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    There. Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail http://boringfreak-kun.deviantart.com/#/art/Gray-Fullbuster-395102342?_sid=181bb463
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    Ohhh yessss~ I forgot (ahh I am soo sorry Pro-chan) to post this drawing up for Pro-chan's birthday!!! After like....what, months and months? (oh goshh I am soo sorry /o/) Happy Birthday, Pro-chan!! ALSOOOOO (XD"), I HAVE A NEW DRAWING~~ 8D (i knoww, after so long~) It's for the summer (who doesn't love summer, right? Finally got time to draww but not really)~ Alrighty then, here it is~ CC: Hope you guys like it! ^~^ SUMMERRRRRRRR~~~
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    Ang tahimik na ng site.. nakakamiss yung bago pa lang halos lahat na active dito xD Nahiya tuloy ako sa mga pinaggagawa(puro spam at pangaasar) ko dito lol. Anyway magandang umaga!
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    Sorry Guys!!!! Paint Hates me and that caused the delay...Instead of presenting you guys a Christmas gift, here comes the... NEW YEAR GIFT!!! So, without further ado, I present to you, the translated Chapter 5s(interview on Aoyama)(the parts that make sense and isn't about fans) of the 3 SDBs!!!! EDIT: CHEKHOV'S IMGUR MIRROR. DOWNLOAD FOR BACKUP> Special thanks to Monsi and Kaoko for editing my work...and I really appreciate Monsi for editing my work when he should be counting down to New Year and partying.Thanks a lot!!!! p.s. for those that thinks it is good, please '+1' to the reputation so that I can see how many people likes it. Thanks[/color]"]
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