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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,039–File 1,043: Momiji's Challenge

    It is, indeed, movie context—from Movie 21, specifically (though if you're fluent in Japanese, you likely won't need to watch Movie 21 to get why Momiji calls Kazuha that). UPDATE: 1,041 spoiler pics are now out: https://imgur.com/a/4Gvaktk
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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,039–File 1,043: Momiji's Challenge

    I don't remember seeing this explained but... what's "Happa"? Why is Kazuha called that? Since I don't watch the movies, if it's something from the movie context, I don't get it :(
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    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play this game too and I also realized few more things. Every few monthes apear new shops that starts selling services, but as usually they works 2-3 monthes and then disapear with all money for not completed orders. And as result you get not finished boost and no money. I advice you to check destiny 2 boosting service and decide what is better for you. Good luck
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    What Was the Last Food You Ate?

    It was a banana
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    How can I boost game lvl?

    I used to play destiny 2. I like playing this game a lot and I also would like to boost lvl up. Is there any way to do it legal?
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    Hello! Welcome to DCW and thanks a lot for your words! Greatly appreciated. Have fun ~
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    "Remember me" does not work

    Hello. Your membership status was updated so it should normally work now.
  12. Hello! Welcome to DCW! I'm sorry for taking so long to enable your account. Keep up the good work your your FF creations!
  13. Hello, Every 5 to 10 minutes the website automaticly log me out of it. Sometimes even while writing on the Wiki. Browser: Firefox 68.0.2 (64-bit) Cookies: Allowed Problem started when I first signed up to the website.
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    Batman/Detective Conan_Deck of Minds

    Lightest of Nights: A Deck of Minds Chapter 31 Mystery aboard the Cruiser: Part Four Heiji wasted not a moment. Leaning forward he reached for the object in sight only to have it snatched away within a hairs grasp. "Hey!" Heiji glared at Damian who now stood at his side with the discovered booklet in hand. Surfing through pages of the booklet Damian made quick note of its content. "A school year book." Heiji raised a brow. "A year book?" Damian gave confirmation by nodding. "That's what I said." Osaka's teen detective stood to his feet. "How recent?" Damian shrugged; a show of little care. "Does it even matter? I doubt it has anything to do with what just happened to Konya." Heiji who took possession of the book strongly disagreed. "Seemingly relevant or not, everything should be taken into account. When it comes to solving the unknown; something as simple as the misplacement of a streak of grass can be telling." "And what great detective said that," questioned Damian who crossed his arms over his chest. "What's it to you?" to which Heiji replied. "Only ask because I am entirely certain you came up with that just now." Ignoring the discussion altogether he focused back on the task at hand. "This book is dated from seven years ago. The school class being Pinkelton High." "You go there yourself?" "No. But I've heard of it." Investigating further Heiji began flipping through the pages of the book. "You're wasting your ti-" Damian stopped in mid-sentence upon hearing a certain sound. Heiji as well as Aellun heard its approach. "Footsteps.." whispered Heiji. "Someone is coming, and fast!" Aellun made a quick move to his feet. "You two, get behind me!" Pointing his flashlight and stun gun in the direction of the incoming Aellun prepared himself. In a moments time something charged into view, a person. "Stop there! Put your hands in the air!" The person to have slid into view was a young man wearing a pair of goggles that sat atop his forehead. He made an immediate move to raise his hands, clearly frightened. "Officer Aellun, it.. it's just me!" Heiji and Damian looked to one another. Slowly lowering his weapon Aellun caught eye of the face of the person who stood across. "Eljan-kun? What are you doing down here? You were instructed to stay in the control room." "Wait, you know him?" questioned Damian taking a step. Eljan waved. "Hiya, nice to meet cha'." Aellun would confirm the asked. "This here is Eljan, Eljan Hirata." "Hirata? You mean like the captain?" "That'd be right, the cap'n is my father," Eljan relayed. He then looked in the direction of Heiji "But forget about all that, you're here!" Heiji raised a hand, pointing to himself as if to seek confirmation. "Huuuhhmmm.. Me?" "Yessir! I'm like, your biggest fan ever!" Eljan raced over, grabbing hold of Heiji's hand he vigorously shook it. "It is an absolute honor to finally meet you. I.. I still can't believe it, I'm shaking hands with the great detective from the west!" Any doubt from before Heiji now knew who this was. "So this must be the birthday guy." Damian was rather humored by it all. "So Hattori has his very own fan boy, lovely." "I have so many questions I want to ask!" Eljan continued. "Where to even begin?!" "Not to turn you down or anything, but now isn't the best time," Heiji kindly shot down. "Well since no one has asked the obvious then I'll inquire it for myself. Through the duration of this cruise where have you been?" Crossing his arms Damian stared up at the newcomer. "I was in the bridge," Eljan conveyed. "Bridge, as in the Pilothouse?" "Yep." Damian kept pressing for more. "What were you doing in the Pilothouse? Were you alone?" Eljan was becoming increasingly uneasy. "What's with all the questions?" "Standard procedure for a situation like the one we're dealing with," Heiji explained. Wishing for an answer himself Heiji asked for a second time. "Was anyone in the bridge with you?" Eljan shook his head. "After that body was discovered my father left the room and asked for me to stay put until the situation was resolved." "How did you learn of the hanging man?" asked Heiji out of curiosity. "While not as many, like the security room we have