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    Recently it has come to my attention that now the rumor is starting to spread on Facebook. I decided to make a sticky topic in the News and updates section so that everyone can see this and we can nip this rumor in the bud ASAP. The rumor someone is passing around that Movie's 16 and 17 are going to be connected, as well as the final two movies in the franchise, is blatantly false. Nothing has been revealed about the upcoming Detective Conan movies, and we will hear nothing for a little while. The rumors came from Chinese discussion boards that are known for trolling the Conan fan community with false rumors for the sole purpose of riling fans up. Until we learn anything new, I would prefer that folks stop passing these obviously false rumors. When something new is announced, trust me, you WILL know. But until then, everything coming out right now is nothing more than a mere rumor that flat-out isn't true. Come on, guys. Ya'll should know better.
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    Sorry Guys!!!! Paint Hates me and that caused the delay...Instead of presenting you guys a Christmas gift, here comes the... NEW YEAR GIFT!!! So, without further ado, I present to you, the translated Chapter 5s(interview on Aoyama)(the parts that make sense and isn't about fans) of the 3 SDBs!!!! EDIT: CHEKHOV'S IMGUR MIRROR. DOWNLOAD FOR BACKUP> Special thanks to Monsi and Kaoko for editing my work...and I really appreciate Monsi for editing my work when he should be counting down to New Year and partying.Thanks a lot!!!! p.s. for those that thinks it is good, please '+1' to the reputation so that I can see how many people likes it. Thanks[/color]"]
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