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    some amazing quotes I've ever read:
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    Erru crossed her arms, glaring defiantly at Lokar. "I couldn't care less about your petty gang issues, but I know this man and his followers aren't responsible for the violence against your gang. From what I've observed, they'd never engage in something like that. "Yes, at the airport one fired upon you and here they fought back, but their reasons had nothing to do with caring about the gang. They're involved in something completely different." She turned her head to look at Sasha. "Put that thing down, would ya? I'm tired of you guys shooting at me. I, along with everyone else, am here to find out the truth about Aeyra's distress message, as well as why I was told I am part of this."
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    I just went for my birthstone "Emerald"
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    Hey, look- Something new! I started making this puzzle-shaped plate months ago in my ceramics class but it took weeks to finish since I only had one hour per week to work on it after the first two weeks >.> Some parts of the underglaze (paint for clay) weren't as thick as I thought so that's why not all the colours are solid, but I'm quite happy with it ^^ After it was glazed it was so shiny that I couldn't take a good photo of it (I'm not a photographer) so here's a photo of it before it was fired.
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    Thank-you so much everyone I'm glad you guys like it Even though I drew it on A3 paper it was still too small for me to put any details on it. It needs to be at least half a dragon on A3 paper for me to even begin drawing scales. and I'm not very good at drawing the legs
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