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    gonna post PT2 tomorrow plz tell me wat do u think hope u like it! This is what i think Kaito will look like if he was in conan situation original picture http://www.anime-vidcaps.net/picture-2548.php
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    okay so this is PT2 of my drawing there and this is the orginal http://images.ados.fr/bd-manga/photo/2325311232/shinichi-ran/ran-shinichi-kid-20552356a6.jpg plz comment
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    Another Kid chapter animated, another reason for me to make a topic like last time. This topic is to compare what is the same and what is different between the original Magic Kaito chapter and the TV version. So, without further delay... "Kaitou Kid's Busy Date" ("怪盗キッドの忙しいデート"/"Kaitou Kid no isogashii DEETO") Note: Based on "Kaitou Kid's Busy Holiday" from Magic Kaito volume 1, chapter 4. The episode opens up with a recap of the previous special...not much else to say except that the instrumental jazzy end tune from the first special (which I suppose we can say is the Magic Kaito main theme) returns during the recap. Nice, considering since this is a Conan broadcast on YTV, so we won't hear it again. (Unless Animax decides to air the Kid specials on their own again, outside of being forced to have Conan opening and ending themes.) But hey, we still get all new music throughout the whole episode. WOOHOO! Kaito even managed to get his own "Conan title card" music cue. Instead of the usual score we get a jazz organ cue. Niiice. Well this certainly wasn't in the original. Kaito threatens Jii with the card gun and demands to know why Toichi was the Kaitou Kid, stole jewels, and why he died. Jii stumbles over his words before glancing over at a picture of Chikage, Toichi, and a young Kaito. Kaito, following his gaze realizes whatever the reason Jii won't say anything must involve his mother somehow. (Hoo? Are we adding hints regarding a certain Phantom Lady, animation staff?) Kaito recalls that his mother on the video he saw in the first special that Chikage mentioned Kaito would probably become very busy very soon. Kaito gives up his line of questioning and figures he'll get the answers eventually by continuing to be Kid. Believe it or not, the hang-glider cape is actually making an early appearance. Kid didn't start using it until volume 2, chapter 4. To be fair, I suppose the animation staff must feel the viewers have gotten so used to seeing Kid with it that'd it be jarring to see him use the odd mechanical devices and rocket-powered items he originally used in the early chapters. This is where the actual chapter in Magic Kaito begins. The animation staff really have to do a lot of work adapting these Magic Kaito chapters. In the actual story, Kid's face is seen by Nakamori on page 3 as Kid is trying to steal the Angel Crown. He drops the crown and flees before Nakamori can catch him, but not before leaving a new warning message ON NAKAMORI'S BACK saying he'll return for the crown. In the animated version, Kid successfully steals the Angel Crown and is only seen by Nakamori when he tries making his escape off the rooftop using the glider (around 7 minutes into the episode). An odd wind caught him, so he was unable to get out of the light in time. This wind also causes Kid to fall quite ungracefully off the building, supposedly landing in a tree, and then fleeing via the sewer (ick) but not before leaving a new warning message saying he'll return for the crown. Aoko's request for a date from Kaito goes as it does in the manga...oh hey there, Keiko! There was a pigtailed-girl in the original chapter, but given the lack of glasses, it might not have been Keiko, but this time around it's pretty obvious. The scene with Aoko and Ginzo goes the same as well. Kaito apparently pissing off a bunch of his girl classmates. Not sure where he stole the lock from (no subtitles = can't understand), but it probably involves Kaito being a pervert...as usual. EDIT: It helps if I don't do comparisons at 1 AM. This is the lock scene from the chapter where the girls get angry at Kaito for peeking at them in the locker room. Kaito argues they should've have used such an easy lock. Yay for pervy Kaito! ...I think.
