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    I think the most brutal death in DC for me is.. the episode when Sonoko's sister will have a reunion with her college friends in their villa.. the victim on that episode was a girl and her body was chopped by parts, even the head xD Sorry for the bad english! Whats the most brutal death for u in DC?
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    Wait, which one do you like?This one: أمس احنا رحنا المدرسة و كان طفش Or this one: يا من يعز علينا أن نفارقهم... وجداننا كل شيء بعدكم عدم I like the second one; original Arabic. Actual Arabic. It's such a rich language with trillions of very precise words and perfectly logical grammar. XD Never mind me. *in love with Arabic*
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    Oh that makes sense then, cause IIRC I think I've seen it both ways, thanks again.
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    أشكرك جزيلا. Now that makes a whole lot of sense. You see, I've been brought up in the UK and I used to go to school only twice a week so that's why I'm a bit behind. Thanks
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    When the plural noun is a non-living item, the adjective is usually a singular. Example: هذه الأحذية جميلة (These shoes are nice) ​Notice how we use هذه (This) not هؤلاء (These) to refer to the shoes, as if we were referring to a singular female object This is not the case when talking about living people Example : هؤلاء الفتيات جميلات (These girls are nice) Here, we use the plural (These), and the plural adjective I hope this helps
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    Hey I'm an arab too! I'm from Libya but my Arabic is a bit bad. I have a question though. Sometimes I just don't get when you put agreements for adjectives if the noun is plural or not. For example: المدارس كبيرة (The schools are big) My question is why is it not? : المدارس كبيرات If you're a muslim. جزاك الله خيرا
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    So far I have not found any recording or whatever in Japanese, but the Chinese fan who attended the meeting on 2013.1.3 and originally reported the news above have translated many of Gosho's answers in one of his/her Weibo (微博) blog entries. He/she saved everything written as a very long image file rather than typing it out (possibly because there's a character limit). And since this is based on this person's memory only, he/she said that not every detail can be correct. And of course it means that not every Q&A can be remembered here. User/poster: Y大蟹酥Y Original link to the Weibo blog: http://weibo.com/u/1986450982 UNFORTUNATELY, to be able to gain access to Weibo, you must have an account, which I don't think anyone here does. The image and my crappy English translation can be viewed in the spoiler boxes below (I cropped it into 7 parts). DISCLAIMER: I don't own this image. Image source is on the bottom right corner of the last part. And just so you know, I don't even think I have the permission to post this thing, even though it seems to be meant for public view -__-"" ...
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