a set of TV screens in the bridge that feedback footage of things happening in specific areas on the ship," Eljan revealed. "What an unexpected way to celebrate your birthday with a murder mystery in the mist," Heiji commented. "Huh?" Aellun expressed a look of surprise. "Is that true Eljan-kun? Is today really your birthday?" Eljan gave the confirming nod. "You bet." He then faced Heiji with a look of astonishment on his face. "But how did you know? Gee.. you might just be the world's greatest detective!" "Doubtful to the highest degree," mumbled Damian. Heiji laughed at complimented. "As much as I'd love to say I deduced that very fact, that would be untrue. It was actually the captain who told me, your father." "Wait.. he told you?" "He knew you were a huge fan of mine, thus as a surprise for your birthday he invited me on this cruise so you could meet me," Heiji relayed. "Sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances." "You kidding?!" Eljan's fists tightened. "Not only do I stand within your company, I.. I get to watch you solve a case first hand!" Heiji showcased a half smile of surprise. "This guy does realize a murder is involved right?" It was all starting to come together in Damian's mind. "That would explain why no one really saw Hattori for the duration of the first part of the cruise, clearly he was instructed by Captain Hirata to stay out of sight." Not a moment more movement was heard from behind. This grabbed all focus. "It's Yuriko-san," Aellun noted. "She's moving," added Heiji. Refocusing back to the matter at hand the three strolled back to where she laid. Watching on in anticipation Eljan rubbed his hands together. "I can't believe it, I actually get to watch Hattori-sama tackle a case live!" Finding a spot beside her Aellun held out his hand, as expected Yuriko grabbed hold of it. Pulling upward Aellun helped her to her knees. "Konya-san, are you ok?" "I.. I think so," replied Yuriko who rubbed the back of her head. Damian would not waste any time in pressing for information. "What happened?" Looking up Yuriko delivered what she could. "It happened so suddenly. One moment I was walking, and the next.. there was a struggle behind." "So you were walking in front of Yasu-san on your way back?" Heiji was left to assume. Yuriko gave the confirming nod. "When I turned around to see what was going on all I saw was that book of hers laying on the ground," Yuriko pointed. Heiji's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, taking into account all that was being relayed. "Then what happened?" "At that point I freaked, so.. so I screamed," Yuriko said. "And that must have been when you got knocked over from behind," Aellun concluded. "Perhaps.." "Question is, why take Yasu-san and leave you behind?" Aellun questioned. "Clearly their quarrel is with Oehi, whoever is behind this," Damian noted. "What we need to answer is if this is all tied to our hanging man." "Given the circumstance, I'm almost inclined to say it is. But we won't know until further investigation," said Heiji. "Whatever the case we better hurry and solve this, I don't believe this is over, not by a long shot." The following second Eljan caught sight of a light, one that sprung from the far end of the hall. "Hey guys, hate to interrupt, but it looks like someone is coming." Taking note of this Aellun stood back to his feet, flashing his light's ray in the pointed direction. "Know who it is?" asked Damian. "Can't tell just yet," Aellun replied. Watching closely he made out who it was as the gap closed. "Oh, it's just Nenjo-kun." "That's one of the cooks right?" Heiji asked. "Correct. He went to go and check the electric panel to see what's been going on with these lights." "Given they're still off I'd conclude his travels amounted to nothing," Damian remarked. "Nenjo-kun, were you able to determine the source of the problem?" Aellun asked. "I was," the cook confirmed. "It appears we're dealing with disconnected wiring." "Disconnected wiring? You mean as if it were cut intentionally?" Nenjo shook his head. "It looks more like it suffered from ware over time. I'd suggest we stay out of that room until someone with experience can go and check it out, there were open wires swinging about, last thing we want is for someone to get hurt. This is all unfortunate given what's been happening." Damian was suspicious. "No way is this coincidence. Some point this evening someone cut those wires." There was no one who could convince him differently. By this time Aellun had turned his sights back on Yuriko. "Can you stand?" "I.. I think so." With a helping hand Aellun helped Yuriko to her feet. "Thank you kind sir." "Let's all head back to the cafeteria, I'd rather we not stand around here," Aellun said. No objections came. Following his lead everyone returned to the cafeteria where they were immediately greeted by the captain. "What happened out there? I was getting worried when you bunch didn't return within the minute," Aldor voiced. "Yuriko-san was attacked, but she's ok for the most part," Heiji conveyed all while shinning a light on Yuriko to showcase her presence. Spotting her friend from across the way Chiasa dashed over into the frame of things. "Yuriko! Are you ok?!" There was a notable relief to be found upon her face. Yuriko responded with an assuring nod. "I'm fine Chiasa. Just a silly hit over the head is all." "Heya; why don't you come over and have a seat? You shouldn't be standing right now." Taking charge Chiasa lead her friend over to one of the many of the tables in the clear. Aldor took a deep breath in relief. "What about the other young lady who traveled to the bathroom as well?" "You mean Yasu-san? That's still up in the air. We can only assume whoever attacked Yuriko-san took her with them," Aellun concluded. This infuriated Aldor. "Dammit! And to think all of this is happening on my watch! On.. on my ship!" "Never you worry captain, I will get to the bottom of this. You have my word," Aellun promised. The security guard then made a move to grab hold of his walkie talkie. Nenjo curiously looked his way. "Who are you calling?" "Yumin," Aellun replied. "He needs an update on the current situation." "Makes sense." "Don't sweat it dad," said Eljan who stepped to the front. "Don't forget we've got the best from the west on our side. No way Hattori-sama won't be able to solve this." "Eljan?!" Aldor was most notably surprised. "What are you