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    worst episodes: too much db.
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    I'm pissed that the AyumiXConan thread is much longer than this awesom pairing thread! I LOVE CONAI SO MUCH THAT I'M GONNA SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOF IF I HAVE TOO~~~~~ Come on! You can't deny that their chemistry is much higher and better than ShinRan or AyuCon or whatevr other pairings you stuck Shinichi/Conan with! ShinRan moments are just plain mushy while AyuCon moments are less mushy but childish and not as great as AiCon moments. I totally ship this pairing! They ROCK! I remember writing a ShinRan fanfic. It was so much headache as they are not anything like a real couple! It really gives me headache to actually just see this pairing moments. The moments are too innocent and that kind of innocence only belong in lalaland and don't exist in the real life. AyuCon pairing moments are just.... I dunno. can't explain it cos I don't feel anything when I see them. It just seem like normal friend-friend interaction and I can't agree with anything that IHKF like to say about AyuCon. It's just so weird and I never come across such weirdness before. Of course, DC is the only manga and anime that I know off that has the main character as two ages and hence he has so many suitors, all from different ages. But I still love AiCon. Their moments are still the best. It's realistic and it's build on what a relationship needs most- trust, friendship and a mutual respect and understanding. I think they have more of this than any of the other Shinichi/Conan pairings that I have heard off( that includes AL's ShinichiXKazuha pairin ). They are really suited for each other and I have no idea why so many people (points at IHKF) is so against AiCon! So AiCon FTW!
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    1) most, if not all, movies and ovas screw horribly with manga canon, especially character dynamics. 2) Gosho has never officially stated the date of Shinichi's birthday in manga. It has only been mentioned in the movies which are not canon. The movies can never be canon nor the ovas. The anime originals could possibly fit with movies, but those too are not canon. So long as the material was not written by Gosho, it is not canon, and rightly so. Edit: And ONE MORE THING! Gosho has nothing at all to do with the movies, except doing ONE or TWO key frames per movie and the poster. He has nothing to do with the story what so ever except for the fact that he owns the series and the characters. TMS is licensing the series for the purpose of making the anime and movies. The two are completely separate.
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