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    i am just a kid who likes anime,i am a total noob so bare with me ! so yeah thats all. Let be friends or something like that xD. P.S i am really a stupid guy hehehehe(grinning)
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    I have maintained a theory that Akemi and Shiho may only be half sisters, or perhaps they are unrelated and told they were sisters. Shiho and Akemi are different looking and their ages are somewhat distant: 6 or 7 years, which isn't unreasonable, but there is enough space between them to consider the possibility. If one or both of their parents are different it may explain their differing fates within the organization.
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    Hello Margaret! Welcome to DCW! There are 2 ways to post pictures/animation in your posts. 1)Directly: In the Writing editor, where you write your posts, You can find a sign which looks like "<>". In this row you can select any option, that is "media", "Code snippets", "quotes", "images" and "links"! In this way you can post images or many other things, which will only appear in the current post only. 2) Signature: If you want the same image or animations for all the posts you post, then there is this thing called signature. To change signature, go to your profile and you will se a green button for editing your profile. In this you can edit your signature, which will be permanant for all the post, that is they appear in all the posts you post. If you want to change your profile picture..there is Change photo option in Edit my Profile. Enjoy your stay in DCW.
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