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    I HAVE A NEW DRAWING!!! xDD Finally! xP Anyways, it's for Shinichi's birthday (duhh~)!! \o/ Enjoyy~~ ^^ Happy Birthday, Shinichi~!! Happy Birthday, Shinichi~!! (Uncolored) EDIT: Thank you!! ^.^ Thanks, Tomoyo-chan~!!
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    I'm pretty much awesome in any way explainable or possible.
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    I'm making assumptions based on the few flashbacks we have seen. Neither Ran nor Shinichi's parents were helicopter parents. Just the opposite in fact. They seemed to just let their kids do as they will. In fact, that seems to be the parental mo for this series. The dboys go on a camping trip every month apparently with a guy that, as far as we know, none of the parents except ran and kogorou have met. And they seem to be allowed to go off late after school with little or no supervision, including going to crime scenes. Man, now that I think of it... all the parents in this series are horrible.
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    Another drawing! Pls comment Neji
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    Alright, these are my suspicions: First, I don't want to suspect a lot of the characters who are close to Shinichi, so basically anybody who has helped him (I'm not a fan of backstabbing I guess ). So I refuse to suspect Agasa! I even refuse to suspect Ran's mom. So here's my guess: Haibara's mom or dad. If i had to guess between the two I'd guess her dad. My reasoning: -Haibara will be suprised by the boss's identity. I HOPE she would be suprised to find out here mom/dad is not only alive but running the BO. I also suspect this since it was mentioned only "Haibara would be suprised", possibly indicating Conan wasn't suprised (However Conan could have already deduced as much so he wouldn't be suprised). -The boss is somebody introduced to the series already. Although only mentioned, Haibara's parents were in fact 'introduced'. -This kind of twist is something I would expect the author to do to the series, it also seems like a good way to disapoint as minimal fans as possible without introducing a new character. Reasons against my deduction: (lol DC is making me talking like a wanna-be detective ) -Haibara's parents are supposed to be dead. Ok, well this is the most obvious reason against my theory; but I mean c'mon! Somebody using a trick to fake their own death? Not even close to impossible in the world of DC. -Would Haibara's parents target/kill their own daughter (Haibara/her sister)? Well ok let's think about this based on personality. Take Gin for example, a ruthless killer who will attempt to silence anybody he sees a threat to the organization. What if we assume the boss is the same if not worse? Killing they're own daugther might be an afterthought to them. -The boss's favourite is Vermouth. As of now it would seem pretty difficult to connect the two so that is a factor against my theory. -Then there's the unknown information such as how their name relates to the orgainization's name and also how it relates to that seven crow business. I've also been thinking of possible scenarios for havng Haibara's father/mother as the boss. For example let's say it's her father Atsushi and he killed his wife because she wanted to free Haibara and her sister from the organization, and pretended to kill himself off and became the boss of the organization (Maybe he wasn't the first boss!). Also I thought maybe he could die in the end too, and maybe as he's dieing finally says something decent to Haibara as his final words like "sorry". Although only saying sorry might be a bit lame of an ending . Lemme know what you guys think, and also I just made this account so... Nice to meet you guys!
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    Even though this was for someone's birthday, I've never drawn Minerva Glass before, so... http://dcwuser.deviantart.com/art/Minerva-Glass-296211648
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    Did this for my Art exam. Personally, I want to redo it but since I have no time now, I will be satisfied with it. Take a look and do tell me what you think: A bit blur but I was in a hurry. So tell me what you think and what I can improve on.
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    Happy Birthday, Mr. Awesome! >.< http://dcwuser.deviantart.com/#/d4srwd4
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    XD I was going to respond with a meme but nothing works... I should add where this started from! The Ask Takagi Tumblr! XD
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    I drew this and I have to share. It's making me laugh too much not to. XD I'll admit I should add some frames to make the movement of his arms a but smoother, but I don't usually do animated gifs from scratch, so it's a bit daunting! (it's on DA, too, if you're like me and fav everything, everywhere.)
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    This is a gift to Lashedcheek! ^___^ I want to thank her for being so kind and generous! An example would be that when my secret Santa didn't create me something, she offered to do something for me instead despite probably being busy. It's nice to know there is such a thoughtful person existing on this earth. :') This isn't really a drawing ....>___> but I'm not really sure where to put this, so I hope this is okay ^ ^; oh, and Happy New Years~!!
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    EDIT: New comic posted! Finally got around to making a topic. Woot! Really old CRAP Really old crappy crossovers! Meitantei Holmes New stuff! Newer stuff!!!
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    Everything!This way Shinichi forget her.But my theory is crazy but possibly. I not forget Ran.they would have remember.Yes and no.But Shiho remember him.Shinichi remember her but the nickname of her.
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