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The Detective Picture Book (名探偵図鑑 Meitantei Zukan?), fully titled Gosho Aoyama's Detective Picture Book is a special feature in each volume of the Detective Conan manga. Each volume features information on a famous literary or film detective as well as a story recommended by Aoyama. In the English localization, it is referred to as "Gosho Aoyama's Mystery Library".

[edit] Detectives featured

Volume Featured Detective Creator Aoyama's Recommendation
01 Flag of UK Sherlock Holmes Flag of UK Arthur Conan Doyle The Sign of the Four
02 Flag of Japan Kogoro Akechi Flag of Japan Edogawa Rampo The Golden Mask
03 Flag of Belgium Hercule Poirot Flag of UK Agatha Christie Death on the Nile
04 Flag of France Arsène Lupin Flag of France Maurice Leblanc Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Thief
05 Flag of France Jules Maigret Flag of Belgium Georges Simenon Maigret Sets a Trap
06 Flag of Japan Kosuke Kindaichi Flag of Japan Seishi Yokomizo Gokumon Island
07 Flag of US Lieutenant Columbo Flag of US Richard Levinson and William Link Any Old Port in a Storm
08 Flag of Japan Zenigata Heiji Flag of Japan Kodo Nomura The Zenigata Heiji Arrest Files
09 Flag of US Philip Marlowe Flag of US Raymond Chandler The Long Goodbye
10 Flag of France C. Auguste Dupin Flag of US Edgar Allan Poe The Murders in the Rue Morgue
11 Flag of US Ellery Queen Flag of US Ellery Queen
(Frederic Dannay and Manfred Lee)
The Egyptian Cross Mystery
12 Flag of US V.I. Warshawski Flag of US Sara Paretsky Deadlock
13 Flag of UK Father Brown Flag of UK G.K. Chesterton The Queer Feet
14 Flag of UK Cordelia Gray Flag of UK P.D. James An Unsuitable Job for a Woman
15 Flag of Japan Hasegawa Heizo Flag of Japan Shotaro Ikenami Will o' the Wisp
16 Flag of Japan Mitsuhiko Asami Flag of Japan Yasuo Uchida Heike Legend Murder Case
17 Flag of US Nero Wolfe Flag of US Rex Stout Too Many Cooks
18 Flag of Japan Shunsaku Kudo Flag of Japan Nobumitsu Kodaka Surf City Blues
19 Flag of Lithuania Hannibal Lecter Flag of US Thomas Harris Silence of the Lambs
20 Flag of UK Miss Marple Flag of UK Agatha Christie A Murder Is Announced
21 Flag of US Sam Spade Flag of US Dashiell Hammett The Maltese Falcon
22 Flag of Japan Shozo Totsugawa Flag of Japan Kyotaro Nishimura Terminal Murder Case
23 Flag of Japan Ninzaburo Furuhata Flag of Japan Koki Mitani The Dirty King
24 Flag of US Perry Mason Flag of US E.S. Gardner The Case of the Curious Bride
25 Flag of Japan Mikeneko Holmes Flag of Japan Jiro Akagawa Mikeneko Holmes' Deduction
26 Flag of Japan Inspector Samejima Flag of Japan Arimasa Osawa The Poisonous Monkey
27 Flag of UK James Bond Flag of UK Ian Fleming Goldfinger
28 Flag of Japan Kyosuke Kamizu Flag of Japan Akimitsu Takagi The Doll That Somehow Kills
29 Flag of US Charlie Chan Flag of US E.D. Biggers Charlie Chan Carries On
30 Flag of UK Dr. Thorndyke Flag of UK R. Austin Freeman The Singing Bone
31 Flag of Japan Toyama Kin-san Flag of Japan Tatsurō Jinde The Toyama Kin-san Detective Stories
32 Flag of US Mike Hammer Flag of US Mickey Spillane I, the Jury
33 Flag of US Philo Vance Flag of US S. S. VanDine The Bishop Murder Case
34 Flag of Japan Akakabu-kenji Flag of Japan Shunzo Waku A Suspicious Penalty
35 Flag of US Drury Lane Flag of US Ellery Queen The Tragedy of Y
36 Flag of Japan Katherine Turner Flag of Japan Misa Yamamura Flower Coffin
37 Flag of US Henry Jackson Flag of US Isaac Asimov The Acquisitive Chuckle
38 Flag of Japan Denshichi Flag of Japan Tatsuro Jinde The Demon Peony
39 Flag of US Lew Archer Flag of US Ross Macdonald The Moving Target
40 Flag of Japan Kiyoshi Mitarai Flag of Japan Soji Shimada The Tokyo Zodiac Murders
