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    Here at DCW, we value contributions from the community. If you happen to know some breaking news about Detective Conan or would simply like to raise an interesting discussion about some subject related to DC (for example: "What I think of the newly released Movie 13", ...), then simply post here and if the post is approved, it will be moved to "News & Updates" and will thus be featured on the homepage under "Latest News". Please note the following rules when posting news items: - English only! And please, do apply proper writing styles do your post. Do not write like this: "mann, de la7e3t DC mooviee wazz suppar l337!" - Make sure the title is not too general or broad or it might confuse first-time visitors and/or be misleading in general. - You're free to "prettyfy" your post (e.g. colors, paragraphs, images, bolded words, underlines, etc...) That's it for now but there might be more to this list later on. Finally, I invite all of you who aspire to become reporters or journalists to give it a shot as this could be both fun and good practice. Thank you for your contributions! They're always greatly appreciated! Ah and remember to have fun doing this. ^^
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    shinichi and ran saved vermouth's life in newyork when they're only 16.. vermouth was disguised as a notorious criminal/ serial killer that time.. i have watched that episode i think last year.. That episode is really cool.. before i watched that ep, i had a suspicion that vermouth is also jodie-sensei because there are few episodes that tries to tell the viewers that they are of the same character.. when i watched that episode, i was really surprised.. my guess was wrong.. i like the revelation part of that ep.. when vermouth took off her disguise (she's disguised as araide-sensei) then she's having a 'match' with jodie and when vermouth had another match with conan.. unfortunately, conan lost to that match.. atleast, vermouth did not expose conan's identity to the black org..
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