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    EDIT: New comic posted! Finally got around to making a topic. Woot! Really old CRAP Really old crappy crossovers! Meitantei Holmes New stuff! Newer stuff!!!
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    But if the Black Organization and Kaito Kid appear every 2 or 3 movies, it will no longer be "an event". And I don't know if this would be a good thing either for the quality of the stories (the Black Organization wasn't so important in movie 5, Kaito Kid doesn't have a lot of a role to fulfill in movie 10, and the use of Kaito Kid in movie 14 was disastrous). I prefer the scriptwriters do what they think would be right for a story without having concern about fan-service (which is still present, each movie having as most characters as they can even if some characters don't have a "real" role to fulfill). What I would like would be a movie as excellent as movie 4 (the best for me). There wasn't a lot of fan-service in this one, the story was great and the ambiance was damn good.
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    I hope will gonna be interesting without BO..
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    Title: 沈黙の15分 English Title: Quarter of Silence (Direct Translation: 15 Minutes of Silence, but it will be called Quarter of Silence) Release Date: April 16 Tagline: 生き延びるんだ、 絶対に。。。 I have to survive, no matter what... Supervising Director: 山本 泰一郎 Yasuichiro Yamamoto Director:静野孔文 Kobun Shizuno Written By: 古内一成 Kazunari Kochi Music: 大野克夫Katsuo Ono (As Always! :mrgreen: ) Trailers: Preview/ Teaser Trailer(Released With Movie 14) First Official Trailer (Released 12/4) Edit:There's a New Preview Poster! It pretty much contains the same pictures, but there is color to the images! (This is my guessing from back in November, to read the updated one just click on the spoiler tag below my silly rambling here) I'm looking forward to this one. Movie 14 was really funny, but it lacked plot and a mystery, so hopefully this one will bring some mystery to it! Based on the poster image, the title, and the poster tagline, it looks like a new mystery involving something with snow, a clock, trying to survive, and 15 minutes... a bombing mystery at some clock tower maybe? Maybe not, since there already has been one bombing movie before (two if you count the Black Organization bombing the towers in Movie 5...) I'm not too sure the BO will be back in this movie since they were in movie 13 (but who knows, it's the 15th anniversary of the anime and movies. Anything could happen). Kaito Kid was the main star of the last movie, so obviously there won't be a whole movie about him for a while, so I wonder what they'll do. Certainly since this is the 15th movie this movie is bound to have something exciting happen, so the only thing I can think of that hasn't happened in the movies for a long time now is Conan reverting back into Shinichi, but who knows. As for the clock, I'm curious. In pretty much every movie poster so far, each part of the poster has something to do with the movie (or it is a teaser for the movie, like the Movie 14 poster!) Every time I look at the face of the clock, the first thing that pops into my head is Big Ben (though that would be strange if that's what it was meant to be, since we just went through a London arc) Also, as I said, snow seems to have a role in this movie, since the movie's logo is this: Well now a new person (specifically Kobun Shizuno) is taking over the roll of director that was formerly held by Yasuichiro Yamamoto for a LONG time, so maybe we'll see something new. Hopefully there will be a mystery this time around, and maybe some appearances by characters we haven't seen in a while (although we've pretty much seen everyone in Movies 13 and 14 since they managed to incorporate nearly every important character, unless you view Hakuba Saguru the same way you view characters like Heiji, Sato, etc., in that case there are people we haven't seen in a while...) So far, the movie website hasn't been updated, so no more information is available currently, but usually in December, information comes FLOODING in! I remember last year, where within a few days the website was updated, new information came out, and trailers began to appear, so soon enough we'll find out more! (Edit:I crossed this out since the site has now been updated!):wink: This is my January talk about the movie here, so there's not a lot of general information, mostly just guessing! Edit 12/4: The Official Movie Website has been updated for Movie 15! The Website Includes: (Click the Spoiler Tag below if you want to know!) Edit 12/26: New Movie Poster! (the official movie poster!!) Edit 3/4 There's a New Movie Trailer out here, and the website has been updated with the official movie poster and more, including info on the suspects! It seems the new theme song will be "Don't Wanna Lie" by B'z, who you might know from a few Detective Conan Openings, Endings, and Movie themes. I put what's new on the sight in the spoilers below: Also, the OFFICIAL trailer has been released now. The link is here and here's the translation (in spoilers because the official trailer may or may not contain scenes that spoil parts of the movie) Definitely something to look forward to! We now know the theme song and more!
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