doing here?! I specifically told you not to leave the-" "You never told me Hattori-sama was on board. No way I was going to sit around after seeing him appear on the camera feed. I.. I just had to meet him!" "Well as you can see the cats out of the bag, so to speak," Heiji noted. Aldor huffed. "I guess this is one way for my son to meet his idol, no matter who unprecedented it may be." Watching from a distance away Kiyoshi and Saburo couldn't help but notice the absence of a certain someone. Wanting nothing more than to seek answers the pair headed over where they were immediately crossed up by the captain. "What seems to be the problem gentlemen?" Aldor asked. "Yo, where Yasu at?" asked Kiyoshi. "She should have come back by now." Aldor was at a loss for words how to respond. "Well, you see.." Stepping in, Heiji left it to himself to explain the situation. "Here's how it is guys. When returning from the bathroom Yasu-chan along with Yuri-" Aldor would interrupt him. "Hattori-kun, I don't think telling them th-" "We were wrong for withholding information for what was going on from the moment the hanging man was discovered. That ends now." Heiji turned to face the two once more. "Your friend Yasu-san, while she and Yuriko-san were making their way back here they were attacked. We found Yuriko-san lying on the ground." "Yasu, what about Yasu?!" Saburo exclaimed. "Nowhere to be found. We can only assume whomever attacked took Yasu-san with them, for reasons we don't know at the moment," Heiji said. "Then if someone took her, then what are we doing standing around here FOR?!" Saburo shouted. The uproar in speech grabbed the attention of all who were unaware of what was going on. "I wonder what that guy is screaming about?" Kiku said. "Whatever it is it doesn't sound good," Shou voiced. Learning of what conspired there was no way Kiyoshi would not go in search of his friend. "Screw this! If someone has Yasu there aint no way I'm sitting around doing nothin'!" "Right with ya bro," Saburo stated. Without so much as a warning the two set their sights on the door. Only making minimal progress forward Aellun stepped up, blocking their path in attempt to plea with the duo. "Please, you mustn't leave the room. As it stands now we're not entirely certain what is going on right now." "So we're supposed to sit here and do nothing?!" Kiyoshi snapped. "That is not what I was suggesting. Yumin and I are doing all we can to-" "We all seen just how great that's been working out," interjected Saburo. He turned to his comrade. "Let's bounce, Yasu needs our help." "Right behind ya," Kiyoshi backed. Aellun stood firm in his stance. "I'm sorry, but I can't allow either of you leave this room." "Good look with that," said Kiyoshi as he and Saburo pushed past him with moderate difficulty. Captain Aldor watched in despair. "Aellun you can't let them leave this room, if anything happens to them as well I.." "There's not much I could do, no way I could hold both of them back." Aellun for the second time in the past minute radioed the other security guard. "Yumin we've got another problem, you copy?" By this time a number of people were now making their way over, clearly wanting an explanation for what was happening now. Among them was Anna along with her son Samuel. "What's happening now? I demand an explanation!" Anna shouted. "What was with those two just now? Why did they storm out like that?" Kiku was just as curious for what lead to their untimely departure. At this point there was no denying the events that had taken place. "According to Konya-san's given statement on her way back from the bathroom she and Oehi-san were engaged by someone, ultimately with a struggle ensuing," Aldor explained. "That explains the scream we heard." Anna put one and two together. Aoko had strolled over as well. "Shouldn't someone be out there looking for her?" "It will be so. The rest of you I want to remain in this room until the situation is resolved in full. Is that.." Aellun brought his speech to a halt upon spotting four different individuals making a move toward the exit. "Hey! You heard the captain, no one leaves this room!" Damian's eyes flashed in the direction of the person who was now looking to make an exit. The person was none other than Bane. Accompanying him was Bird, Trogg, and the mystery woman he had yet to identify. "What is he up to now?" When Aelluns efforts failed Captain Aldor tried his hand at getting the attention of those who were looking to leave. "Hey, didn't you all hear? No one is to leave this room!" Only taking another step Bane came to a complete stop, his peers elected to do the same. Motioning his head he locked eyes with the captain. "I will no longer limit my energies to this secluded space. You need not worry about us," said Bane. "You can't leave. There's a clear danger aboard this ship, the last thing we want is for anyone else to get hurt," Aellun explained. Bane was not in the least bit concerned. "Let us pray that this person is lucky enough not to cross me, yes?" There were too many moving parts, so much to account for. It was almost as if he was missing a piece to the puzzle. But what? Perhaps having a mind for collaboration could help unravel that mystery. Damian was ready to swallow his pride for the case at hand. Mitsuhiko watched as Damian put distance between them. "Where are you going Damian-kun?" Mistsuhiko asked. "Stay there. This won't take long," Damian replied. From there Bane set his sights back on the door. As he set out to o he along with the rest of his crew exited the room. Aoko was in disbelief. "So they're just going to let them walk out like that?" Kaito shrugged. "Can you really blame them? Doubt they could restrain the big guy, even if they tried. The man's a complete brute." Kaito could see it in her eyes. Aoko was becoming growingly worried. The thought of it was now front and center on his mind. What was going on? As he had before Aellun radioed a message to the other security guard on duty. "Yumin is up to speed on everything that has been going on from our side of things. I'm going to head out and meet him on the top deck." "Where is he now?" Aldor asked. "He is currently on his way to the backup power panel to switch on the emergency lights." "I see." "Listen, in light of everything that has occurred, I don't think you should be traveling the halls on your own," Heiji said. Aellun nodded. "Would you like to assist me?" "Not