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    Hello everyone~ Due to the fact I wanted to (and also because she is awesome), I have drawn Yamamura's granny. XD If you're wondering about the heading at the top of the picture, just my excuse to give her sunglasses... Thank you CC for mentioning the meme, for I didn't know of it beforehand. Yep. So, I hope you enjoy~ Critic is welcomed, but don't be cruel! Yamamura's Granny:
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    as a promised here is akai on a building shooting gin with a sniper, and gin has a shotgun in his hand. but i think it looks not what it's said. sorry~ and because there was a problem with the scanner so i took it with my sister's camera. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/P8300070.jpg http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/P8300071.jpg
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    Hey guys, it is my first time posting my pictures. This was done based on a picture on the internet. I don't remember where I go it for though. Sorry I don't know how to reduce the size
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    what do you think. http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/DP017.jpg
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    Another drawing that i did by hand Will give reps for advises!
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    hehe...this is my drawing.. how do you think of my drawing, my friend ask to me to made her Conan's draw, so I Make. before I give it to her I copy it so I also have a copy. so the original image at my friend and this the copy.
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    http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/IMG_0003.jpg and this scan result of previous drawing
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    As far as I can tell there isn't a topic yet for collections yet in the forum, so like I did at DCTP, here's a topic for people to share their collections. For those of you who were curious as to what the heck my collection actually looks like, be curious no more. Volumes 1-72 English 1-39 Special 1-36 Reference Books, Art Book, and Short Stories DVDs/Bluray Magic Kaito CDs Curse you Gosho for single-handedly waging war on my bookshelves. Will update sometime in the coming months once volume 73, the first two MK treasured editions, Kid cell phone strap, and the Karakore figures arrive.
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    Welcome to Kleene's moldy scribbling~ Here I'll post some of my fan-arts :3 dA account: http://kleeneonigiri.deviantart.com/ ^ newer v older *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Contest entry, Crossover with Treasure Island Careful, possible SPOILERS!!! File 818!!! SPOILERS over... for now... *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Yuriko (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Sonoci! <3 Random Onigiris *Paint Tool Sai Vodka! XD *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop Comic *Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop It's Jd-! (DCTP) *Paint Tool Sai Random Gin *Colored with Copic Ciao Akonyl <3 Bday gift! <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao It's Chekhov <3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Pofa from DCTP *Colored with Copic Ciao Conia form DCTP XD *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi Gin :3 *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Abs. (DCTP) *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Kor (DCTP) Sketch *Colored with Copic Ciao Chibi Jd- *Colored in Paint Tool Sai Chibi PhoenixTears <3 *Done in Photoshop CS4 Chibi KID XD *Colored in Photoshop CS4 Baby Red-chan! <3 *Colored in Photoshop. Inuyasha D: Old stuff is old. *Colored in Photoshop A MMO Character "Kleene Onigiri" Extremely old drawing :V The uglier stuff I did won't be shown \o/ Bwahahaha~ This is totally not copyed from DCTP XD Hope it's ok to also post non-DC art D:
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    http://i1137.photobucket.com/albums/n504/jovan61/IMG_0004.jpg so?
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    That's almost right. I pay for the domain, the hosting company, the increase in bandwidth (the site is getting more and more popular and requires more and more bandwidth to accommodate the traffic! We currently reach about 200K visits per month , which is a HUGE increase from our starting point 2 years ago, and even compared to one year ago when it was around 20-30K). I also pay for a separate server for the database to increase performance. I even paid for some advertising in the past, etc... Anyway, I won't tell everything here and give out too much information but let's just say that pretty much everything comes out of my pocket for now and donations do help out whenever they come by. Fortunately I have a job and I can pay the bills without any problems for now. As long as the site doesn't become as popular as Facebook, it should be ok. But it's true that donations could really help. Thanks again to our donators btw! I really appreciate the support. It's always great to see when people appreciate what's being done, not only by myself, but by the whole community with their amazing and exceptional contributions in all areas!
