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  1. SAO is not that great

    good, sure

    great, no


  2. im good at this
  3. the forth one was so wired it made no sense
  4. I doubt it
  5. berserk is good

    shame for the animation

    but it will change


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    2. Neo Balthazar

      Neo Balthazar

      to me the best part was the golden age

      falcon of the millennium empire is good but not golden


      excited for code geass R3?

    3. Uchiha Shadow

      Uchiha Shadow

      Excited but lowering my expectations.

    4. Neo Balthazar

      Neo Balthazar

      that one i believe will be class A 

  6. The 4th movie was strange on a lot of levels I welcome the fan service but it was strange
  7. all these explosions for a love letter
  9. 847 had a good first half and a meh second one
  10. yes and i love you bro
  11. This is off topic and im sorry God How i missed RJBs posts
  12. berserk 1997 still holds out 2016 animation needs change, the story is good
  13. i would say that 846 was good episode the only thing i didnt like was the deduction part and i assumed in the first part that he would kick his way out but would have loved if he got injured a bit
  14. hey man

    i was watching a lot of adult themed animes

    and now i need my sweet romance humor kinda anime to balance things out in my soul 

    any ideas