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    So...off to Tropical Land we go! Both Aoko and Kaito's clothes have (thankfully) been updated. Although I must admit, I do kinda miss seeing Kaito in the retro 80s crazy patterned shirt he had in the original. ...A little. Kaito and Aoko's date follows the same course it does in the original. Complete with Kaito acting like a jerk until Aoko finally starts acting like her usual self again. Heist time! Instead of the totally not-copyright infringing Captain E.T. (think E.T. + Captain E.O.) we get a 3D Kamen Yaiba movie with basically the same plot twists. But we're not interested in that. HEIST! Unlike the original chapter, Kaito is shown getting to the heist via.....THE JII MOBILE. ...Okay, so just a car that Jii drives, but whatever. Note to Kaito: Changing into your Kid outfit while Jii's driving and you're not wearing a seatbelt may shorten your life. Just saying. The heist itself goes the same, until we get to where Kid diguises himself as Aoko in the original chapter. The animation has him go through quite a few faces before making this scene even more AWKWARD than the original by having the cops blush at the sight of Kid disguised as Aoko. Okay, so I'll try to wrap things up. Kaito and Jii use the car to head back to Tropical Land, but it breaks down. Kaito suggests using the hang-glider, but Jii says it'd be impossible. So...like the original chapter, Kaito hitches a ride on the SIDE of the Dragon Coaster to get back to the theater and crash through the roof, granted a bit more suave than the original version while doing so. ^^; And we end with the ice cream scene. ♥ "You're so cold, just like ice cream." "But..." "...ice cream can be sweet too." Overall, an awesome episode. Also, don't blink, or you just might miss a few things... "Next Kid's Magic!" "A cat!" See you all next time for "Her Highness Loves Magic" based on Magic Kaito volume 1, chapter 2. :3 Don't Wanna Lie, I want that Kid puppet.
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    sry to shinran fans out there for the horrible shinichi and ran plz, plz, plz give advices also, some parts of the drawing are from my own imagination so they may be ugly original: drawing:
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    figured I should repost what I wrote in DCTP
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    I did some thinking about why Okiya (assuming he is Akai) would suddenly step up his protection of Ai after Sera appeared assuming Sera is his sister and also not a bad guy or part of the Black Org. Here are events from Okiya’s perspective: We know he's been tapping the Agasa house, at least since recently. Discussions about Sera that took place in Agasa’s house in the same vicinity as the overheard conversation include. 771 pg 10: Conan talks about how Sera seemed to know about him ahead of time. Haibara said “Then, that detective named Sera knew both your name and that you were a detective?” Conan confirms this but points out Sera seemed to throw the case on purpose for some reason. Haibara then began yelling that it was bad to use Kudo’s voice in front of someone suspicious like Sera. Conan then says Sera feels familiar and doesn’t feel like an enemy. 772 pg 4: Conan mentioned that Sera was involved with the current case and is over at the Mouri detective agency. Sera may be using an alias because her family name isn’t Akai. Okiya may not recognize it via listening device. (Though it could be possible Akai is using the alias or "Sera" has become the Akai family witness protection name) I also assume Akai would recognize Sera in person -- that is she isn’t using a disguise or drastically changed her appearance. Later, Okiya saw Sera outside of Agasa’s house talking with Mitsuhiko and Genta while looking up at it. I assume Okiya had been watching her. I also assume Okiya can’t hear what they are talking about. So why the extra protection? Five possibilities occurred to me: #1. Okiya can't be sure Conan and Haibara's Sera person that he overheard the discussion about via listening devices was in fact the person talking to Mitsuhiko and Genta. If Sera has been using an alias, this makes sense. #2. Okiya couldn't be absolutely sure if that person was his sister and not someone in disguise, #3. and even if that person was his sister, he couldn't be sure that she wasn't being watched or, #4. unaware of the danger of the Org, he is worried she might accidentally do something that would endanger Haibara and Conan's covers. #5. He thinks his sister may attempt a direct confrontation with either Haibara or Conan. He’s trying to head it off. #1: Okiya would want to step in because this means there could be someone threatening Conan's identity. #2: Okiya has already seen someone disguising as Akai wandering around town, so keeping that in mind, perhaps if someone in the Black Org has done some digging and found out about Akai's family, that person could be using their appearance to try to lure him out and gather information. I am specifically thinking Okiya suspects Vermouth, who knows about Conan and Haibara and might think they helped Akai fake his death and is trying to dig for info. I assume Okiya can't hear the conversation through the window, so he doesn't know what Sera is up to, only that she appeared in front of the Kudo residence all of a sudden and is talking to the DBs. #3 & #4: Sera probably came over on her own accord, and not knowing the danger, may not have taken proper precautions against making sure the BO don't find out who she is. Okiya is worried that something may have already happened. #5: This would imply Sera is very certain of her deduction or else her methods aren’t very subtle. I’m not sure if she thinks this strategy would work although she did want to meet Conan at the beginning of the Mouri agency hostage case. Also if he thinks Sera is going to do such a thing, he must also realize that the way he is following the DB isn’t exactly subtle and may put him on her radar. I still feel somewhat unsatisfied with this. I think more info on Sera or what Okiya knows is needed.
