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    Conan’s Secret Chapter 2: The Call The next day Conan who now turned back to Shinichi is walking with Ran to Tetain High School. “Where had you been Shinichi? I didn’t see or hear from you for three months?!” Ran complained. “I was on a super tough murder case and I just solved it yesterday,” Shinichi explained in a somewhat lame way. “You always pull on the same excuse each and every time you call or see me! You’re such a deduction manic! You always go to the ends of the earth for a stupid case! It doesn’t seem like you think I’m more important than your cases,” Ran said in an annoyed yet hopeless way. Shinichi just walked on trying to wipe away the sad words she said, but he couldn’t. Shinichi went to Professor Agasa’s house to speak with Haibara. “Oh. Hi Kudo-kun. So, did you have a good day after you returned to your almost normal life?” Haibara casually said. “I kind of had a good day, except for the fact that Sonoko made a comment that we are husband and wife in the middle of math class,” Shinichi answered. “Shinichi! I just finished fixing your broken turbo powered skateboard,” Professor Agasa yelled. “Ummm, did you know that since I returned to my regular body that I don’t need it now or later? In fact, that skateboard is now too small for me!” Shinichi exclaimed. “Opps! I forgot about it,” Agasa answered. Brrriiinnng! Brrriinnng! “Kudo-kun, your cell-phone is ringing,” Haibara said. Shinichi flipped up his cell-phone and said,” Hello?” “Is that you Shinichi?” a familiar voice answered. “Jodie-sensei! Is that really you?” Shinichi questioned. “Yes, it’s me. I have important information on the Black Organization. We might have a chance to infiltrate and end it once and for all,” Jodie said. “Really, but how?” Shinichi asked. “The CIA Agent, Hidemi Hondou, got the location of where the members of the organization will gather. We might have a battle with them where some of them will be killed or injured and the rest under arrest. So, we have to make sure we bring our weapons for protection,” Jodie warned Shinichi. Shinichi answered that he got it and he will tell Haibara and the others about it who know his identity. “So, who called you and what is this about?” Haibara inquired. “It’s was Jodie-sensei and the opportunity to infiltrate and end the Black Organization once and for all,” Shinichi answered. Haibara faced at Shinichi with a bewildered look. “How will we do that?” Haibara asked still stunned. Shinichi looked at her in a serious look and said one word,” Battle.”
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