like from 2 weeks ago.
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    902 Chinese: http://bbs.aptx.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=272253 Partial English translation by Fujiwara: http://forums.dctp.ws/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=12349&p=830029#p830029
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    Thank You! (again). In matter of fact, I was not aware of this game either. PS2 games released in Japan are very obsecure, but very precious ones. I am 16, but I have a strong passion for electronics. I became obssesed with my PS2 console, so I have spent like two years to learn how the system works and so. Knowing this, I had done game mods, and even more thing. Then I learned Vb.net proggramming language to code some simple apps. And then I learned C because the PS2 SDK compiles uses GCC. That way I managed to create some small homebrew. I do not know what pushes me into this, but I just love the console, and the mystery that it has. After I got the game, I studied the file structure for a day or two, and managed to extract every file out of the .DAT files. Someone wanted to work on the graphics and I sent him a few, and he has done a great work(I know a bit of graphics but not too much). Furthermore, a translator also wanted to help me, he is a offical one, and has done a great work. He has managed to do it via hexediting, but this is a great hassle, and after each line of text I was forced to work manually too, in order to adjust the text pointers size. I examine the script, so I know how to do it, and I am coding a script editor, so far is very beta, but it works. It reads all the lines , displays the nr of strings, chars, but I am having some problem with Double Bytes characters to display properly. If I open an edited English script, it works great. Pretty much that is it, it is my passion to the console and mystery which decided me to this project. It has a lot of manual work for me like packing and unpacking files but it is worth it. All I know about programming and PC is becuase of my pasion for the PS2 and my CISCO course, because other than other, I have learnt nothing in my corrupted school. As for the game, I will make a video and post it here. The game is quite awesome, 3D graphics, Conan can ride on a scateborad, can explore an entire castle with hidden doors etc, but even if the game was not so good, still it remains DC. In the uncpacked data there is artwork, game vidoes, bonues, which I will share latter here. Cheers. EDIT: It was not my intetion to double post, but I had a problem with adding the last image. If it is against regulation, please remove it. Cheers.
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    I've been trying to collect all the comments Gosho made through Shiho in Sherry's Soliloquy. I've collected about 50ish, so I thought that I should share.^^ I admit, I didn't share them before, since most of these aren't really relevant to the plot, but it's nice to see how Gosho's brain works, I think. Proof that these comments are written by Gosho: The above website says 青山先生入魂の書き下ろしページ(笑) (Page where Aoyama-sensei writes his heart and soul down (laughs)) next to シェリーのひとりごと (Sherry's Soliloquy / Sherry talking to herself /etc.) Gosho mentioned in an interview that he writes these comments: I'll post the comments from the most recent to the oldest I could find. Also I might sacrifice accuracy for readability in some places, so beware... If you have a better translation, let me know! I'll also bold the ones that I think are plot-relevant, and italicize the ones that are interesting. Warning: IMAGE HEAVY I'll match the images with file numbers later, when I have the time.
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    *slow clap* I'm probably useless when it comes to this, but hey I have a PS2 and a DVD writer CD-ROM. Maybe I'll be able to play it. Good luck on it! My only experience with games on PC is with emulators.
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    Electricity was out earlier while I was in school, so we had no choice but to take our summative test in Algebra in the dark. It hurt my eyes and my head because it was really hard to focus. I also found out that during our school Intramurals on Monday, we'll be taking the elimination test for the Science Quiz Bee. I really wanted to watch the sports events! Also, I only found out about the eliminations earlier today, so that gives me little time to review (weekends, but my hands will probably be full during then because we have a thesis introduction to pass as well as a photojournal project for my Humanities class ) Really, they should have suspended the classes today. It was troublesome going to school this morning because a lot of trees fell on the road, so the traffic was pretty bad. It was also tough going home since rain poured heavily during the afternoon ;____; On the brighter side, we have electricity at home. And I'm pretty lucky compared to the others who still have no electricity and to those who are in relocation centers right now because they lost their homes (because of the typhoon) Another LPA is forming near our country It's not so good living in an archipelago of a country surrounded by warm waters, especially during the rainy season. </3
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    So welcome to you too ! Well, in my school, we have to learn two languages at the same time (and we don't have another choices than English and German, that's not funny). At least you know one french word ! Yeah !
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    I had absolutely no idea that this game even existed, and I suppose it does not help that I've never owned a PS2 or was a fan of DC when the game was released in Japan. I'm incapable of translations, so I can't help you there, but it's beyond impressive you've been doing this all by yourself. Honestly, absolutely amazing dedication and I'll definitely play through it when this project is complete. There are probably people more fluent in Japanese than I am lurking somewhere on this forum, and perhaps they'll lend you a hand. I know generally double posts are frowned upon and there were ways for you to have avoided doing so, but now is not the time for that. I can actually give you two reps now! Good luck with your endeavor!