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    Since Sera is most likely going to be a recurring character, it makes sense to have a thread dedicated to speculating about her outside her introductory case thread. Edit: I like listing things so I'm going to list all the theories I subscribe to about Sera here with evidence to support. Some of this is copied from later posts. It is also in progress pending new information. Last updated (Apr 18 2012) Index Sera Masumi's identity Sera is Akai Shuuichi's sister Direct Evidence Literary device arguments Minor points - i.e. weak arguments Sera is not...A loyal member of the Black Organization Scar Akai The hat lady from the prescreening case Sera's Goal Sera is looking for Akai Sera is looking into Conan and the people around him Sera is specifically targeting Conan because she found out that he and Akai had some sort of connection before Akai's disappearance Sera's purpose in the plotSera will drive Ran's suspicion Sera will come across Bourbon MiscellaneousSera knows Conan is Shinichi. Sera's comment about deleting Haibara's picture. Why doesn't Sera go to the FBI for help finding Akai? Why doesn't Sera tell Conan who she is and that she wants to find Akai? If Sera is after Akai, why is she interested in Ai and Conan? Why would Okiya, if he is Akai, step up protection after hearing about and seeing Sera? Old arguments Sera Masumi's identity Sera is Akai Shuuichi's sister Direct Evidence Sera and Akai's eyes match Sera has bags under her eyes identical to Akai Shuuichi's. The "siblings with identical eye designs" has been done before with Eisuke and Hidemi. Characters who know Akai think she is familiar • Conan thinks she looks familiar and feels like she is not an enemy. (73-9 pg 11) She has some similar features to Akai Shuuichi, like the eyes and the wavy/kinky black hair. Akai was an ally so it makes sense Conan would have this impression. • Camel, Jodie, and James Black think she looks familiar. (File 778-780) They are all familiar with Akai. Sera's relocation history matches up with Akai's infiltration activities. Sera lived in Japan until three years ago when her family moved to America. (V73-9 pg 2) This matches with the time when Akai was infiltrating the Organization five to two years ago. The family's move to America could be the FBI's attempt to protect them should something go wrong with Akai's infiltration. Sera recognizes Scar Akai (who looks like Akai) Sera's reaction to Scar Akai was one of recognition. She called Scar Akai "an old acquaintance" (she couldn't exactly come out and say "brother"). Later, Sera comments about "this person in the past who never laughed". "In the past" implies this person had an existence failure, like Akai who is supposed to be dead or had run off on a mission and never returned. Also Akai is not the laughing type. He was cold before Akemi died and is worse now. Literary device arguments Sera's name origin is a pun on the younger sister of Akai's name origin. Sera Masumi's name is derived from to Mobile Suit Gundam character Sayla Mass (セイラ・マス, ''Seira Masu''). Gosho references this in an interview. Akai's name is derived from Sayla Mass's older brother's name, Char Anzable. (Akai's name comes from the Mobile Suit Gundam character Char Aznable, whose nickname was the "Red (Akai) Comet", and Char's voice actor Shuuichi Ikeda (who is also Akai's voice actor). Additionally, his alias, Dai Moroboshi, comes from Char's real name, Casval Rem Deikun (sounds like Dai-kun in Japanese). Moroboshi can also mean falling star, another possible allusion to Red Comet. ) Minor points - i.e. weak arguments Sera and Akai share some habits. Both often wear headwear when the situation allows it. (Akai wears beanies, Sera various hats when not in school or uniform) Sera and Akai also share the habit of pocketing their hands. Neither are exclusive behaviors however. Sera is knowledgable about law enforcement. Sera has knowledge of law enforcement, even the Japanese law enforcement, which would be expected of someone who has a sibling in law enforcement whom she cares about. Sera reacts to the FBI She reacted when Conan introduced Camel as being part of the FBI. (File 778) Akai was in the FBI. Sera reacts Okiya Subaru Sera reacted strongly to Okiya Subaru, who may be the real Akai. Sera is not... A loyal member of the Black Organization If Sera was a loyal member of the Black Organization, she should have identified Ai was Sherry and have reported or eliminated her. Sera seems to already know Conan's identity (see below), but she has not done anything to harm him. Also, she would have also been more cautious in front of Conan and speaking about