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    Drawings are cool as usual. <3
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    Recently it has come to my attention that now the rumor is starting to spread on Facebook. I decided to make a sticky topic in the News and updates section so that everyone can see this and we can nip this rumor in the bud ASAP. The rumor someone is passing around that Movie's 16 and 17 are going to be connected, as well as the final two movies in the franchise, is blatantly false. Nothing has been revealed about the upcoming Detective Conan movies, and we will hear nothing for a little while. The rumors came from Chinese discussion boards that are known for trolling the Conan fan community with false rumors for the sole purpose of riling fans up. Until we learn anything new, I would prefer that folks stop passing these obviously false rumors. When something new is announced, trust me, you WILL know. But until then, everything coming out right now is nothing more than a mere rumor that flat-out isn't true. Come on, guys. Ya'll should know better.
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    I randomly decided to draw this pic of Shinichi carrying little Heiji on his back. So I guess you could say they switched places. Tell me what you think of it. :mrgreen:
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    We've made the following configuration changes to the forum: - You may now only change your Display Name once within 60 days and after reaching 750 approved posts. However, donators can still change their Display Name 3 times in 30 days without any minimum post count. - A new sub-forum was created in the Games forum called "Forum games". Since we've had lots of "forum games" topics cluttering the "Games" forum, this new forum will now serve those types of games exclusively. - Posts made in the "Forum games" forum won't increase your post count anymore (again to prevent excessive abuse of the current system, even if involuntary, and further promote DC-related discussions instead). Thank you!
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    This is a drawing of Yukiko as Irene Adler from Phantom of Baker Street. Whatcha think of it? Please feel free to comment or give some advice! :mrgreen: As requested by Moonlight Magician :
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    It's a KID puppet, based off the one that Conan has had for the last two episodes! XDXDXD What do you guys think? INSTRUCTIONS!!!! (For those who wish to make one)
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    Here's my Kaitou Kid drawing....>_< Hmmm....dedicated to KKLT-chan and KtPT-kun..xP Well....what do you guys think? I can definitely say that the head/neck is messed, and so is his left (our right) leg/feet...*sigh* Sorry.... But anyways, hope you guys enjoy...! Kaitou Kid Kaitou Kid (Zoomed in) EDITS EDITS: AHH I FORGOT THE PENCIL VERSION!! >_<" Kaitou Kid (Pencil)
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    Okay~ Whoa long time no see. I know. Sorry about that... First: Haibara with gun messy. yup. messy... let's shade in. the gun is a major failure... This one came out great. it's cut out because it is going to be on my binder. one thing I don't like : fingers. it was hell... too hard... Rough sketch. you can see how I kinda label darkness of each parts shaded in. well, it's obviously not done. This is the hardest part. If you smudge on places where you shouldn't, you have to erase and re-shade... Carefully erase the smudges, fix if you have to, and add some more detail... TADA! This is pre-cut. Yes. this is on my binder. Well I forgot to take pictures while drawing this. The ear(our right) is too big and the eye(our left) is a bit small, but it came out great.
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    http://anti-aptx4869.deviantart.com/art/Conan-256401825 ^^This up here is the link^^ Enjoy~
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    it just some my old drawing which i already posted in here. and because IU said that it look weird whithout color, so i re-color it. please comment it! especially IU
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    Just kidding, lol. That one was my first try... Then I figured it looks horrible lol. You can actually see some scribbles of "guessing" measurements...or not... Well, here's the one I was going to show: Not bad. That hand is still horrible.... Oh and I wrote "Congratulations, you did not impress me AT ALL." *Sigh* *clap* *clap* Ok you can tell how bored I was.
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    Hi everyone, I know many of you are probably thinking I've been a hard-ass lately, and I want to apologize for appearing that way. What I won't apologize for is the reason it's happening. It's incredibly rude to have any individual image within a signature take up most of the length of one's window. I know you love your pictures, and I appreciate them too, but it's distracting, and it disrupts the flow of the boards. (It's less of a big deal in an actual post, because it's the focus of the post... and the forum shrinks it automatically) So I ask that you please look at the image you're linking before you click "update profile". As many know, you will get a message if I see large images. I know I'm not the only one who keeps her monitor at factory-set screen resolution. Thank you.
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    OMG BRB translating EDIT: Wow, this thing took me forever.