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    Wouldn't it be nice to have an app on the Itune's Market place (or any smart phone market place)that would let you access this forum? It would make this forum a lot more active because people can access it more often, and people who never knew about detective Conan might join.(that would help make detective Conan more popular in the north American region) So what do you guys think?
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    Let's not spam on people's art pages. It's rude. And it gets you warning points towards permanent site ban. ~~Always watching (◡‿◡✿) ~~
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    I'm borrowing this post for a stealth theory update on Amuro Tohru later. Please otherwise ignore this. Amuro's Remaining Mysteries V1.3 (January 6, 2014) V1.2 (July 20, 2012) Index: Amuro's youth Amuro's reason for hating Akai Amuro's promise with Vermouth Relationship with Date Wataru Amuro's youth Some of the Black Organization agents seemed to have been groomed for their eventual roles as children or teens, like Shiho. Amuro Tohru was also likely raised around Black Organization, although he may not have directly been a part of it in the beginning. He was allowed to play tennis in middle school (~ages 12-15), assuming Amuro is not lying, so unlike Shiho his life wasn't completely centered on detective training. Gosho's weekly comment joked about the Org having a tennis club, which implies that he was around the Organization at this time. Amuro reported meeting Akemi, Elena, and Miyano Atsushi before they died, and if it is assumed that the Miyano parents died ~18 years ago, Amuro would be 11 when he met them. The Miyano parents didn't seem to go on family visits to outsiders often because the Black Organization would put whoever they visited under observation, (Hidden Bathroom secret) so Amuro being connected to the Org would make such a meeting easier. Amuro seemed to be especially taken by Elena, enough so that it was the first thing he mentioned upon meeting Shiho. It's unknown whether Amuro has any relations to other agents in the Black Organization (none seen so far have darker skin like him), or he was brought in from the outside because he looked promising. Whatever the case, Amuro probably went to police academy on the Black Organization's orders to gain skills as an investigator and then began working for the BO afterwards because he cut off communication with Date. In the January 4, 2014 interview with Gosho, it was revealed that Amuro's childhood will appear in the storyline as well as his childhood nickname. Amuro's dark skin color has a meaning. I imagine this will have to do with his induction into the Organization as a child, or his childhood in the Organization. Amuro's reason for hating Akai -Unknown, since the rivalry over Akemi was jossed- Akai and Amuro having a rivalry over Akemi has been officially jossed by Gosho in the January 4, 2014 interview My feeling is that Amuro and Akemi were once friends, either in a relationship, or even childhood friends who grew up in the Organization together. Amuro's promise with Vermouth In chapter 800, Vermouth reveals she has a promise with Bourbon which went unstated at the time. Amuro's promise with Vermouth is most likely something along the lines of "do not harm Kogoro, Ran, and Conan during the hunt for Akai." There may be a second part: "do what is feasible to protect Conan and Ran from danger", but it is possible that Amuro is choosing to do this on his own for reasons stated below. During the scene where Vermouth mentions that she and Bourbon have a promise with one another, Vermouth is was watching an accident scene where Amuro was finishing up a case that involved Conan being kidnapped and held at gunpoint. Amuro had just rescued Conan using a dangerous car maneuver. In response to Amuro's actions, Vermouth said Bourbon earned some trust and reminds him of the promise. We know that Vermouth has a soft spot for Shinichi and Ran. Watching Amuro intentionally have his car rammed with Ran inside in order to crash the car Conan is in may have prompted Vermouth to remind him of the promise because what Amuro did was dangerous -- and also praise him for earning her trust for a successful rescue. Amuro has a history of getting Conan out of trouble. The first instance was during the Teito Bank Heist where Amuro (as Scar Akai) rescued Conan from a hostage taker by shooting him. Shooting the gun risked calling attention to himself. Amuro later crashed his car to stop Conan's hostage taker (although he was slow to start looking for Conan even though he suspected Conan was taken hostage). Next, he tried to warn Conan about an incoming tennis racket. When Conan was hit anyway, Amuro rushed over, pushing Ran out of the way to get to him and then doctored him. He also seems to want to follow along with what Conan is doing; he hacked into the Mouri Detective agency computer expecting pictures sent by the Detective Boys for Kogoro. Jossed material related to Akemi rivalry motive Relationship with Date Wataru Awaiting more evidence... Date and Amuro likely became friends because Amuro was in police academy with him. (I imagine Amuro went to the police academy under orders of the Black Organization to shape him into an investigator/detective type.) Date probably was a good influence on Amuro. Amuro cut off communication with him after graduating to avoid endangering him because the Black Organization doesn't like police and would be suspicious of Amuro continuing contact.
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