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    Hey all~ <3 Since DCW has done a lot for me, this is my gift from me to the community. <3 I hope everyone likes it and have a happy holidays!
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    Here you go, my sweet baby~
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    As far as I can tell there isn't a topic yet for collections yet in the forum, so like I did at DCTP, here's a topic for people to share their collections. For those of you who were curious as to what the heck my collection actually looks like, be curious no more. Volumes 1-72 English 1-39 Special 1-36 Reference Books, Art Book, and Short Stories DVDs/Bluray Magic Kaito CDs Curse you Gosho for single-handedly waging war on my bookshelves. Will update sometime in the coming months once volume 73, the first two MK treasured editions, Kid cell phone strap, and the Karakore figures arrive.
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    Happy holidays everyone. This is my cover of Dream x Dream from the DC movie: Magician of the Silver Sky.I hope you guys like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2iiS1mEg94
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    HANS Horridly Agonising Nonsensical Subject??? Ok, that was total nonsense.
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    I think that most likely part of the agreement between Bourbon and Vermouth is that Bourbon will protect Ran and Conan, or at least leave them out of his plans while feeding back to Vermouth what he finds and in return, Vermouth will help him disguise as Akai and with investigating leads on his death. For Bourbon, Vermouth is most likely his only chance to investigate Akai (he needs the boss's backing and no one else is interested/is close enough to Anokata to get him permission) so he'll have to accept the conditions behind it, though he would probably wonder on Vermouth's connection with Conan and Ran, he won't be able to do anything about it until he's finished looking into Akai's death. Perhaps Vermouth intends to make sure he doesn't talk after that by killing him, blackmailing him or otherwise putting him out of the picture later, though I can only really speculate at this point. With Vermouth, she knows the possibility of Conan being involved with the FBI after the incident with Jodie and the later appearance of Akai preventing Kogorou being sniped; because of this info, she wouldn't be as certain on Akai's death as the others, but can't give away her reasons why because that would bring too much attention to Conan. Also, Anokata has restricted her movements after what happened in episode 345. Therefore, she has to investigate in other ways and the only other person who seems to be suspicious of Akai's death is Bourbon, by offering to help him and getting the boss's backing, she can look into the incident without suspicion of her own motives and keep Conan and Ran safe in the process. A win-win situation on her behalf.
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    1.) may nakalagay na 'mod' o 'staff' sa ilalim ng avatar? 2.) di yan binabase sa dami ng post. Kapag nag'post ka, may makikita kang + sign sa lower riGht corner ng post. At syempre, ibAng member lang ang kayang magbiGay nun... (tama bAh?) 3.) use this codE: [ i m g ] [ / i m g ] (erase the spaces) sana nakatuloNg ako...
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    1. Ang creator nd DCW ay si Maurice Mods are: CarpetCrawler, Chekhov McGuffin and Southpaw. ---sila lang naman ang staff member dito... may mga donators din.. 2. Ang reputation ay ibinibigay ng mga kapwa members kung sa tingin nila ay worthy ang iyong post. Walang partikular na bilang ng post ang kailangan. 3. Nakalimutan ko na kung paano. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: ---sana nakatulong ako kahit konti...
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    This is dedicated to EVERYONE at Detective Conan World. Merry Christmas! <333 Detective Conan - Happy Together I hope you guys like it... ^^ I love all you guys here. I hope you had a great year! MERRY CHRISTMAS, DETECTIVE CONAN WORLD!!
