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  4. archer

    web developing

    I think free soft like antivirus and others we can use easly. But when we speaking about other apps like chatbots or games I think not everyone can create it by yourself, because we need to know some programming languages like python. In such cases I apply to Intellexer
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  6. otomes

    web developing

    What to do when I need to create apps?? Where I can hire web developers??
  7. The Heisei Holmes

    DC Question and Answer Thread

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  9. archer

    logo make need

    Try to check photoshop tool or one of logo makers. I use one of them. Sometimes I need to create logo to my online shop so I suggest you to check https://www.logaster.com/logo/ and follow the simple instructions.
  10. otomes

    logo make need

    Guys, I want to create some logo to my apps?? What can I do it easily??
  11. chongjasmine

    Who's better off with Shinichi? Haibara Ai or Ran??

    I used to prefer ai and conan, but now I actually like Shinichi and Ran more.
  12. chongjasmine

    who's the most attractive guy in DC?

    I like Shinichi and Heiji. I think they are both attractive. And I like their friendship.
  13. Erza Scarlet

    Last Poster Wins

    oof. nope!
  14. Rosemary

    Last Poster Wins

    In my hands. I just won
  15. alexsandro22

    Wich was the best airport you have ever visited?

    As for me it was Sydney International airport. Quite huge, nice and ofcourse comfortable enough. The only problem was to find parking place for my car next to the airport. After all I booked it through another service https://gotoairportparking.com and put my car there. Anyway in result I can certainly say that Sydney has the best airport wich I've ever seen. imao
  16. Erza Scarlet

    Last Poster Wins

  17. The Banana Paladin

    Last Poster Wins

    What trophy?
  18. I used to travel a lot and I can certainly say that first thing you see in the new place - is airport ( when you come there by plane ofcourse). Wich one is best for you and why?
  19. Erza Scarlet

    Last Poster Wins

    *looks around* oopsies, it appears i have won this game. ahem, where’s my trophy now?
  20. FistOfTheMoon

    Movie 23: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (紺青の拳)

    It just came out on DVD on October 2nd: It'll probably be a month or a month and a half until it's released online
  21. Rum specifically wasn't shown to be wary of either or. We just know the BO as a whole had their attention on both cases, because it's connected to Rum's mistake. As for Hotta, he wasn't shown to be an "allowed"/dismissed Kohji case investigator by BO. We just didn't follow the BO perspective in regards to his Kohji case segment announcement (except at the very end through Gin & Vodka after his death), as we did through Bourbon & Vermouth with Rokumichi's ASACA song announcement.
  22. Something still bugs me, why did Rum allow Soul detective to rant about Kohji case resolution but was very wary about Asaca song case?
  23. The Heisei Holmes

    who's the most attractive guy in DC?

    I know iys been like 5 years since last post but me says sagu-chan xxxxxx
  24. hyzhenry


    I'm Henry from Singapore. I've been watching detective conan since I was 10 years old. It's been 19 years now. I love mystery. Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie stories get me excited other than detective conan. I like deducing and working backwards, finding the answer. I have a son coming soon next month. Hope that he will grow up to like it as well.
  25. marklivin

    What type of girls\guys do you like?

    It seems to me that if there are real feelings, then appearance is not important.
  26. Venus

    Can anyone translate this poll?

    Late reply and I'm just using Google Translate, but that should be the gist of it: The big red text under the Detective Conan logo says: "Character popularity voting" The next three lines say: "Ranking the unique characters of Detective Conan by everyone's vote" The big yellow headline says: "Character popularity vote result announcement!" The text on the bottom says: "Thank you for your participation!" That's a no-brainer I think, but the text shown with the characters is their placement, the respective name and the number of votes they got. On the top for example: 1st - Haibara Ai - 30318 votes. Long story short, it's exactly what you would think it is by just looking at the picture ;)
  27. joe45867

    Datta Ken Raw Manga

    I read datta ken raw manga at mangazuki raws. This is my favourite manga because of this manga story so nice. AND Do you like Datta Ken Raw Manga?
  28. Emmanuelman

    Fanpage for Chile

    Please help me I want to start a fanpage dedicated to Conan but i don´t know if I can use this material Please let me know. Thanks
  29. Rainbow Erika Kasumi Chan

    Decline in the Quality of Detective Conan?