how much she knew in front of Mouri Kogoro. Besides the picture of Haibara reflected in Agasa's glasses, she also revealed she had information that she collected previously on Agasa (knew about Agasa is advance of his introduction) [771.4]. She revealed that she had done research on the professor to Kogoro and Ran. Also, she overtly tested Conan's deductive abilities in her introductory case. If she was Conan's enemy, she would have concealed that she knew who he was [768.16] and what he was capable of [769.4] in advance to ensure she had an advantage and would have also been more subtle about testing Conan's abilities to avoid making him realize that she was testing him. She wouldn't nearly directly ask if Conan was the brains behind Kogoro either.[771.4] She also deleted the information she collected on Haibara. If she was a target, deleting the info doesn't make sense even if she isn't going to do anything to Haibara right away. Also a hotel is not a very secure base of operations for a BO agent. People can enter and exit as they please as long as they have a card, which can be used to break in if copied or if Sera is impersonated. Why not use a better backstory so she work from a residence that provides more security for one's personal belongings? Scar Akai Sera appeared at the same time as Scar Akai in 801. The hat lady from the prescreening case Sera is not the lady in the hat who followed Yukiko and the Detective Boys on Akai's orders during the film prescreening case (chaps 417-419). Conan asked Takagi to stop by their car and ask them questions about whether they had been drinking and such to get them to stop following the gang. Takagi would have recognized her during her appearance case. Also the shadowlady with the hat was shown smoking. Conan probably would have noticed if Sera smelled of smoke because that would be unexpected for someone who is supposed to be high-school aged. Cigarette smoke smell is also difficult to get out of clothes and hair, and we already had a shot of Sera's apartment and there were no obvious signs of smoking so Sera must have kicked the habit temporarily if she was hat lady. Sera's allegiance and occupation Sera is most likely a high school girl on the side of Akai. • Sera responded to Scar Akai as an acquaintance. (Assuming she mistook Scar Akai for the real deal.) • Sera is most likely not an FBI agent because Camel did not outright recognize her. (File 778) She is also seems a bit young although she could be concealing her real age. • She is well acquainted with the names and procedures of various elements of the Japanese law enforcement although she has been living in America for three years. That means she likely has a personal interest in law enforcement for some reason. • In the process of investigating Conan, she discovered Shinichi Kudo is alive. She also obtained an image of Haibara and her current address. She has made no moves against either party, suggesting she is not part of the Organization. • Sera seems to already know Conan's identity (see below), but she has not done anything to harm him. Sera's Goal Sera is trying to locate Akai Shuuichi or is trying to find out why he died, and she is doing so by looking into the people connected with Conan. Sera is looking for Akai If Sera is Akai's sister, as argued above, it would make sense for her to wonder what happened to him or investigate his supposed death. This parallels the situation with Eisuke and Hidemi. • Sera chases after Scar Akai when she seems him, and calls him "an old acquaintance." If she thinks Scar Akai is the real Akai or someone who looks exceedingly like him, her reaction clearly suggests she is interested in Akai. Later, Sera comments about "this person in the past who never laughed". "In the past" implies this person had an existence failure, like Akai who is supposed to be dead or had run off on a mission and never returned. Also Akai is not the laughing type. He was cold before Akemi died and is worse now. • Sera revealed she had taken a special interest in Okiya Subaru before the Detective Boys informed her about them. She specifically was wondering if someone had just moved in to the Kudo household without permission, indicating that she is interested in a person who might just move in. • She also asks about Agasa's living situation. After learning via Genta and Mitsuhiko that the only occupants were the professor and Haibara, she discards some of the information she collected on them, possibly indicating they were no longer of interest because Akai or someone who could be Akai was not living there. • Sera comments that "Deletion. For data at least ... is an easy task to accomplish." (File 777 