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    Round has ended! Good job to everyone! Give yourself a pat on your back! Hi all! I will posting all the updates in this post! So be sure to check out this post every now and then! Members joined: 1) Misaki-chan || [PM HER] - minority 2) Snowflake || [PM HER] - majority 3) Anime Girl 4 Eva || [PM HER] - majority 4) Wildheart888 || [PM HER] - majority 5) Heksu || [PM HIM] - minority 6) Mr. BlackOps || [PM HIM] - minority (DROPPED OUT) ================================================================================================ UPDATED CHARACTER BIO: (For those who haven't send me an updated one you can still post, but be sure to send me one ASAP!!!) Misaki-chan WildHeart888 Snowflake Heksu (Updated) Anime Girl 4 Eva ======================================================================= NPCs (to be updated) ========== Majority Intro Post Minority Intro Post (Updated!!!) Some titbits for fun: Titbits no.2:
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    i think shinichi and ran are perfect together!!
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    I'd make sure Fred didn't die. What would you do if you lived on the beach?
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