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    Yeah, i discovered Gangnam style last August with Twitter trends and MNET site, but i don't really care about it. When i listened to it last 2 weeks, addicted already!! But then, member Angelranchan was yeah a little not active as me, i'm gonna post her edit this time!! (no asking from her,I'm gonna get her SURPRISED!) So here's the photo... Ohohohohoho,so everyone how was it? I bet this was really famous to Filipino Detective Conan Fans as arc-nee had been posted it.. Not only on Facebook, i know at Deviantart and Tumblr too!!!! No hesitations, but i am amazed with this... Though,these days the singer of Gangnam Style, PSY~ go to America, and forgives Britney Spears to learn the choreography.. And truly, arc-nee did this because Gangnam Style was really famous here in the Philippines, not only at the Philippines... BUT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cr:angelranchan(Facebook,Deviantart,Tumblr).
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    (Note that I'd like everyone to read vvvv) (Actual story plot stuff vvvv)
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    Haha. I must show this to people XD
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    BWAAHAHAHAH I WAS WAITING FOR THIS!!! made my day... er.. Dawn. (was 4am when I posted this) +1 for making my...dawn.
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