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    So I need an intake to make this drawing better. Hopefully this is better than that Shinichi I drew. " INKED VERSION You can imagine me face palming.
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    Because denial is the longest river in the world.
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    Thanks for extending the deadline! Now I can do the drawing! I kind of stopped right in the middle because of exams. Better do it quick... Only 5 days left! :shock:
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    MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT I've notice many people likes to participate in and now is working very hard, I considering revise a new deadline as I watch participants work hard to get accepted. To be accepted is not hard. Deadline is now on 5th March. I cannot extend more, this is second final chance you can join in competition. Upload to photobucket. Photobucket allow resize. Make sure the size or pixels does not go over area of monitor screen. If you notice an image require scrolling down, it takes one page of website and paper. Half page is the size of monitor screen. The image must good enough to fit in, between 1/4 and 2/4 of the page.
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    How do I add the picture if I scanned it? I cannot insert the image because I can't find the URL.
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    within the area size of monitor screen. Not too big and not too small.
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    about the size... how many pixels and what is the maximum size?
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    That's almost right. I pay for the domain, the hosting company, the increase in bandwidth (the site is getting more and more popular and requires more and more bandwidth to accommodate the traffic! We currently reach about 200K visits per month , which is a HUGE increase from our starting point 2 years ago, and even compared to one year ago when it was around 20-30K). I also pay for a separate server for the database to increase performance. I even paid for some advertising in the past, etc... Anyway, I won't tell everything here and give out too much information but let's just say that pretty much everything comes out of my pocket for now and donations do help out whenever they come by. Fortunately I have a job and I can pay the bills without any problems for now. As long as the site doesn't become as popular as Facebook, it should be ok. But it's true that donations could really help. Thanks again to our donators btw! I really appreciate the support. It's always great to see when people appreciate what's being done, not only by myself, but by the whole community with their amazing and exceptional contributions in all areas!
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