pg 16) Although Sera was deleting a picture of Haibara from her computer at the time, it could be interpreted as a general comment that while data is easy to erase, it is much harder to erase traces of someone in real life. By implication that would reveal she is interested in someone who had been "erased", like Akai for example. • Sera takes a special interest when Conan reveals Camel is an FBI agent. This suggests that her motive involves the FBI. Sera is looking into Conan and the people around him Sera knows about Conan and is specifically looking into him and the people around him. She knew Conan's name in advance without being told and that he was a detective in his own right. She likely thinks Conan is the force behind sleeping Kogoro after asking Kogoro a pointed question about Conan being by Kogoro's side for all his cases. She specifically tries to meet with Conan and talk to him on at least one occasion. She also deliberately messed up the explanation to a case, seemingly in order to test Conan's deduction ability. Sera has also investigated the people around Conan. She asks various people probing questions. She actively collected and stored data on her computer about Agasa. She also knows information about people in advance indicating she has done research. She knew Ran was a a high level karate practitioner when they met. In file 771, it is revealed that she also knows Professor Agasa, although she calls him "Professor whatshisname" at first. She looked up a video of Agasa's online and managed to get an image of the video taker Haibara by zooming in on his glasses. She also went to visit Agasa's house and asked Mitsuhiko and Genta about the person living in the Kudo house and Agasa and Haibara. Sera is specifically targeting Conan because she found out that he and Akai had some sort of connection before Akai's disappearance As for how she found out about Conan and Akai's relationship, I think she acquired some of Akai's pictures of Conan and Haibara from when Akai was investigating them in the Vermouth arc. Specifically Akai had one of the Detective Boys as they were about to enter a film studio with Yukiko. This would explain why she targets Ai at all; she was quite prominent in the picture and thus possibly Akai's person of interest. As for how she got it, Akai kept the one of Shiho (with Conan, the DB, and Yukiko in the background) as a personal memento and the FBI overlooked it when sending his things back to America after he "died". This is plausible because Akai kept it in his truck, but it is no longer there during the events of Red vs. Black, and the police obviously didn't find it in the glove compartment or Takagi would have asked Conan about it. She could have also grilled someone in the FBI. A bunch of FBI agents saw Conan and Akai together in the strategy meeting. The way Conan and Akai were interacting made it clear that they knew each other and had been planning together. Camel and Jodie didn't recognize her though. Sera's purpose in the plot I think it is extremely likely the climax of the Bourbon arc will involve a simultaneous confrontation with Bourbon and Ran suspects Conan plot. Sera is a catalyst to drive both of these forward. Sera will drive Ran's suspicion Sera's suspicion of Conan will drive Ran to suspect Conan is Shinichi either by directly wondering about the possibility to Ran, but more likely by uncovering something that makes Ran suspicious. Back during the Shiragami case (V62 chaps 650-651), Heiji used Shinichi's fingerprints on his omamori as evidence to show "Shinichi" was a plastic surgery lookalike. Shinichi/Conan's fingerprints got on Heiji's omamori in the first place when Conan pulled the handcuff link pieces out of the bag to show Ran that they blocked Numabuchi Kiichiro's stabbing attempt (V19-F8 188 pg 8). Ran remembers this incident in the sports bar case (V66-F8 693 pg 11), and asks Kazuha about the discrepancy: she knows Conan handled the omamori a long time ago, but when did Shinichi handle it? Note that this situation closely parallels the question of Akai's fingerprints on Conan's cellphone (and Conan may try to resolve it in a similar fashion.) Sera seems to already have uncovered Conan is Shinichi. (801 and see Miscellaneous section below) She also asks Ran to bring some photo albums, which Shinichi will be in, because she wants to see what Shinichi looks like to confirm her suspicions. She is already "pointing" Ran to some evidence that will make her suspicious. Sera will come across Bourbon (Edit: Already happened!) I think it is likely Sera will run into scar Akai, who is Bourbon is disguise, and mistake him for the real Akai. Either she will try to find or