yet, there is still something I have to do." Eljan couldn't let the opportunity slip. "Count me in. I'll go with you." Aldor glared. "No you're not! You'll be staying in the cafeteria along with everyone else." "Oh come on dad, this is a once in a life time experience!" Eljan argued. "I may never get the chance to help with something like this." "You're staying here, and that's final!" Aldor snapped. "This is something I have to disagree on captain. Of everyone Eljan is one of the few who know this ship well," Heiji spoke. "I think it would be in your best interest to allow your son to assist Aellun-san." "You really think so huh?" "I do." Aldor took a couple seconds to decide on the matter. "Very well. Eljan, you will walk with Aellun." Eljan was most pleased. "Thanks dad." "Keep your eyes peeled, and don't drop your guard. Anything goes south call me, got it?" "That's a guarantee," replied Aellun giving the thumbs up. With that sorted out Aellun turned to Eljan. "You ready?" He nodded. "I am." The two would press on from there. Aldor was surprised by Heiji's decision. "Why did you elect not to go? What is it you still have to do?" "I'd like to have a word with a few of the passengers before I leave," Heiji responded. This came as a surprise. "We already questioned everyone. What could you possibly want to ask anyone that hasn't already been covered?" "Perhaps we weren't asking the right questions." Heiji paused. "Besides, I found something interesting regarding one of Aellun's encounters from before." "What? With whom?" "Kaito-kun," Heiji replied before pushing onward. "Wait.. what was so intriguing about what was spoken between the two of them?" Unfortunately Aldor would not get an answer. Watching him carefully as he approached it didn't take long for Kaito to notice who the detective had his eyes set on. "He's coming towards us," Aoko noted. "Ya.. but why," Kaito wondered. There could only be one reason in Aoko's mind. "He must have more questions for us." Kaito looked to his friend. "They already questioned us before. What more could they possibly want to ask?" "I don't know?" Kaito stared over his friend. "Hey, you still haven't told me the real reason why you invited me on this cruise." Before she had a chance to respond Heiji made his presence known. "Yo Kuroba-san, mind if I have a word with you for a quick sec? This won't take long." Kaito shrugged. "Why not?" The pair stepped off to the side where no one was within ten feet of them. "Lay it to me, what do you want to ask?" "There's just something I wanted to follow up with you about." "Ok.." "When you spoke with Aellun-san before you mentioned crossing a masked man outside of the computer room?" Kaito gave the go-ahead nod. "That'd be right." "The mask in question, can you explain it for me?" "What do you mean?" "What did it look like?" replied Heiji giving clarification. "A hygiene mask, right?" "Damian-kun?" Heiji shifted focus. "Is that your specialty, appearing out of nowhere?" "Am I right Kuroba?" Damian asked ignoring Heiji. Kaito nodded. "That's right! You see that guy too?" "His name is Manabu Yoneda," Damian relayed. "Tsuburaya and I watched as he boarded the ship earlier." "So Yoneda-san had a mask on since the start of the cruise, I see," Heiji said. "Did not see him myself." "You guys thinking the masked guy is the one behind the killing?" Kaito asked. "Can't say for sure, though he's certainly a person of interest," Heiji replied. "I don't want to draw any conclusions until we have all of the facts." Joining the fray was Mitsuhiko. "Speaking of facts there is something you need to know." "Hmm.. what is it?" "I need to tell you-" Damian would cut in before he could finish. "Hold on, just what do you plan on telling him?" "Everything," Mitsuhiko replied. "He needs to know. If there is anyone who can help solve this it's him. He's like.. the second best detective I know." Heiji's eyes narrowed. "Second best?" Mitsuhiko looked up at Heiji ready to reveal everything. "The man we found hanging in the armory, well.. I kinda saw him before he was placed on the ship." Heiji was shocked, as was Kaito. "Hold, say again?" "It'd be best if I started from the beginning. Honestly it was never my intent to be on this ship," Mitsuhiko began. "I was supposed to meet up with Conan-kun and the others over at the Dr. Agasa's." "What altered your plans?" asked Heiji. "Well on my way over I saw someone, a suspicious man. He was wearing a tan coat that had a hood, baggy clothing, and a pair of shades. What made it so strange was the weather, it was really nice out." "And your suspicions lead to you following this man?" Heiji assumed. Mitsuhiko gave the confirming nod. "I followed him for several blocks until they finally reached their destination outside of some construction site. Obviously I kept out of sight," Mitsuhiko continued. "After like a couple minutes of waiting another guy showed up. That's where things started to get interesting." "Can't wait to hear this." "So this man to show up his carrying this silver brief case right, and he says to the other guy 'I'm sure you're anxious to know what I have for you this time?'.." This was very telling in Heiji's mind. "Clearly there is some a level of familiarity between the two. Which leads to this, what was inside the briefcase?" "Not what anyone would expect. It was perfume." A dumbfounded Heiji was speechless. ".. Perfume?" "Ya, he claimed it was the newest addition to their perfume brand. He also went on to say it would be perfect for tonight's occasion, and something about retribution coming full circle," Mitsuhiko explained. "That right?" Heiji thought deep on everything that had been relayed. "The perfumes in question, was there anything spoken about the product specifically?" "Yep. While not much, he did have a name for each canister. The first he called.. I think it was 'The Sweet Death of Quicksand'." "And the second?" "Second Life," Mitsuhiko recalled. "At that point I figured the only thing I had walked in on was a perfume sale, and with that I was about to leave." "And did you?" "Well, ummmmm, things got really tricky from there. You see the guy in the business suit said he had something else he wanted to show the other guy. At that moment they began walking in my direction and.." "What happened?" Mitsuhiko exhaled deeply. "I panicked. The truck I was hiding behind, instead of running I decided to hop into the back that was