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    This is always a touchy subject, since Shinichi has three girls around him. Personally, I favor the straightforward approach: Shinichi/Ran Makoto/Sonoko Heiji/Kazuha I don't think Ayumi or Shiho suit Shinichi at all, even though Ayumi has the hugest crush on his "Conan" personality, and Shiho is the girl who understands him the best... they just don't have that type of relationship, and I don't think it's ever gonna happen with either of them. The other two are obvious... As for the kids, I don't think anyone in the series really suits Shiho, even though Mitsuhiko has such a big crush on her. Because of Shiho's true nature, I think it's more likely for Mitsuhiko to eventually end up with Ayumi (sorry, Genta...). Shiho will probably end up alone. Even though it's more likely for Mitsuhiko to be with Ayumi, all three children will probably end up finding someone outside the group, to save themselves from awkward jealousy.
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    What if you could make a character that could appear in Detective Conan.. A character that could deepen the story, add more suspense, or even just comic relief. What if you could make it help Conan; what if you could make it destroy him..... What's His/Her name: What's His/Her age: What grade/year is He/She(1st grade, 11th grade, college.etc): Is your character a boy or girl: What's His/Her nationality(American, French, Australian.etc): What type of character is He/She(Main Character, Supporting Character, Comic Relief.etc): Is He/She funny? If so how funny: Is he a good guy or bad guy: Is he meant to BREAK Conan down or build him up: What type of person is He/She(Nerd, Bully, Popular, Nice.etc): What's His/Her IQ: Does He/She speak more than one language? If so what: Does He/She know martial arts? Which: Does He/She carry around a weapon? Which: Does He/She ride a vehicle(Car, Skateboard, Bike.etc): Does He/She have a job: Does He/She play an instrument? What: Would He/She cry in the story? Why: What is He/She(Detective, Black Organization Member, FBI, CIA.etc): Does He/She have any fears: Is He/She In love with someone? Who: Does He/She HATE someone? Who: Is He/She afraid of someone? Who: Who is His/Her Idol: Would He/She sacrifice Him/Her-self for someone? Who: Does He/She have any special skills?(Martial Arts, Detective Skills.etc)If so What are they: How is He/She relevant to the story: Where is He/She from(If he/she is from Japan what part of Japan): How Did He/She meet Conan and the others: Does He/She know Conan's identity? If so how did He/She find out: What makes Him/Her stand out in a crowd: Does He/She die later on in the story? If so how: What does He/She look like(Hair Color, Physique, Eye color.etc): What color is His/Her hair: How long is His/Her hair: What is His/Her skin tone: What is His/Her muscle tone Rate His/Her looks from 1-10: (OPTIONAL) Scenario with your Character A case that has your character in it helping out or even beating Conan or Shinichi on a case When and/or how your character met Conan or Shinichi Oh yeah, Once in a while I will put more questions in... In order to deepen character development! Number of Edits: 4
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    The general reference thread is the one you are looking for, I think.
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    Not sure, if the whole interview has already been translated to English somewhere before. Anyway, here we go: English Translation:
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    X) changed it to Gray... It's so empty
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