make contact with scar Akai herself, necessitating intervention by Conan and Akai (disguised as Okiya), or Bourbon will attempt to use her to lure the real Akai out or kill her, also necessitating intervention by the same two. Sera meeting with Okiya and uncovering that he is Akai would be a dead end plotwise unless Sera is being followed. In the Eisuke arc, Conan was suspicious that Eisuke was unknowingly being used by the Org to find Hidemi, but that turned out not to be the case. If Bourbon knows about Sera, then he could be using her as an unwitting bait for Akai, and in the process of following her stumble across her investigation of Conan and take interest in it himself, leading to the showdown with him. In any case, Sera's presence will trigger Akai to do something once he finds out she is in Japan looking into his death/disappearance. Akai doesn't have much of a choice because Sera is investigating Conan and Shinichi which will and has brought her to Shinichi's house once already. Akai can't ask the FBI to help since they think he is dead, also with Bourbon wandering around looking like scar Akai, he has to do something to protect her before she meets scar Akai and becomes a target. Miscellaneous Arguments Sera knows Conan is Shinichi. Sera has demonstrated overt suspicion of Conan's talents, but her thought she "had known that for a long time" after Ran mentions Conan, just like Shinichi, is a Holmes addict suggests Sera knows his identity. She also asks Ran to bring photo albums of Shinichi, which will contain pictures of Shinichi when he is young. Sera can easily find pictures of Shinichi on the internet, but not Shinichi's past pictures, which suggest verification of her theory is her motive for wanting to see the album. Sera also takes interest when Sonoko describes Haibara as a introverted woman trapped in the body of a small child who overlaps a lot with Conan. Sera's comment about deleting Haibara's picture. It's obviously an attempt by Gosho to make Sera look suspicious without having her do anything that logically deserves suspicion. Sera comments that "Deletion. For data at least ... is an easy task to accomplish." (File 777 pg 16) Although Sera was deleting a picture of Haibara from her computer at the time, it could be interpreted as a general comment that while data is easy to erase, it is much harder to erase traces of someone in real life. By implication, that would reveal she is interested in someone who had been "erased", like Akai for example. She most likely erased the picture of Haibara because she ruled out Agasa's house as somewhere Akai might be living. After talking with Mitsuhiko and Genta in 775, she finds out no one else is living there besides the professor and Haibara. As Akai isn't there, she deletes the info she collected because she doesn't need it any more. If it isn't useful and someone might become suspicious of what she was doing if it was accidentally seen, there is no reason to keep it around. Why doesn't Sera go to the FBI for help finding Akai? If Sera is looking for Akai, why doesn't she scope the FBI, tell them who she is, or ask them for help? In summary, they might send her back or block any investigation she might make. Besides being a civilian who shouldn't be involved, Sera is also a high risk one at that. Her identity as Akai's sister may mean the Org could try to use her as leverage against the FBI or as Akai, or kill her because of her relation to Akai. Anyone in the Org with a personal vendetta against Akai (like Bourbon) would also go after her. Sera, assuming she thinks Akai is alive, doesn't know if the FBI knowingly faked Akai's death, or Akai did it on his own and tricked the FBI. If it was the first case, Sera would expect that she would be sent back immediately because the FBI would not want to have their operation endangered by her snooping around. In the second case, Sera would expect that they would send her back because of the danger she is putting herself and the FBI in. Also, if the FBI think Akai is dead, she wouldn't have much help from them anyway because they wouldn't tell her anything because it would be involving a civilian and they want to keep the Org investigation secret. Why doesn't Sera tell Conan who she is and that she wants to find Akai? Her task would become substantially harder if Conan decided to exclude her because it means she has laid all her cards on the table. She doesn't know how Conan will react which means telling him would be taking a gamble on him excluding her or informing the FBI she is in Japan to get her sent back. In any case, Conan would exclude her no questions asked because he is harboring Akai and she thus a