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    PLOT: Medicorps. Starting out as a small drug making company, it has grown into an internationally well-known corporation. They have made many advances in the scientific field and still continue to work towards revolutionizing the world. Anyone with a love of science wants to work there, be a part of the company. With Medicorps, if you have an idea, they will make it happen. To the world, they are known as an amazing company, with thousands thanking them for their work. Without their scientific advances, so much could have not happened. To the world, Medicorps is a miracle worker. But there’s more to the company that meets the eye. Hidden deep within several of their research facilities, are labs. Secret labs. These labs test things not for the sake of helping humans, but for the sake of experimenting on them, to see how much man can play God. To the limited amount of scientists allowed to roam these labs, it is called The Habitat. A place for the experiments to live, to grow, to be used for learning. In the Habitat, plenty of experiments happen. But the biggest one is genetic mutation. The small group in charge has managed to successfully mix the DNA of an animal with a human. They have had many successful experiments. To them, all is well. But not everything is well, for a storm is brewing in The Habitat. One that will break everything this small world has ever known. ROLES: Experiments: You’ve been in the Habitat almost all your life. You don’t exactly remember when exactly, but you know it’s been a long time. While you all treat each other equally (since you would almost never get such treatment from the people in the lab coats) some of the experiments here look a lot like the lab coat people, though their senses and abilities are far beyond what the lab coat people could ever achieve. Others have features that can only be described as animalistic. On some, a tail or some scales. On others, a set of wings or a pair of fangs. You’ve even heard there’s someone with gills. Everyone is a different animal apparently. At least, that’s the rumor that goes around. So far, it holds true. While there’s been plenty of the same type of animal, the specific species has been different. You see some people each day. All in white coats, they check on you. They mostly don’t talk to you though. They just talk to each other. They run tests on you, probing and yelling and so much more. You don’t like it. You want to leave. But can you? Can you leave the only world you’ve known for a new one? Max: 5 Scientists: People think you work for Medicorps, and you do. But there’s more to the company that meets the eye. But you know. You know the truth. You know what truly lies beyond the walls of the well-known company. You know of the experiments that are meant to mutate people, not help them. Of the children kept in the small rooms, where they never know of a parent’s love. Not that anyone here truly cares (at least, no one seems to care). No one talks much to each other. Not unless it’s about work. Everyone has their own agenda, following it as they please. So what is yours? Max: 3 NPCs: HOW TO SIGN UP: To sign up, please PM me your application that consists of the following: ~Name ~Age ~Species (Experiments only; be specific!) ~Appearance ~Personality ~Background ~Number, 2-100 (Experiments only) I will start taking applications right away, though you have until Tuesday, May 7th, midnight CST. The round will officially start at Wednesday, May 8th, midnight CST. QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE THAT I WILL ANSWER NOW: Q: How will inactivity be enforced? A: If you're inactive three days, you get a warning. Five days, you get kicked. If something comes up or happens that results in you not posting for five or more days, tell me. I'll try and help the best to my abilities. (By inactive, I mean you don't post/post one or two sentences every few days.) Q: Can we make NPCs? A: You may, though try and only make one. If you do make one, I would like a bio for them to post in case someone needs to reference it. And be warned, everyone has control over the NPCs made, myself included. Also, keep it so that it isn't OPed or benefits just you since I can and will rid of them as I see fit. Q: What if there are too many applications for one side (EX. 6 people applying to be an experiment when five is the max)? A: If that ends up being the case, I will choose someone(s) by using a random generator and ask them if they would mind switching to the other side. Q: What if I have a question you didn't cover? A: Then feel free to ask it either by PMing me or commenting on my profile! I'll give you the best answer to it that I can.
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    You guys can officially start posting! Since there are still spots left (one for each side), I'll keep taking apps for another week. As for members already in, if you want to update something in your bio, now would be the time. But have fun! I can't wait to see where you all take the story! Members: Anime Girl 4 Eva (Experiment): Kaitou Kid Legendary Thief (Experiment): Alcadeias (Experiment): Sparrow (Experiment): Mohorovicic (Scientist): IdentityUnknown (Scientist): No longer playing
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