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    Here are some people you have to meet before you die--of laughing. XD In no particular order: Moonlight Magician-- *shrugs* You will never stop laughing if he's around. XD Or maybe you will. Metantei Kaitou Kid-- "Major in philosophy", este, pilosopo, I mean. Patronus Charm--The founder of the Filipino chatroom...she's fun to chat with, especially if you're crazy. She lives in Canada, so her time zone is different. BK201--She's a dear. Also a major in philosophy. XD Really, if you get to know her in our chatroom, you'll have lots and lots of fun. conankoibito--It's her birthday today, by the way. XD She can speak/write Japanese. Monsi--is one of the oldest active members here. sayDieluna--Say, "Die, Luna!" And that explains a lot already. XD Akai Eekei--You should totally meet this guy. There's also a lot more, like Kid the Phantom Thief, Mohorovicic, IdentityUnknown, Shiraz.BO, Misaki-chan, True-Tears, Aeyra, Chelsea, Wildheart888, Ryuuji, Kaitou Kid the Legendary Thief, Anime Girl 4 Eva, Parkur,...and so many more.
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    Gin doesn't remember faces and doesn't seem to follow the news (red shirts post Teito bank heist). Basically Vodka makes up for Gin's weak points which means he is useful. Also keep in mind Vodka is Gin's secretary. Presumably that means he helps make sure Gin's orders get relayed out to the right parties and coordinates people, but how many secretaries do you know who can also successfully participate in missions, run a blackmail, and shoot a gun semi accurately? (Please note an anime botch: in the manga version of Shiho case, Vodka pretty accurately shoots at adult height where Conan is standing behind the door - in the anime Vodka looks like an idiot because the animators mistook the drawings of the muzzle flash for wall impacts)
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    Here's my Kaitou Kid drawing....>_< Hmmm....dedicated to KKLT-chan and KtPT-kun..xP Well....what do you guys think? I can definitely say that the head/neck is messed, and so is his left (our right) leg/feet...*sigh* Sorry.... But anyways, hope you guys enjoy...! Kaitou Kid Kaitou Kid (Zoomed in) EDITS EDITS: AHH I FORGOT THE PENCIL VERSION!! >_<" Kaitou Kid (Pencil)
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    So i sang this song when I had a cold so it's not really good. :-| I own nothing but my voice and the english created lyrics. japenese: www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6P7YX-sKUY English: www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLIhgRw75dA [edited by Southpaw to remove direct links]
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    My current theory is that Vodka has an eidetic memory. He isn't exactly a secretary or personal assistant, rather than a compendium of information that the BO can use and call upon. He was placed with the #1 assassin to keep tabs on all the people that Gin has killed in case a problem arises with killing said person and the BO needs to deal with it. If Gin cannot remember the conditions and the reasons and the circumstances of the person's death that could cause problems. He may not see a use for remembering but I'm sure Anokata does. Consider this... Gin has supposedly killed so many people, and likely Vodka was with him the entire time. We know that a decent amount of time has passed and Gin has killed several people since killing Kudo, and yet Vodka was able to remember the exact moment, what happened, what time of day, and the method of killing Kudo. Likely it extends past this. It is possible that he has other knowledge as well that would be needed by the BO. He was given a gun, training and placed with the #1 assassin. And the mere fact that we know that Vodka is not always with Gin means that Vodka is sometimes elsewhere on assignment, possibly by Gin's or Anokata's orders. He doesn't seem to have much common sense, but he appears to have an eidetic memory. I'm not sure what else he knows, but it can be assumed that it is more than the average person landing him in his current position. Further to support this is that Gin does the killing, Vodka does the deals. He did the exchange at the amusement park and he was the person talking with Itakura about the program. He doesn't keep a log of anything it seems and yet he remembers the details and the conditions of all the deals. In this instance, Gin is actually aiding Vodka who doesn't know how to watch his back (like at the amusement park and at the drop off location for the program). The only problem with Vodka is that he doesn't have as much common sense. But as Chek said, we know he has a good shot. I would say that he was the getaway diver, but that wouldn't make sense since he is always with Gin when Gin kills. In fact, if he was simply proficient at bartering and making deals that could very well be the reason he gained a code name and was placed with Gin. Gin gets assignments to kill, and Vodka gets assignments to make deals. If a deal fails, it is likely Gin's job to finish the person off (and to make sure that Vodka doesn't expose them). No one else seems to make extortion deals or contact people outside of the Org for things other than Vodka. Vermouth has only been shown killing and assuming the identity of people, Gin has only been shown killing, the scientists only do science, Anokata remains in the shadows and dictates orders, the snipers snipe, so who extorts and makes deals for the benefit of the BO? Vodka. Would make sense.
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    san ba bnda grades..mo?? line of... 7 o 8 o 9???????
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    Okay I drew Death the Kid
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    And one last thing, double-posters are murdered! XD Double-posting as in what I'm doing now... Use the multiquote button for each post you wish to reply to and click the Add Reply at the very button instead.
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    No wonder that I feel outa place, e\Everyone can go through this maze, This crazy,beautiful,wonderful...
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    Hi, everyone, what do you guys think of my very first drawing on Microsoft Word? I used the "Shape" tools and color choices to create it...and I do not have a tablet, so...I had to use a mouse...! I hope you guys like it! =D http://www.flickr.com/photos/68063278@N05/6195838689/
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    This is my very first hand drawing of Conan! I did it freestyle with a pen...I hope everyone likes it! Note: I sort of did this in a rush, so, sorry, no time for coloring...! And I am actually proud of myself, because I did it freestyle, with no correction tape or anything! =D
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    This is another drawing I made, dedicated to P-chan. x) I know the hair looks a bit off, and so does her shoes...>_< But anyways, hope you guys enjoy~!! x) And please, if you have any advice/criticism, please tell me!!!!!! Sonoko Suzuki Sonoko Suzuki (Pencil) P.S. Oh yeah, and the picture is a bit blurry...sorry...T_T" My camera won't focus properly.....x_x;
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    I didn't realize Hakuba had the same birthday as me til' this morning! It's still August 28 where I'm from but it's already August 29 somewhere around the world. So here is a pic called "a happy birthday from Conan and Ai" that I randomly drew for my bday: If only I knew before, I would've drawn a pic of Hakuba as well... Anyways... Happy Birthday Saguru Hakuba!
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    Happy Birthday Hakuba!!!! Sorry if this is one day early x but oh well x i had fun drawing and colouring, first and probably the last time drawing him x Please comment x Happy Bday Pic
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    Hi, I am new here and I luv the show! I have been a fan for seven yrs(even if I didn't realize it until now!)thats bec I did not knw the name of the show.I will try to do my best to make the articles as accurate as possible! ベネサより
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    New colored version!
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    what do you think. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/DP017.jpg
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