    After episode 450, and after movie 10. Now i really hate this anime too much. Bourbon is the worst. Rum is so boring and is awful and these are the reasons: A. Let's start from the day when his name appeared on the mobile when Kerr made the message to Miss Judy, which was the reason I hate Kerr because she appeared as a wonderful figure and her role in being a spy was really great, her role became only send messages How this hangs? Has the work of a CIA member become just sending messages about new members? This really does not make sense. B. Important, when the stupid guest appeared throughout the history of zero zero appeared as a mysterious personality, but was a stupid figure appeared in a summit in stupidity, and also he could not solve the episode I mean wife who appeared that the husband's sister committed suicide. Then he did the same thing as Serra, working under Mr. Kogoro, is there any benefit to all of this? I do not know anyone tell me where the enthusiasm here I do not know. Importantly, the episodes rolled little by little. I did not understand anything, the important and rolled episodes that were disguising characters such as Judy's memories and special cherry plant episodes, and without understanding where he wanted to arrive. C. Now the important thing, the role of the bombing of the train began. Is this a human being, or an animal, or a crazy man whose mind was hit with a shoe or a gun, and he became a madman who didn't know what he was doing? I do not know. Was it his role to go after Haibara, or to blow up the train for no reason or what I don't know? Is it possible that one of the most important members of the Japanese spies detonated the bombs without reason or thinking that there are millions of people in the train just to show who is Hiberara? And also what's the point of knowing who is Hypara? Balmut knows who Hypara is, why should he show a character without a reason to go after Hypara and he is working that Balmut knows that it is Hypara, or at least Balmut could tell him, what is the use of all these silly stories? Really, the cartoons are stupid? D. Then he did the same job by making Belmut disguise as Akai and all in order to show who Akai was, and was there a reason for pursuing Akai? Certainly there is no reason whether he wanted to avenge his friend, who knew from the beginning that he did not kill him, but committed suicide. How can I mourn more than a fool who caused the train to be blown up for no reason and caught up with Hibara and Akai for no reason? What is important is that everyone says he would have been known by the organization, but that is not a reason he really wants to show him in order to avenge his friend, that is why, even if what they say is true it will remain a stupid summit for a number of reasons. Basically, one of the big members, as they said in the cartoons, who work in Japan's most important spies, is doing just this to protect himself from the organization that questioned him. The second reason is that if he wants to protect himself and to put people at risk for personal reasons, one of the friends of the spies in the Japanese corps is used to expose people, exposing Professor Judy's girlfriend to risk only to show who is Akai. Third, did Kiir endanger her father or anyone? On the contrary, her father put his life to death in order to protect her from the danger of revealing her character to the organization, and from this point of view she did everything she could to preserve her father's honor, During her effort to protect Dumont Yastiru, and this was also done by Akai when she dispersed Jin to protect Kogoro Mori, so don't tell me that I have a scene here contrary to these two scenes. E. For Professor Judy's girlfriend, first how he knew she was a friend of Judy I do not know, the important thing is that she asked him to protect from the danger faced by it is a genius show her life for no reason, and all this in order to exploit Judy to get away from Mr. Camille and reveal something important said by Kiir and Akai said that when he beat Akai or the organized member who committed suicide after he was looking for Kiir in the hospital, it is important to thank God that she did not die. Some will tell me that he did not hit her, but one of the students' fathers hit her, and he threw her, but he is to blame. He did not care about her protection, but did not think that anyone threw her or beat her and vice versa, he would support her if she had not been in danger. For no reason, what genius, and the intelligence in what he did, on the contrary, makes me see him as the stupidest man in the world, who conquered me that he was able to deceive Jane in all this period in which he appeared.Every episode appeared in it was really a waste of time. Something else would have been better. And also does it make sense for a Japanese member to pursue the FBI so much that he was so close to killing them in the cliff just to challenge Ai and all this just to avenge his friend, let me all this in stupidity, and the more I remember what he did the more I curse Fees on the absurdity that arrived. Don't tell me that he just wants to use them as bait, that's not a reason. In the end, no one will guarantee his life if he is exposed to the same thing Camille suffered with Judy or that of Judy's girlfriend. Observers will get angry if they die, but there is no other explanation. I still couldn't understand how he could explain Kiir's and Akai's words when they said they