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  1. NBA

    the gsw if they want to fight they cant be matched they shouldnt play the season hard just cruz by but how good is portland to mee they look not much better then memphis or pelicans
  2. What's on Your Mind?

    they end up shit cause the studios think they can get money on name alone they just think well if is 1 season of 24 ep so lets make 1 movie they should just stop and start developing a story instead of cramping things like in the death note anime, L made his move after 7 episodes here he is sooooooo stupid and is not the character L just some weirdo same with all the characters they werent the characters we knew so thats why its trash same with dragon ball its an adventure, jet for some reason he is in school da fak i can go on and on but no i think they can make good moies based on anime, regardless of race, but need to focus
  3. NBA

    this is my speculation, but, when healthy embiid is better then harden, westbrook, PG, melo, CP3, blake maybe top 15 players in the league i know i speak way out of line but to be 7-1 and shoot it from 3 5 8 10 15 18 23...anywhere back to the basket, dream shakes, rebounds, blocks, hooks soooo good i dont know if boogie is staying they gave too much to holiday and davis to give him is too much they should want to to get some good role players then just one potentially lost superstar OKC if hey face gsw they will get pumled they are the total opposite and worse shooting team so far a healthy spurs team is the only chalange the celtics play nice but they cant keep up with them we know steph and klay wont be like that if the meet here is hope that everyones health is super great for the playoffs
  4. NBA

    embiid might go down as the best skilled C with that mid range shot and 3pt shot i think rand can be a good player to back you up boston keeps on winning, im amazed as to ho great they are thats why trade boogie now, best to build around AD
  5. What's on Your Mind?

    I get what you mean but for me kimi no na wa is just a good movie so im not that much on the defensive about it Ghost in the shell was not good and death note, one of my all time favorite anime, was horrendous to say the least i dont mind white washing, i prefer a more colorful cast anyway i mean why does death note have to be in japan or ghost in the shell no one said they had to call him kira edge of tomorrow way amazing
  6. NBA

    shame too, he looks ready nnow im thinking that he will be great once he leaves, might trade him for boogie give deng too and some picks seems like the cavs D still sucks just barely beating teams washington seems to have found their groove and im not sold on the pelicans jet shame what happened to gobert, it almost looked like he broke it
  7. NBA

    julius randel boston got 12 in a row who knew
  8. NBA

    the lakers should trade JR he isnt gonna stay and they can get some things in return it seems that gsw are back on track and when they are back man they beat you
  9. NBA

    man, the cavs barely fend of the mavs their D will cost them But that guy in cicago, lauri markkenen, man can he play irving wont play the next game now these things are a big deal
  10. NBA

    he is still a good rebounder and defender that more than we can get for deng cavs are so strange, like how can you loose these types of games i like that DLo is doing well god knows the lakers wanted him to do all sorts of things at once lets say OKC flops epicily do you think PG stays spurs might be in truble if houston has this good of a record at the end 55 wins harden for MVP boston playing splendid ni irving, no problem i know simmons is considered for ROY but tatum plays like a vet
  11. What was the recent Anime you watched?

    im see a lot of high scores for that one i will check it out in the near future i watched masamune-kus revenge i thought it was like the movie just friends which i happened to like but it falls short and its stretched out
  12. NBA

    the buyout is not cheep, that why i suggest a Russian rulet type of luck with noah now the lakers might loose randel, which is a shame cause he plays good this season the cavs suck lost to houston whos best players shot bad and has or the had 3 players in rotation for the game and thats just to rest the starters a bit okc needs to fire donovan and find someone else
  13. NBA

    shame players are getting injured it disrupts the team you know what might be good if lakers and knicks swap deng and noah
  14. NBA

    OKC looks bad, just its ball movement wizards are no dark horse GSW back on track porzingis plays like bird