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    Every movie should be canon. Movie 2 definetly needs to be canon. Since they kissed, and the detective boys can make fun of it or something.
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    That makes two i guess. Unless I'm too l8. :<
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    Going with the theories about the goal of the Black Organization, it's possible Shiho + Gin and Vodka were investigating the rumors of an immortal person. Your idea that the Syndicate told them to be there because important people were there is also good and there is no reason there couldn't be two goals in one mission. Assuming Gin was there as well as Vodka, that means Shiho wrote her real name while they used aliases. That suggests some measure of defiance; they could be there to protect her but also to mind her as well if she was acting slightly rebellious.
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    OF COURSE ITS SHINRAN! GO!GO!GO,SHINRAN! YOOHOO! Of course it would be ShinRan 'cuz Ai is meant for Mitsuhiko!Hahaha! :lol:
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    Yay! I'm so happy that there are 14 votes for Ran!!! Go ShinRans!
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    I say ShinRan 4ever! Shinichi and Ai just don't mix, period. Personality wise, fire doesn't go with ice, just saying. On the other hand, fire does go with fire and therefore ShinRan works better three ways. Personality, look better together (for some reason I feel Shiho doesn't look pretty when she grows up, at least the way she was drawn.) and just go together better. Ai is just kind in the corner, and I'd prefer she stay away from Shinichi. She can go with Mitsuhiko. That would be absolutely adorable.
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