41 Flag of UK The Old Man in the Corner Flag of UK Baroness Orczy The Casebook of The Old Man in the Corner
42 Flag of France Joseph Rouletabille Flag of France Gaston Leroux The Mystery of the Yellow Room
43 Flag of Japan Hanshichi Flag of Japan Kido Okamoto The Stone Lantern
44 Flag of Japan Koichiro Munakata Flag of Japan Seiichi Morimura Human Proof
45 Flag of Japan Eitaro Imanishi Flag of Japan Seicho Matsumoto The Sand Vessel
46 Flag of US Gideon Fell Flag of US John Dickson Carr The Hollow Man
47 Flag of Japan Yuichiro Goda Flag of Japan Kaoru Takamura Marks' Mountain
48 Flag of Japan Ukyo Sugishita Flag of Japan Yasuhiro Koshimizu, etc. Intent to Kill
49 Flag of US Steve Carella Flag of US Ed McBain Cop Hater
50 Flag of Japan Hideo Himura Flag of Japan Alice Arisugawa The 46th Secret Room
51 Flag of Japan Riyako Asabuki Flag of Japan Shizuko Natsuki The Two Truths
52 Flag of US Robert Ironside Flag of US Collier Young Ironside TV series
53 Flag of Japan Akihiko Chuzenji Flag of Japan Natsuhiko Kyogoku The Summer of the Ubume
54 Flag of Japan Kiyoshi Shimada Flag of Japan Yukito Ayatsuji The Decagon House Murder
55 Flag of US The Continental Op Flag of US Dashiell Hammett Red Harvest
56 Flag of Japan Ningyo Sashichi Flag of Japan Seishi Yokomizo Ghost Yamabushi
57 Flag of UK Joseph French Flag of UK F.W. Crofts The 12:30 from Croydon
58 Flag of Japan Yoshibumi Takagi Flag of Japan Kenzo Kitakata The Sleepless Night
59 Flag of US Mom Flag of US James Yaffe Mom Knows Best
60 Flag of Japan Rintaro Norizuki Flag of Japan Rintaro Norizuki Town Legend Puzzle
61 Flag of US Koko Flag of US Lilian J. Braun The Cat Who Could Read Backwards
62 Flag of Japan Manabu Yukawa Flag of Japan Keigo Higashino Burn
63 Flag of Japan Daisuke Kanbe Flag of Japan Yasutaka Tsutsui The Locked Room's Wealthy Police Detective
64 Flag of Japan Inspector Zenigata Flag of Japan Monkey Punch Haste Makes Waste Part 1
65 Flag of US Robert Langdon Flag of US Dan Brown The Da Vinci Code
66 Flag of Japan Akojuro Senba Flag of Japan Juran Hisao The Remote Island Ship
67 Flag of Japan Kanki Ibaragi  Flag of Japan Futaro Yamada The 30-Sided Love Triangle
68 Flag of Japan Bannai Tarao Flag of Japan Yoshitake Hisa The Seven Faces
69 Flag of UK Richard Cuff Flag of UK Wilkie Collins The Moonstone
70 Flag of UK Philip Trent Flag of UK E. C. Bentley Trent's Last Case
71 Flag of US Gregory House Flag of Canada David Shore Frozen
72 Flag of Japan Yoshio Kuraishi Flag of Japan Hideo Yokoyama Red Cards
73 Flag of US Adrian Monk Flag of US Andy Breckman and David Hoberman Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty
74 Flag of Japan Inspector Onitsura Flag of Japan Tetsuya Ayukawa The Black Suitcase
75 Flag of Japan Enshi Shunotei Flag of Japan Kaoru Kitamura Flying Horse
76 Flag of US Lincoln Rhyme Flag of US Jeffrey Deaver The Bone Collector
77 Flag of Japan Kei Enomoto Flag of Japan Yusuke Kishi The Glass Hammer
78 Flag of Japan Keisuke Shiratori Flag of Japan Takeru Kaido The Glorious Team Batista
79 Flag of Japan Kenya Tojo Flag of Japan Shinzo Mitsuda 首無の如き祟るもの
80 Flag of Japan Shioriko Shinokawa Flag of Japan En Mikami Biblia Used Bookstore Casebook ~Shioriko-san and the Strange Guests~
81 Flag of Japan Handyman of Susukino Flag of Japan Naomi Azuma Incoming Call to the Bar
82 Flag of Japan Kageyama Flag of Japan Tokuya Higashigawa Solve the Mystery after Dinner
83 Flag of Japan Hotaro Oreki Flag of Japan Honobu Yonezawa Hyouka
84 Flag of Sweden Lisbeth Salander Flag of Sweden Stieg Larsson The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

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