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    Well this is my first one shot made in english, you know my english is very bad TAT so sorry for the mistakes and i hope you enjoy it ^^ Never Forget It was a cold night, it was raining, the dead body of Ai Haibara was on the floor of the abandoned building were the final battle against that dark organitation was held. It was all cold and dark, Ayumi couldn't stop crying, Mitsuhiko was shaking Ai's dead body while shouting"Haibara-san, Haibara-san" They couldn't do nothing, they were alone, the battle has ended but it was the end for Haibara too, even if the police had arrived at the moment it was the end for her, Ayumi's couldn't stop crying and Mitsuhiko was about to shock -This can't be happening-said Mitsuhiko while shaking- If only Conan were with us a few minutes ago...Haibara...now wouldn't be....-Mitsuhiko couldn't resist more, and started crying. ----------------------------------------------------------------- 12 years later Haibara woke up suddendly, she was in a completely white room, lying into a bed. "What am i doing in a hospital" thought Haibara, then she remembered it all the final battle against the Black Organitation, and that strange man shooting her. "Oh..it's true so that happened" She looked at herself she was taller and her hair grew a lot, she looked like Shiho Miyano again, the only difference was her blond long hair. Haibara looked around the room, she saw a teenager sleeping in a chair, he looked simmilar to someone he knew, but she couldn't say who. Suddendly the door opened, a doctor entered to the room: -Haibara? so...you...It's a miracle! Haibara looked surprised to the doctor, he checked her for see if something was wrong, but surprisingly she was in perfect conditions. -So...Nanjo-san, what happened to me?i only remember...being shooted by someone...after that everything turned so..blurry... The doctor looked at Haibara. -Well, we don't know what exactly happened to you, your head was hit and after that your friends came here while you were bleeding-the doctor made a big stop while looking to Ai seriously- Haibara, you have been into a coma for 12 years Haibara was in shock now, 12 years have passed while she was sleeping, yes, she looked different, but she didn't thought she was going to be 18 years old again. He looked again at the boy who was sleeping in the chair, maybe he could explain her something -Who is him, doctor?- She was afraid for the answer she would get, maybe he was a BO member that was waiting her to awake for killing her with his own hands The doctor smiled politely -He is Tsubaraya Mitsuhiko, Do you remember him, right?-He said while smiling Haibara looked surprised, Was that boy Mitsuhiko? He looked like him but at the same time he was different, he wasn't that thin now and he had longer hair, and the most importamnt thing is that Mitsuhiko hadn't forgot her -Yes, of course, What's he doing here? The doctor smiled again -Isn't it obvious? He is waiting you to awake, he has been here since your accident, he only went out of the hospital for going to the university, he even sleeps here, its parents and her sister wanted to forbid him to stay here but he never listen to them. He has been a good help for us, He is always helping me on your daily checking and now is studying for be a neurologist, he said that he wanted to heal you if you didn't awake Haibara was in shock again, Tsubaraya-kun has sacrificied his childhood and adolescense helping her, and he would have sacrificied his own entire life trying to heal her if she didn't recover. The doctor stood up -Well, i leave you alone, i'm sure you have lots of things to talk about, oh, the Kudo family will visit you later, i'm sure Ran and Shinichi would be very happy of your recovering Shinichi and Ran married? She was happy for Ran, a little sad because he liked Kudo before, it was good that all those feelings disappeared at the end, it was bad she couldn't see the wedding -Tsubaraya-kun-said Haibara Mitsuhiko was deeply asleep and he couldn't hear her. Haibara got out of the bed and walked to Mitsuhiko, She bend down and when her lips were going to touch Mitsuhiko's ear she smiled and said: -Tsubaraya-kun... Mitsuhiko woke up loudly -HAIBARA-SAN!? Is it really you- said after he started hugging her while crying The tears couldn't stop falling from Mitsuhiko's face, he was very happy, the smile that had 12 years ago appeared once again in his face. -Tsubaraya-kun, don't worry is fine, i'm here now...-said Haibara with a happily and separating from Mitsuhiko When they calmed down Mitsuhiko started telling her about everything that happened those years, the epic battle against BO, Ran and Shinichi's wedding, Kazuha and Heiji's wedding, Genta becoming a famous chef and Ayumi becoming the new idol or Agasa and Fusae having a kid -I'm very happy, Tsubaraya-kun-said Haibara with a splendid smile -Of course, now you recovered, the BO has been destroyered and everyone is happy Ayumis is a idol, Kazuha and...-Haibara put a finger on Mitsuhiko's lips -Shh, It's not because of those things you said....it's because now i can do this- Haibara got closer to Mitsuhiko and kissed him passionately Mitsuhiko's head was all red, and Haibara's eyes were closed. -Mitsuhiko-kun, thank you very much for everything Mitsuhiko was blushing and he didn't know how to react -You-you're welcome Haiba...-Haibara stopped him suddendly -Ai-she said END I hope you enjoyed it and for the ones that didn't get this: Haibara she could kiss him without feeling guilty because they were at the same age mentally and phisically (remmber Ai has been 12 years into a coma) so they're both 18 see? MitsuAi is possible ^^
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    Wow! This is simply amazing...I love the plot of this story...it's really good! No, that's an understatement. It was too big of an understatement. Mitsuhiko, oh Mitsuhiko...
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