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    So, one of the major reasons why I don't draw a lot more is simply because I don't have the time, but mostly because I do not have the resources. When one is armed with MS Paint, and a mouse...You can't do much. ((I am in desperate need of a tablet. *Sighs*)) But still, I'm really enjoying my rp with Kara-chan, and a certain scene regarding Heiji and Kazuha demanded to be doodled. I'm very happy with Heiji, all shirtless and still a bit wet from the shower...But Kazuha gave me some difficulty. I do believe I need more practice. Well, drawing on MS Paint always takes me hours, even for a doodle, so practice is a bit complicated. *Sighs again over tablet envy* I should probably explain the scene that this is inspired from. In the rp, Conan is off hiding to give Ran a call, which unfortunately has Kazuha wondering where the little kid has gone. Heiji, being the great friend that he is, drags Kazuha away, saying he has something important to tell her. Well here they are, standing awkwardly in the hall while Heiji figures out what the hell he's going to say. It was so close. Then of course distractions ensue and everything carries on as normal in the DC universe. But still, a great moment, and one I wanted to capture. Please be kind with your critique, it's been awhile since I've doodled. I can't even begin to imagine trying to color something...
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