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    I understood it differently. He dated Jodie. Then also dated Akemi because of his work, so dated 2 women at the same time. But Akemi was still because of work. Similar to an actor doing kissing scenes etc. That's why Jodie also said that's it's not a big deal, since it's because of work. But Akai noticed that he has real feelings for Akemi over the time, so he decided to break up with Jodie, instead of keeping it up with both women.
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    Current Moderators: mian cai Rukia Kurosaki List of previous DCW IRL rounds: <Rounds 2-10> Round 11: Walpurgisnacht Round 12: Distant Reflections Seen Nearby Round 13: Heist Round 14: Shibuya Infinity Round 15: The original DCW IRL ROUND can be found here! Any questions or errors regarding this section should be directed to main cai through PM or as a comment on his profile.
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    (There's 12 OVAs, right? xD) My least favourite will be the first.
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    Akai Shuuichi was still dating Jodie Starling at the same time he was dating Miyano Akemi as part of his mission to infiltrate the Black Organization. He broke up with Jodie at some point in favor of Akemi. I noticed a few people had mentioned it earlier, but some posts by Carpet Crawler caught my eye when he said this scene cost Akai a lot of respect. Any thoughts about this in particular or other aspects of Akai's character? References notes and scene translations for convenience (no spoilers)
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    He was. That said, dating Akemi was for his job, at least at first. It's a dirty job, but spies do get asked to do this kind of thing, although usually it happens more with female spies seducing men than the other way around. I think I remember reading in the spy museum in DC that sometimes even married men/women have been asked to seduce. Intelligence is nasty business, and can find itself on the wrong side of morality and legality.I think I side with Kleene in that I understand why Akai was double timing, and he did the right thing by eventually breaking it off with Jodie when he decided he wanted to get serious with (or was already serious with) Akemi. That said, I am not sure I agree with how he explained it to her though. Telling Jodie he was "sacrificing her" to have a better chance at taking down the Organization is a half lie. He was doing it because he didn't want to be personally conflicted, which to his credit he does say in his next line (can't love two women...). He shouldn't have said anything about the Organization at all, just told her that he developed feelings for Akemi and he doesn't feel right holding onto them both.
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    Fact: I'm listening to Maroon 5
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    SeeU for a friend on dA. It sucks DX
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    I didn’t even remember he was going out with Jodie it doesn’t bother me but I see how it could
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    I lol'd at the first episode. It was completely different compared to the manga.
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    First of, sorry if this is some sort of spam or something. XD So, we all want +1s, right? So post here and you'll get one! that's right, Wicky's just totally ruined the point of +1s
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    Poem title: Trouble with cookies Author: Artistic poet/tzswei (tzswei is my fanfiction username) Fandom: Detective Conan Characters: Akai, Sera, Shinichi, Heiji, Detective Boys Summary: This is post-war, when Shinichi turn back normal. What if Akai continue his culinary skill and making cookies? Sera coming over to taste, and make them too! Word association: stain Genre: ballad Disclaimer: I don't own Detective Conan - all the characters belong to Gosho Aoyama. Akai was relieved to see dark days were over, and Sera finally gets to live with him for no reason he was in kitchen to cook or never because his culinary skill greatly improve. It was Sera's idea when she heard Agasa compliment she then try with great deal of coaxing. She was quite delighted thinking it's her figment of imagination to hear he was baking cookies. For Detective Boys who secretively help a bit in a bit investigation which lead to ultimate downfall with word association they make a hit. Cookies make, but Genta beat them first, He binged on them before they could know Akai made for them and Sera join the war- out of character, they didn't expect her not to self-restraint, she throw, binge, with great deal of frenzy but Genta eat them all. Sera was worst, she make another set of cookies much to Shinichi and Heiji's amusement of pale sight of cookies, mold shape of B.O members which was bizarrely made but Akai didn't complain. Detective Boys make faces when they eat cookies, but out of amusement they all agree to stain them, with sparkling markers over the top as chicken pox.
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    OMG, a logic puzzle. Anyways, here's my solution:
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    Moved from : Top= new and Bottom= old But there aren't gonna be a lot of finished pictures, since I change ideas often... WIP Finished Works
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