open at the time." "A genius move," Damian sarcastically remarked. Kaito who had been listening on as well grinned, having an idea for what happened next. "Let me guess, you ended up getting locked inside that truck?" "Once the guy started driving I tried to scream to let them know someone was back there, but no one could hear me. It was almost as if it was sound proof or something." Heiji took mind of that very detail. "Did you try reaching someone using your phone?" "I did. But for some reason there was no service inside that trailer." If there wasn't a reason for suspicion before, there was now. "While I was locked away it didn't take long for me to breathe in a strong odor, one I was familiar with; Clorox." "Clorox? As in bleach?" Heiji asked. "Yes. My first thought was maybe it was product stashed inside the truck somewhere, cus's there were a lot of boxes you know," Mitshuhiko explained. "To keep a long story short during my trip in that truck a large crate fell over at some point, there is no way I could have been prepared to find what was inside." "What was it, a body?" Kaito jokingly asked. Mitsuhiko nodded in confirmation. "It was." Kaito was beyond shocked. "You've got to be kidding me." "Believe it or not the body I discovered inside that trailer was the same man that ended up hanging in the armory of this very ship," Mitsuhiko revealed. "I'm not sure how relevant this detail is, but when I initially discovered the body he was completely naked, not clothed like how he was found in the armory." "Someone obviously took the time to dress him. That only further enforces the fact of a hidden message," Heiji said. "The question to ask; for whom?" "You got me." Mitsuhiko was as clueless on that front. "Anyway, eventually that truck came to a stop. In the process of it all I managed to exit the truck undetected after it was unlocked, it was then that I witnessed that businessman that I mentioned before, hand the crate over to another man, a Stevedore, who then transported the body onto this ship." "And that concludes his journey to how he ended up here," Damian said. Heiji did not speak, opting to remain silent for several seconds. Mitsuhiko did not know how to feel about this. "Is something the matter?" "I must inquire, two things actually." Heiji faced him. "The person you initially followed, you never saw their face right?" Mitsuhiko shook his head. "I was unable to." This led to the second. "They speak any?" "Huh..?" "You gave a rundown of everything the second man said; but what of the person you initially followed? Did they ever speak at any point?" "Well.." Mitsuhiko took a couple moments to think back on the asked. "Now that you mention it, no, I don't think he did." Damian rolled his eyes. "Hardly see how that holds any relevance." Heiji proceeded to asking the second question on mind. "Mitsuhiko-kun, you believed the truck you were riding inside was transporting shipments right? My question is this, did you catch the name brand on the side of the truck? Or even a logo?" Mitsuhiko responded with the immediate nod. "Travelway. I saw the print on the side of the truck after I managed to escape." "Great, we're making headway," Heiji thought to himself. Kaito was ready to chime in. "You followed the shipment onto this ship right? So is it possible you might know who the person was to handle the crate after it was placed onto this ship?" Mitsuhiko shook his head. "By the time I got to the storage room the body had already been removed." "The only thing to find was an empty cooler," added Damian. "What's that? An empty cooler?" Heiji was surprised to learn this. "If the body was inside a cooler than that would further distort the actual time of death of Lukmar Xiene." Things were becoming growingly complex by the second. "From that point on me and Damian-kun went up to the top deck, our goal was to look over everyone who boarded, of course with the intent to see if anyone appeared to be suspicious. By that we could determine who was behind all of that." Mitsuhiko informed. "And what did your sightings amount to?" Heiji asked. He followed that up by pulling out a notepad as he prepared to jot down any notable details. "Not many stood out except for a selective few," Damian replied. "Manabu Yoneda, simply because of what he was wearing. The only others to prompt question at first sight in my mind was Yasu Oehi and her two travel mates. Call it an inner vibe, I just felt they were up to something." "I didn't have the luxury of crossing Yoneda-san myself, so could you describe to me what he was wearing?" Heiji placed the pen's tip atop the paper. Thinking back Damian listed all that he could remember. "For starters he was wearing a ski cap, in this weather If anyone won the award for the; 'look at me I'm a suspect' it was him. Outside of that he sported a thick coat, a set of shades, and a hygiene mask." "That's him! That's the guy I spotted hanging outside of the computer room," Kaito noted. "I'm sure of it." Heiji was sure to list that in his notes before going on to ask another question. "Damian-kun, what of everyone else? What did your observations bring of the rest who you watched board?" Damian didn't see a point. "Does any of that really matter?" "Something seemingly irrelevant could in turn be the key to solving a case. I speak that fact from experience." Heiji responded. Damian shrugged. "In order of the way they boarded; first was Lukmar Xiene, or rather his imposter. The guard asked for his name, they gave it, that was it. Nothing noteworthy. Next was the newlyweds and the blind guy; Taro, Kiku, and Katsuo Yanagi. Everything seemed genuine, Taro introduced everyone, they continued on from there." "Got it," said Heiji writing it down. "Dellmara appeared next. There wasn't much of an exchange outside of her showing identification. Neour Cheon reported soon after, like Dellmara he showed ID and that was it," Damian recalled. "Following them up was Manabu Yoneda, he didn't even need to speak to register to the radar of suspicious." "I can't imagine why," Heiji sarcastically remarked. "Tsuburaya suggested we follow him, but given everyone had yet to board at the time I opted against such a decision, and besides if he had caught onto us trailing him who know what that would have triggered," Damian said. "After our masked friend trotted off Reira Jo and her body guard showed face." "And to think Damian-kun had never heard of Jo-san before