had another matter, I didn't understand and the only thing I really see is that all he said and did and did was hypotheses under evidence, and they became true for one reason Is that the author wants to make him a top in intelligence, but indeed he is a summit in stupidity. And what's the point of making him understandable in everything in the piano in combat, in intelligence I don't know, to be honest since when I pour Akai's special drink is Bourbon and Scotch I don't know all just to make a relationship between him and Bourbon and Scotch. . Thank God that Judy, and Camille are still alive, and I don't blame Belmut when I finally corrected him and everything he did, which is really a waste of time, and for no reason, I really feel angry whenever I remember what he did. And finally what he did in the film 20 when he was conflicting with Akayi, the stupidest scene I have ever seen, how will I laugh and deceive Mufsi and do that cartoons peak in magnificence, and it became a peak in the bottom after reaching the 450, and how I will that movies top Was it 20 to be afraid of the so-called Ghost Rum Ghost, or to see a scene in which Jane was trying to kill Bourbon with Kiir and was deceived and deceived by a simple trick as a message trick Conan on the basis that he is called the other fool, which I do not see that terrifying and that, according to fees is a ghost can speak in a private room and there is Oh, amplifiers of the voice called Rum, which I do not see anything to be optimistic for his presence in the drawings, whether he is a new member for no reason important, or to see Judy, which became a summit in stupidity and became doing nothing either please Akai after she was dependent on herself besides relying on Akai and the same thing for Camille, who appeared on himself smart, and when it seemed palatable his existence, his existence became unbearable, what is the use of this film? I don't know, it really is one of the best of the bottom. Whatever the author tries in the movie 22, I will not change my opinion in zero and will not change and this is my opinion in the drawings and will not change as well. G. And I became skeptical of Jane. Does it make sense that Jane, who no one can deceive him now, has become a gift and bear and each member of the small and poor in the cartoons can deceive him asleep and put his hand on his tricks, how can this? Of course I do not do that it must reveal all members, certainly may be deceived by a person or person, but not all members and personalities and then shows that these members and personalities are only ordinary members and have no basis in the anime world as well, and the same thing As for Kerr, Judy, and Belmut, and from this point of view I discovered that vodka is smart, he is at first and not smart and not stupid. He is the sheriff and does what is asked of him without questions, suggestions or protest. I conclude that he is smarter than Jane, since Jane first appeared to be the smartest member of the organization and can be deceived simply by It is a personal waste of time as well, while Vodka is still, as Abdul Amour is doing his duty only. H. Finally, I became skeptical of Conan and Akai when Bourbon did not surrender to the police for all his actions. If I were in their place, I would burn him completely or hang him to cut off his whole body to discipline and learn that God is right, and that the country of Japan is not in his name or his father's name. A, in the name of his family, he is a member of the Japanese spies and has no right to interfere in what he does not mean and all for no reason, even if because he is not entitled to do them. I am beginning to doubt Conan and Akai as they are pursuing any criminal, murderer or thief. How much of a girl is top in beauty, elegance, splendor and in the prime of young people lost their lives in prison, all because of one simple crime or two crimes, or because of revenge And how old and old, we lost their lives in prison for the same reasons while leaving a carbon person who really must be burnt to death, and that makes me question the integrity of Detective Conan. About the movie 20, i really hate this movie, it is so awful boring nothing is good. Rum is there for no reason. Bourbon is here and don't understand why? The fighting event is one of the most awful event. About movie 22 which is about the worst person around all anime who is bouron, He really deserves to be killed and cut into pieces, he deserves to be cut in pieces. If not, it would have a little impact on the story in the cartoons since the recent films started to have a small impact on the episodes. The movie was so much boring. Really nothing only talking and doing a things in a bad way and trying to make it as right. I hate this movie.
  30. Oooka & Haneda household connection Recent development from File 1042 makes Iori Muga even more suspicious, since we now found out that the Haneda household is a wealthy associate of the Oooka household. His position as a Butler for the Oooka, who seems to be trusted and relied on by the Haneda, makes for a perfect information source (without getting too close to the target) about what they know about the Kohji case and what they are up to, to cover for his 17-year-old mistake (File 953), especially if RUM suspects (naturally) that the Haneda family are behind the repeated Kohji case information upload online (File 948) which the BO keeps taking down.
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