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    INU(nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :3)SHA ! A drawing for Wild-chan :") I hope you likeee it!
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    Welcome to mah art thread!~ Look below for my crappy art ^^ Newer Art Secret Santa Present for Stopwatch Happy Birthday, Twin~! Older Art Happy Birthday, Vawli! For my Soul Sistah <33 Happy Birthday, MII-CHAN!! ^^ A Present for my NEE-NEE For a Certain Someone--now revealed to be lashedcheek Rolling Girl Inspired Drawing Secret Santa Present for AokoNakamori
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    hi guys! these are my first entries for the "Drawings" section... XD honestly, I really didn't know how to draw. Neither did I ever become interested in art at all. Drawing's something I know I could never learn... until I tried. I realized that drawing needs not to be taught. One could learn if one has enough determination and perseverance to keep on trying. and in my case, I've finally mustered enough guts to make... well, these. :| I actually ransacked through my brother's Otakuzine to find some photos I could draw from. XD These are kinda messy since I did my own way of "shadowing" "shading". :V :V ~hope you'll like this! this is Reinforce Zwei from the quite underrated Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Striker S. I'm not really good at drawing hands, so I just chose to make it a right arm instead of hands. XD Hikaru and Kaoru here. I tried drawing Hikaru's eyes for like... ten times! LOL I've had a hard time drawing it so... :/ ~ now I have a stiff neck for continuously drawing for almost two hours. :cry: but it's all worth it. thanks! <33333
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    File 799 chinese : http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1311714189
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    No. This is a pointless abuse of the reputation system. Thread locked.
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    /facepalm hi, it's me again. Sorry I keep dumping my ugly drawings on DCW ): Hope everyone forgives me, because for the past 2 years, I have not shared my drawings with many people TAT I'm constantly trying to get the hang of drawing a certain style, and now the Conan you see below is draw freehand without any reference. ^^ I finally did it! Tell me what you guys think? I will continue to see if I can perfect Gosho Aoyama's style
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    Remember to play fitting music!
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    Spoiler pics out ! (Special thanks to Wakarimashita.) http://forum.dctp.ws/index.php?topic=7452.msg617459#msg617459
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    She becomes like this (according to meh) And yes, it's me again :'D
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    Hmm... about 'Jodie's car'... If I remember right that car belongs to Black. In Kir's case Jodie said that her boss can give a ride and in at Haido central hospital Black said that Jodie and Camel can take his car when they were going to take that bomb away from the hospital... And it was always the same car.
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    EDIT : New* Myself A smile Another smile This is my first drawing of half realistic D:
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