tonight," Mitsuhiko stated. "An irrelevant point," muttered Damian before flipping things back to the matter at hand. "The person to appear next on the ramp was Hepperway, the woman who is currently missing." "What was your first impression of her?" asked Heiji. "Hrrmm.. Like most she didn't speak much, after confirming her ID she was allowed on. I can only assume discovering that body put her in a state of shock." "Fair assessment." "Yasu, Kiyoshi, and Saburo boarded next," Damian continued. "Shortly after came Anna and her young son, Samuel." "Umhm." Heiji jotted that information down as well. "The duo to travel up the ramp next was Kuroba here and his girlfriend," Damian continued. Kaito's eyes spun. "Time out! Hold on, Aoko is not my girlfriend." Damian looked at him. "Is she not your friend?" "Of course. She just happens to be a girl who is a friend," Kaito said in his own defense. "Who boarded next?" Heiji asked. "That would be Chiasa-chan and Yuriko-chan," Mitsuhiko replied. "I can't remember all that was said between them, though after they boarded I do remember Chiasa-chan questioning Yuriko-chan about her hair." "Her hair?" "Ya, I guess it was wet for some reason. Don't know why, but whatever the reason it got a laugh out of Chiasa-chan." "Another bit of information that no one cares to know," Damian said. "Anyway, those two were the last to board. Anyone else not mentioned was already on the ship before we started count," Damian informed. "Of course." Heiji was sure to add that to his list of growing notes. A number of seconds past before he was to speak again. "I have one more question. Outside of your sightings of those who boarded, did either of you spot or hear anything that you would deem.. noteworthy?" Damian and Mitsuhiko looked to one another, before facing him once more. "I got nothing," Mitsuhiko said. Heiji then pressed sole focus on Damian. "What about you? Think hard, it could be anything.. something seemingly unimportant as the sound of a whistle." Damian blinked. "What do you want me to say? That I heard a loud splash next to the ship?" "Did you?" "I might have." Heiji placed the pen firmly upon the page. "When?" "Is this guy serious right now?" Damian couldn't believe it. Hoping to satisfy his suspicions he replied. "The first loud splash I heard was shortly after Taro Toda and his family stepped onto the ship, and the second-" "The second? There was another loud splash?" "That one came after Hepperway boarded," Damian confirmed. "Don't see how any of that matters, unless you believe some large fish are in on this scheme." Mitsuhiko chuckled. "Outside of what happened during the boarding process is there anything else you two have to add?" Heiji asked. Mitsuhiko shook his head. "Nope. Nothing comes to mind." "Damian-kun?" He took a couple seconds to think hard on the asked. "Actually, yes," Damian answered. "When we were in the recreation center I overheard a conversation between Neour Cheon and someone else.. a woman. What was said between the two? Well, let's just say it was interesting." "Huh? When did that happen?" Mitsuhiko had no recollection of such an event. "It was when I walked up to the second level, you know.. where I asked for you to remain at the bottom of the staircase." Mitsuhiko snapped a finger. "Oh, so that's when this happened." "You said you heard them, were you not able to see them as well?" asked Heiji who sought clarification. "The door leading to the track on the second level of the gym was locked, so I could only hear them," Damian explained. "Obviously I was able to make out Cheon's voice." "Tell me, what did you hear?" Heiji readied himself for what was to come. "While the full details of it all are still unknown to me, there was a level of distress heard in the woman's words specifically," Damian said. "She mentioned something about it not being a coincidence Cheon, herself, and a few others ended up on this cruise together; even going as far as to refer to some event that happened seven years ago for the reasoning behind their gathering." "Ok.. that's an unexpected twist," Mitsuhiko said. "You said the woman mentioned a few others. Did you manage to catch names?" Heiji was hopeful. "Naba and Mar-kun," Damian answered. "I can only assume those are nick names for two passengers who are currently on this ship." "Did the two go further into detail about this.. event that occurred seven years ago?" "If they did I wouldn't have heard. It was around that time that Hepperway discovered Xiene's hanging body, and of course her screams drew me away from what was being discussed behind those doors." "I see." After accounting for that bit of information Heiji elevated his sights elsewhere. "Kuroba-kun I've got a couple more questions for you if you don't mind." "Ask away," Kaito accepted. "We've already covered the details of our masked friend. I want to take a step back. Can you go over everything that happened leading up to that moment? No need to be detailed, a brief summary if you will." Kaito shrugged, he had no problem with this. "After receiving my room card that's where I headed, along with Aoko. Of course we split given we had separate rooms," Kaito began. "It was after reaching my door that I crossed Chiasa-chan and Yuriko-chan for the first time. After a brief exchange with them I entered my room." "When you spoke with Aellun-san before you alluded to falling asleep for a time, how long would you say that was for?" "I don't know.. twenty, thirty minutes maybe? The thrilling part was that sound that woke me, ya, glass shattering." Heiji found himself drawn in by the claimed. "You heard the sound of glass shattering?" "I was certain it came from outside, so I stepped out onto the balcony." "And..?" "Nothing… I don't know, maybe I was just hearing things. Not long after I heard the shower from the room next to mine. Maybe that's where the glass sound originated?" Kaito assumed. "After gathering myself I left the room, and that's the part where I spotted Manabu-san, our masked man." "I see." Heiji stroke each detail in fine print. "And from there you headed to the pool room?" "After a couple of twists and turns, yes, I eventually made it there," Kaito confirmed. Heiji took that final note. "Oh kay." Kaito crossed his arms. "Anything else you got detective?" Heiji shook his head. "I have no further enquires. If the three of you don't mind I would like this little discussion of ours to stay