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    I demand Santa Shuusuke and Santa Ryoma to come to my house and bring me presents! XD And I want Eiji to follow them just because. XDXDXDXDXDXD
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    I finally caught up reading the new manga chapters. There are a couple of things I’d like to point out about File 801. -First, for readers complaining about yet another DB appearance, be grateful because Gosho gave you all a 24-chapter break from them (which is an all-time record). -It’s interesting that Haibara is beginning to feel comfortable around Okiya, who is supposedly Shuichi Akai. Perhaps she is sensing a good/Akai-esque vibe from him (after all, her sister was in love with Akai and vice versa, so the two are connected in a way). -Sera seems to know that Conan and Shinichi are the same person (she is constantly asking Ran about Conan and his unusual intellect). And I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a crush on Shinichi (as for the blushing, that was most likely directed towards Sonoko’s comment about Conan). -So Gosho revealed in an interview some time ago that there will be a facedown between Sera and Haibara. In this chapter, Sera shows interest in Haibara by asking Conan to bring her to the agency and asking Ran how she is like. It makes me wonder: Does she know who Haibara really is? Were they acquaintances in the past? -When Sera said “it’s because I used to know someone who never smiled”, it’s quite evident that she is referring to Akai, who is supposedly her older brother (hence her saying “I thought I saw someone I knew”). -If we were to conclude that Amuro, Scar Akai, and Bourbon were the same person, then what connection does Sera have with them? Does she even know they are all the same person? -That is FOUR different objectives that Sera wants to pursue: 1) To clarify that Shinichi and Conan are the same person; 2) To confront Haibara; 3) To find her brother; 4) To discover the truth about Amuro. -And finally, the case. Why the hell would a belligerent couple invite guests, comprised mostly of children, over for lunch, and then threaten each other with knives? Why try to kill each other now? I’m thinking that the husband “pushed” his wife into threatening him with a knife so that when a witness sees this, he or she can verify that he murdered her for self-defense. The man WAS able to see Ayumi through the glass-door window. It’s a possibility. Or maybe they were originally putting on an act; then the husband took advantage of this and snuck in a stab at her chest. However, these are just conjectures...
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    Yea! But hiro smart talks a lot in the beginning! this turned out bigger than I thought it would
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    By the way like someone told on dctp. Sera blushing after this Sonoko: What? Isn't that you go to Ran's house to see that guy with glasses? (She thinks: "Pedokon") Then Sera blushing - Not... not really. I also want to see the apprentice of Kogorou San, the boy called Amuro. So she may thinking about Conan.
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    Wow this is fast! WHAT DOES SERA MEAN, SHE KNEW THAT CONAN'S A HUGE HOLMES FAN JUST LIKE SHINICHI A LONG, LONG TIME AGO?! Does a few months count as 'long, long time ago'?! I thought that she was out to search for Akai ever since she heard that he died! And Akai didn't 'die' until a few months ago, in Conan's timeline! Sera did react to seeing Scar Akai, though, just like Jodie, as if she couldn't believe that Akai existed - she said "No way, that couldn't be . . . " - maybe Sera has been searching for Akai far longer than I thought? I guess that she got separated from Akai pretty long ago? But why would she know about Shinichi/Conan 'a long, long time ago' if Shinichi/Conan and Akai didn't knowingly come in contact with each other until a few months ago?! Does this mean that Sera's interest in Shinichi is separate from her interest in Akai?! OMG so exciting!♥
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    This video is not mine... but it's so cute... <333
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    Wow! This is an interesting topic... Sadly, I know nothing about cars. Sorry!
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    That's almost right. I pay for the domain, the hosting company, the increase in bandwidth (the site is getting more and more popular and requires more and more bandwidth to accommodate the traffic! We currently reach about 200K visits per month , which is a HUGE increase from our starting point 2 years ago, and even compared to one year ago when it was around 20-30K). I also pay for a separate server for the database to increase performance. I even paid for some advertising in the past, etc... Anyway, I won't tell everything here and give out too much information but let's just say that pretty much everything comes out of my pocket for now and donations do help out whenever they come by. Fortunately I have a job and I can pay the bills without any problems for now. As long as the site doesn't become as popular as Facebook, it should be ok. But it's true that donations could really help. Thanks again to our donators btw! I really appreciate the support. It's always great to see when people appreciate what's being done, not only by myself, but by the whole community with their amazing and exceptional contributions in all areas!
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    How mature of you. /That was sarcasm, for those of you who are keeping score at home. //As a hint to you, Miss-Ai, instead of taking EVERYTHING said to you so personally, which is a problem you seem to have with more than one person on these boards, I would highly suggest A. lightening up B. stop responding so rudely to people. No one is out to get you on these boards. Now, let's take the discussion back to donators, please.
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    Maybe by joining the force and then quitting it. In 10 years, you will be the sleeping (insert name) Note: Kogoro became sleeping Mouri after quitting the force for 10 years.(That is when conan starts help him solve the cases)
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    first you need an old super awesome scientist who make cool gadgets for you. do that and i'll give you the next step...
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    First, by not asking this question. .__. Just to let you know: real life detectives don't usually solve cases in less than 24 hours like most cases of Conan/Shinichi. It usually takes yeeeeeeeeears. And remember that they're fictional characters, they aren't real people. Anyway, you can look around the internet for these kinds of things. :3