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    LOL!! I just realized that this onionhead looks like Addie's profile/avatar picture
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    Well I thought that in the wiki, we should have Detective Conan in other countries. It should include the Name Changes, Voice Actors the people who dubbed it and how far they have gone. So what do you think? (P.S. I'll do Detective Conan in the Arab World)
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    Hey Min'na!! I didn't actually make these videos, but I liked them alot and I want everyone to see them First off Here's a Magic Kaito video, but this is an opening someone made for the MK or "Kid the Phantom Theif." MK Fan-made Opening The most creepy and entertaining KID video you will ever see.... Click here to be scarred mentally for Life! You'll just LOVE~ this video Peach Girl -DC Yaoi Version Peach Girl - DC 2 SOME OF THESE PICUTRES ARE JUST TO FUNNY Gin and Sherry<3 And of course... A OHSHC/DC CROSSOVER :eek: click for the awesome crossover This video is cool with the DRRR DC and DRRR/ Trust me ED Well, if you watched all of them I'd give you a cookie for putting up with all of that only thing is It would have to be a virtual cookie and those don't taste very good well hope you enjoyed them as much as I did >.<
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    How about CM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ALL OF YOU!! LOL, jk,jk .... DS>>>KKLT Facebook/Twitter or DCW??? (OBVIOUS CHOICE!!) XD
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    To Sleep! XD I like my dreams better than reality anyway To live in eternal Thunderstorms or Desert Heat?
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    *thinks about somebody slipping on a banana peel*
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    Teitan Elementary School Song - Detective Conan
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    I listened to 1-5 on my zune yesterday, then 5-10 today and will listen to 11 in the morning. Thank you so much for all of your hard work, guys! The podcast is amazing and thoroughly entertaining. REALLY helpful to get through the work day. Can't wait until there are more episodes. High quality in content, sound, and funny. CarpetCrawler, Southpaw, Skyechan, and Icka! And magicbulletgirl and kkslider! AMAAAAZING. <3 <3 <3 <3
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    start me up/ livin' on a prayer by glee
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    Of cause!!!! Kid no.1!!! (you still can't beat Chiaki-oneechan, but I'll give you: Kaitou Kiddo's smartest fan - can't believe that you can find my channel) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3dsZy03wUE
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    Hello Anonymous Detective, i hope you feel warmly welcomed to DCW, have fun
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    You will get either a $1 coin or a 50cent coin... Wait... depending on what you get, you can determine that the box must have only that certain coin
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    ..233 ..233 ..233 +233 -------- ..832 ??? dunno... i anyhow guess... o.o kekeke
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    Hmm... well, if they are all labeled incorrectly, the most logical choice would be to take a coin from the one labeled both, because whichever coin you draw from that one should be what fills the entire box- because if it's not both, it has to be one or the other. I'm not sure how to tell which of the remaining two is which, though, with those limitations... *ponders*
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    Well we cant always get what we want
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    Goodbye Moho.... We'll all miss you.... Come and visit! Please don't be like Shinichi and go off and never come back... Every one who joined this site shall always follow DC. Forever. You are Shinichi, we are Ran... please come back sometime Mark... you shall never be forgotten. And thank you for welcoming me to DCW. Thank you for everything you've done for us. DCW will be never the same without you. You shall be remembered in our hearts. Never will you be forgotten. Never. Good Luck is all I can say to you now. Mabel
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    There is no picture.
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    I've seen the special manga, including the "Generic" chapter, in Chinese. You aren't missing anything especially worthwhile. If you want to know the plot, someone injected one of the class guinea pigs with something. Based on what happened, Haibara thinks a member of the Black Org must have done it. At the end of the school day, Haibara finds a note in her shoe locker from this Org member. I presume the note is threatening all the children in Teitan Elementary. She is upset, Conan comforts her, and he decides to review the security camera footage of the lockers. Small footprints and the fact that no one tall shows up on camera cause Conan to realize the culprit is a kid and thus the Org member is an APTX victim. Haibara tells Conan there was a guy who worked with her in one of her labs and he might be the culprit. Despite knowing a Black Org member is out to get her, Haibara goes to school the next day, and gets so nervous that she falls ill and goes to the nurse's office. Conan goes looking for and, surprise, she isn't there. Conan searches for Haibara, but she isn't anywhere to be found and, for some reason I can't figure out, Conan decides to not look for her, assumes she is OK, and decides to catch the chibi Black Org guy instead. Conan heads to Teitan Elementary at night and sees someone pull in the schoolyard with a large van. Conan then catches a miniature emo child burying gas canisters in the school yard. Haibara appears out of nowhere randomly, confronts the Black Org member, and reveals his codename is Generic. Haibara and Generic have a chat about the past, his motives, and why the heck he decided to take APTX and become small and such. During this conversation Generic gets upset to the point of crying and reveals the gas canisters contain memory erasing compound. Generic then decides he wants to gas Haibara and Conan and pulls a spare canister from his sleeve. The day is saved when Genta jumps out of hiding and slingshots the canister out of Generic's hand. It turns out the detective boys were lurking around and overheard the long discussion about the Black Org and Sherry's history with Generic! Oops. Anyway, the canister falls to the ground and douses Generic with his own gas which knocks him out. He then forgets his entire past with the Org, is adopted by a random family, and can now live a happy, fulfilling childhood that doesn't involve freaky science experiments and a depressing dresscode. And no one explains who drove the bloody van into the schoolyard. The end.
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