between us, at least for now." This surprised Mitsuhiko. "Aren't you going to tell the security guards at least?" "At this given time I will refrain from doing so, at least until I'm certain Yumin-san and Aellun-san are not involved," Heiji stated in response. Mitsuhiko was stunned. "Wh.. what?! You think they have something to do with what has been happening?" "I can't say for sure. But if there is one thing to consider, it is the possibility of there being an inside person," Heiji said. "Someone among this cruises' staff is involved in some kind of capacity." "Now that's what you call an unexpected twist," Kaito remarked. "Do you really believe that?" asked Mitsuhiko who inched a half step closer. Heiji would elaborate on his declaration. "Think about it.. the technical difficulties some surveillance cameras have been having on certain floors on this ship, most recently with the blackout of the lights. Coincidence? I don't think so. Whoever is behind this has some knowledge about how this ship operates down to its blueprint." "Your prime suspects the two security guards?" Damian asked. "Captain Hirata, the two cooks, both Aellun-san and Yumin-san, and yes, even the captain's son; they are all equals in terms of possible involvement from where it stands now," Heiji replied. "There is still too much unknown to determine ones guilt." "I imagine since you're sharing this with us bunch you believe we're innocent in all of this?" Kaito assumed. "That would be fair." With nothing more to add Heiji turned his back to the four. "Remember, keep what we discussed just between us." "Where are you going?" Mitsuhiko asked. "The investigation must continue," Heiji simply put. The three watched as the teen detective marched toward the center of the room. Mitsuhiko locked in on his every move. "What does he plan on doing now?" Kaito shrugged. "Maybe a toast?" "Doubtful," said Mitsuhiko. Unknown to them Damian strolled off as well. Once making way to the sought spot Heiji held up the book he had discovered in the hallway. "Can I have everyone's attention?!" Surveying the room Heiji continued only after noting all eyes were now on him. "This book here, I want you all to take a close look." Anna crossed her arms across her chest. "Now just what is this about?" "You got me," said Aoko who was just as clueless on the matter. "Do any of you recognize this book? If you don't have a clear view, feel free to come closer," Heiji continued. Of everyone who stood in the room Kiku Toda and Taro Toda were the first to move forward. Neither recognized the booklet. "I can't say that I've seen that book before," Taro said tilting his glasses "Nor have I," Kiku said. Heiji nodded. "Thanks for having a look." The next to approach was Rosetta who was shaking her head as she closed in. "Never seen that in my life." Matching her eyes with his she inquired further on the matter. "What does this book have to do with anything?" "This book, I found it lying on the ground. No more than a couple feet away from where Yuriko-san was discovered out in the hall," Heiji relayed. Without warning Reira Jo strolled into the center of things with something to add herself. "That booklet, is that Yasu-chan's ? I could have sworn I saw her with that while we were in the bathroom? That has to be her copy." Anna looked at her curiously. "Excuse me, what do you mean by copy?" "A year book for Pinkelton High from our senior year of high school," Reira explained. "Yasu had one with her earlier." This came as a surprise. "You and Yasu-san went to school together?" Heiji wanted to be sure he heard her right. "We did." "Was not expecting that." Heiji was pleased to learn this. "You're sure this very year book belongs to Yasu-san?" "Well, there is one way to know for sure." Reira motioned forward. Upon reaching him she held out a hand. "May I?" Hesitant at first, Heiji handed it over. Now in hand she began flipping through the pages. Heiji was understandably curious. "What are you doing?" "Hold on this won't take long." Reira continued to move from one page to the next, eventually stopping. "Here! Yep, there is no question, this copy belongs to Yasu." The book was handed back to Heiji who immediately looked down at the presented page. "What am I supposed to be looking at?" "My signature," Reira pointed out. "Yasu asked for me to sign, see, right under my picture. I even gave her one of my special edition pens." Heiji noticed a picture of Yasu Oehi as well, clarifying what he had suspected. "So you were classmates after all?" Reira gave the confirming nod. "I wouldn't lie to you detective." Heiji dropped focus back to the book in hand, what he could come to discover would be very telling. Surfing over the several names and faces on the set page he stumbled upon the unexpected "Cheon Neour?! No way, he went to school with them as well." Was it possible that someone else on board the Sunshine had a connection to the Pinkelton High graduates from seven years ago? Coming to the final name at the bottom of the page Heiji would have that question answered. "Xiene Lukmar!" A look of shock now resided on the young detectives mind. It wasn't long before Reira noticed. "Is something wrong?" Now in deep thought Heiji lowered the book aside. "The Pinkelton High graduates from seven years ago aboard this ship; Yasu Oehi, Neour Cheon, Reira Jo, and the deceased Lukmar Xiene. Damian-kun mentioned overhearing Cheon-san discussing something with a woman that happened seven years ago, a conversation that hinted at some level of distress." Heiji began pacing, stringing it all together piece by piece. "What exactly happened seven years ago? Could it be those events are directly tied to what has been unfolding tonight? With every reveal I get one step closer to the truth. Xiene-san is dead and Oehi-san is missing. That leaves Jo-san and Cheon-san as the prime suspects.. still, I can't help but feel. There is something missing. What is it?" To Be Continued
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    File 1,040 text spoilers are now out, courtesy of Sakaki and Baka: EDIT: 1,040 spoiler pics now out, with translation courtesy of Murakami, and the following link provided by Baka: https://imgur.com/a/BMRlP6B No break next week—we can expect 1,041 spoilers at this time next week. UPDATE: Here's a 1,040 text summary, courtesy of Murakami:
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    Boss of The Black Organization?