liability. Conan locked down on Eisuke the moment he realized he might be connected to Rena and did as much as he could to avoid doing anything Eisuke would be interested in. That lockdown didn't let up even when Conan decided that Eisuke was probably not an enemy (nail and hammer case) because Conan was still worried that Eisuke could be used by the Org, and it could be the same deal with Sera. Right now, Conan knows Sera is suspicious, but doesn't know what her goal is. If he knew she was looking for Akai, he could make various arrangements to make it harder for her to find out. As he doesn't know how to block her investigation, he can't take any targeted measures to dissuade her other than not tell her anything relevant. If Sera is after Akai, why is she interested in Ai and Conan? My suspicion is that she knew to look into Conan and Ai in the first place because she saw Akai's pictures of Conan and Haibara from when Akai was investigating them in the Vermouth arc. Specifically Akai had one of the Detective Boys as they were about to enter a film studio with Yukiko. This would explain why she targets Ai; she was quite prominent in the picture and thus possibly Akai's person of interest. I assume she looked into everyone in the photo. Conan would come out prominently because of his involvement with Kaito Kid, and from there Sera started digging, like Eisuke, and noticed Conan's appearance correlated to Mouri's rise. Yukiko's presence ties in Kudo Shinichi, which explains why she takes interest in his name and when Conan used his name for a case. Sera wouldn't have asked Kogoro if Conan was around when he solved cases if she didn't make nearly the same connections that Eisuke did. In order to get anywhere, Eisuke had to hang around Ran and take advantage of Conan's love of cases. From Sera's perspective, Conan is going to be more interesting than anything she could dig up on Ai who has done an excellent job of keeping her public records unremarkable. As for how she got the pictures, they don't have to get sent to her in particular, they could have been sent home, the way a dead soldier's personal effects get sent back. While the FBI can't get ahold of the body or Chevy because they are in police custody as murder victim John Doe and his stuff, the FBI might send back everything where Akai was shacking up and the picture was in his personal possessions. While the FBI would have kept mission related info, Akai may have kept the picture hidden somewhere personal because it was one of Shiho Miyano and meant something to him. The FBI overlooked it when they went through his things. Why would Okiya, if he is Akai, step up protection after hearing about and seeing Sera? Please see this post. Why did Sera cry and say she was a bad girl in 814? Sera's crying started when she she watched Ran putting a band aid on Conan. Although this is only a hunch, I have a feeling that watching them triggered a recollection of something very similar that happened between her and Akai when they were younger. She may have met Shinichi when she was younger and remembered something about their meeting then. As for why she says she is a bad girl, I do not know. The meaning and context are pretty vague so there are lots of possibilities. Old Arguments Sera is not Scar Akai Sera didn't know Camel was an FBI agent until the restaurant case where he appeared. [778.11] Scar Akai, assuming he has been targeting FBI agents in his appearances, would have known Camel is an FBI agent after the Beika department store bomb scare. Even if he didn't know before, Scar Akai would know Camel is an FBI agent from the way that Jodie was interacting with him in the Beika Dept store. If Scar Akai was following them earlier, he might have noticed Jodie introducing Camel as "Agent Camel" to Ran and Kogoro. Also, considering the two of them together, it's a pretty easy deduction to make, especially if Jodie is dragging Camel around to interrogate salespeople about a hat scar Akai knows to be his. (Which implies Jodie is looking for info on Akai, and Camel is party to this.) Also Scar Akai may have very well seen Jodie, Camel, and James Black together pre-Teito bank heist while picking the right moment to appear in front of Jodie. If Sera is Scar Akai, she would have at least strongly suspected Camel was FBI by the time Conan introduced Camel in the Danny's case. Her reaction isn't like that though; it's a just found out reaction. "Oh? FBI, huh..." Because Sera was thinking it instead of saying it aloud, there was no reason for her to "lie" in her head, because that wouldn't make any sense and Gosho never lies to the readers.
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