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    THIS THREAD will be used to discuss the ENGLISH ONLY VERSION. In other words, if you only read early spoilers or the Chinese scanlation and wish to discuss them, this is NOT the right place for you! RULES OF THE ENGLISH ONLY NO SPOILER DISCUSSION THREAD: 1. DO NOT POST any kind of spoiler involving the case (Pictures, Texts, Information, Full Scans...) of any language. Even posting spoilers in spoiler boxes is not allowed. 2. Please DO NOT reveal, give hints or talk about any information or event that has not yet happened in the English releases in this thread. Q&A: 1. Why is this whole thing necessary ? A: Click http://www.detectiveconanworld.com/forum/topic/3597-split-into-spoiler-and-non-spoiler-deduction-threads/'>here. 2. Can I join the discussion in the other thread as well ? A: Of course you can. HOWEVER, as mentioned in the rules above, you MUST NOT reveal, give hints or talk about ANYTHING that spoils in this thread if you do. Both 850 and 851 are now out in English! And no, the case with Yumi hasn't been released yet. They did this case first because it seems to be more important plot-wise.
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    Well the list of suspects has already been created and as you said anything at this moment is just guessing, The hints that Gosho has given are very vague and all that we could do at this moment is to create a list of suspects though I believe there isn't much clues to go with. We could eliminate who is NOT the boss. For example, Shuichi Akai can be removed from the suspects list because the Boss called him at some point the "Silver bullet". The same goes with Vermouth who is said to be the HIS favorite agent. We can also remove from the suspects list professor Agasa, because it would contradict half of the storyline as he was protecting Sherry and Shinichi. Kogoro and Ran Mouri also don't fit on the suspects list, for one thing the Boss ordered the assassination on Kogoro and Ran for obvious reasons. At this point as I said we can only make a list of suspects and a list of who's absolutely NOT the Boss of BO. But we will have to wait for more clues from Gosho. Anything regarding the Boss at this moment is very vague.
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    So, I am trying my best to get to know the forums now I am reading each guide in the section. I wanted to share my art with you guys too, but yesterday I was scared at first, but I had a chance to have a nice welcome to many. ^^ So then I decided today, why not make a art thread to share your artwork with others? My work is used in GIMP, Paint Tool Sai, MS Paint, and Paint.Net with a mouse and laptop. No tablet or anything else [Though my mom's buying me one on my birthday.] But still, I am talented like many other people. So I'll share mine with all of you. I hope you enjoy it. ^^ 1.) Vermouth Vs. Autumn Yeah. This is one heck of a enormous file, you say. Speaking of gigantic images, this one took me 2 and a half days to do it last year on the last month of 2012. I tried very hard to do Vermouth's lip, but I went all "UGH" because I hate doing people with lipsticks. I mean, I drew my OC Autumn [Give me a message if you want to learn more about her. BTW, she's a girl.] very well, but doing Vermouth was a huge disappointment. I feel sorry for doing this. The mind I have doesn't seem to make things come to life that well. ^^; 2.) ChrysalShin I drew this on paper when I got bored on a Saturday night. I was kinda laughing because I never shipped a human with a pony. Not even once, but little did I know my friends from DeviantArt would be shipping it, too. 3.) Shinichi 'Jimmison Brodson' Kudou I also drew this by accident. I was inspired by a My Little Pony fanfic called Cupcakes, which I would not let you read because it can give you the chills in your sleep. After I was finished reading the fanfic [And watching the episode of MLP called Party of One.], I wanted to draw the 'Pinkamena' version of Shinichi Kudo, which I used to think it was good.... But now I trying to remake this... While school work is in my way. I have tons of more art. I can share more if you like. ^^
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    I know. I am trying really hard to improve, but the talented art gets the best of me. Anyhows~ Here's more. 1.) More Jimmison. This was done on MS Paint. I feel kinda proud for this because I was inspired by a game called Portal. The game was magnificent. So I decided to draw Shinichi in a way Tim Burton would somewhat do. :/ 2.) Autumn / Korudo Tosho [コルド としょ] This is one of my Detective Conan OCs named Autumn. She is an exiled member of the Black Organization and she is 36 years old. Here Zodiac is a Virgo and her birthday is in September 9th. She is the enemy of Vermouth and plans to KILL her by joining another syndicate unknown to them. The reason of her chipped ear because she tried to murder Vodka for picking on her when he didn't mean it, but Vermouth shot her three times while they fought. She is also a novelist for writing horror stories to give people chills. She only did one book that was full of action and adventure.
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    The art looks a bit like old animes old animes which don't resemble shoujo art.
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