    What if the boss is intended to appear as something we don't expect from a series like Detective Conan: a child who doesn't appear to be anything else than a child at first, while having a fake identity, a fake life, a fake family (with agents using disguises or not) ?
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    I found the English translate "From your Real Madrid Fanatic Mother". But when I check the raw version, it is actually Football フットボ ウル. And I think the most important part is the bold part like フットボ ウル in the first and second code; and フットボ ウル (bow) in the third code.
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    conan has never been wrong when solving a case, but sometimes his deduction has been wrong.
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    Can't we bring things back, or just the movies? It's not like people will not understand the movies.
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    [SPOILER DISCUSSION] File 1,039–File 1,043: Momiji's Challenge

    Momiji is as pushy as Masumi. She is just more polite about it.
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  23. RULES 1. Please use spoiler boxes until a full English translation is available. 2. NO DIRECT LINK to any Japanese scans (RAWs) or English scans (Japanese spoiler images are allowed as long as the amount and quality of which are very far away from a full scan). HOW TO USE A SPOILER BOX? Just simply type the following: [spoiler]Text you want to write[/spoiler] 1,039 spoilers are now out... in fact, all 16 pages of the file (albeit in very low resolution) are now out. Break next week—we can expect 1,040 spoilers at this time in two weeks. UPDATE: Here are text translations by Fujiwara and Anthony Lim:
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    Hey Guys, does any know the soundtracks used in episode 882 when Akai uses his deduction to solve the case and one when Mary talks to Akai about FBI? Wiki doesn't seem to have listed down the names. Plzzzzzz....help
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    Can anyone tell me what soundtracks were in episode 882 where akai tells his deduction and the one where Mary tells akai to become FBI officer?
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    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    In my opinion, Haibara's relationship with Conan is platonic, or maybe a mutual respect, perhaps partnership. I also like to think that the two were bonded through their similar experience and situation in shrinking and being hunted by the Organization or their skill set, which works well together. Though currently that is all there is between them, people grow and change, and with the similarity between Haibara and Conan, it is possible for their partnership to become more. As for Shinichi and Ran, it is a more platonic-romantic relationship, a relationship developed from friendship, now that they are officially dating. But right now, you can consider it a relationship built on lies, and we all know how well those go. However, with such a strong foundation of friendship in their past it is possible for Ran to not react badly as the truth came out. Though not highly possible, I'd say the possibility is 50/50, between reacting badly and rejecting Shinichi and accepting the whole ordeal, as Ran can be quite emotional, however she have shown that she is also a logical and accepting person. So, in the end, I am neutral in the entire ship-thing. I have basically no preference and as long as a fanfic is a good read, I like it.
  27. Hi! This is Bubbles, a DCMK fanfiction writer and reader from FF.Net! I am a sixteen yr old girl who loves Chocolate and Furuya Rei and Kaito KID (who doesn't?) and I'm from *confidential location*, nice to meet you all! I enjoy basically all sorts of fanfiction in the fandom no matter the ship or bashing or the idea (even if they don't make any sense) as long as the writing and plot is good! (I might be a little miffed if you bash KID/Kaito or Amuro/Rei, though, but, whatever.) But I prefer those where someone figures Conan out (not Ran. There're too many of them!!) Or when someone from our world is thrown into the DCMK universe. I also like those where those 'Conan Protection Squad' (Amuro, Akai, KID, ext.) work together, but I can't seem to find them. I am currently rewriting Intermediary, a fic where an OC of mine get sent into the DC universe and decided to become an intermediate for KID, Amuro, Akai, Vermouth, the rest of the FBI or CIA or PSB and Conan to make them 'stop running around in circles and work together already dammit', so she can get revenge on Gin who killed her sister. I am rewriting that mess right now but still I'll be happy if you give it a look and leave me some feedbacks (No matter good or bad!)! Thanks a bunch!
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