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  1. I doubt it will be getting easier, haha. At least I'll be done with it for good. Anyway, thank you! ;D I should probably turn the exp. share off then, haha. Thanks for the tips, Kenzi Didn't know about the set/shift options! What I like most about the game is probably that it's 3D(/2.5D), instead of the sort of top-down 2D we've had so far.
  2. ;D Same to you! Also, now that you're on the topic of the new Pokémon gen VII, how's the difficulty of the game compared to earlier generations? I haven't really played any other Pokémon games aside from LeafGreen and Diamond/Pearl, and I can't remember how difficult/easy those games were, but I find the new Pokémon Moon/Sun way too easy. Granted it's a children's game, but it would've be a bit more exciting if they'd upped the difficulty a tad, or just given the various trainers you meet a couple more Pokémon, haha. Anyway, aside from that the new Pokémon game is a marvel to look at, and I especially like the new donkey/horse Pokémon. (I haven't completed the game yet, and I have yet to try out all the new/old? features, so I can't really comment on those.)
  3. I just fell asleep to the movie Skyfall. Not because it was boring, I was just very, very tired. Last movie I completed was the Danish movie "the Shamer's Daughter". It was a rewatch, and I liked it. Not on par with American movies, of course, but pretty good considering it's Danish. Anyway, Star Wars: Rogue One? I loved it. Much better than Star Wars ep. VII. And the new Fantastic Beasts movie was very entertaining as well. Yep. (: I enjoyed it as well! Have you watched it yet?
  4. Whaaatt up guys xD Merry Christmas and soon a happy New Year! sorry about disappearing for so long (if anyone even cares haha), school's been rough. How is everyone? (:
  5. Thank you Kid for following me. I followed you back :D
    By the way, that's a funny avatar :D
    Now that I remember him, I really miss Kaito's show. Isn't the time for him to come back :(?

    1. Kid the Phantom Thief

      Kid the Phantom Thief

      Of course! :D Do you like the new layout of DCW?

      I think it should be time, yeah. I'm not really up-to-date with the Detective Conan manga, though.

  6. (: Would they work on an adult?
  7. What about the show makes you lose interest? Is it boring? Too explicit? Are you unable to relate to the characters? What if you instead watch the show with your brother, then discuss the episodes afterwards to get a better understanding or feel of the show, its world and characters, etc.? By the way, I apologise for all the questions I'm throwing at you, haha.
  8. Well, I've never been into horror stories. q: Don't know why. I was more into fantasy when I was younger, and I still am. I take it they were good?
  9. The show isn't based on the politically correct modern society we live in, and you can't expect it to run like one. These things happened back then in the medieval and dark ages, and indeed still do to some extend; it only adds to the realism of the show. It might sometimes be a bit exaggerated? I don't know, but if you watch Game of Thrones for the nudity, you're a fool. You've got the whole internet for that kind of stuff. You know marriages between cousins was a thing back then, as well as similar close-relative marriages, and sibling-relationships was commonplace in at least greek mythologies (just learned about it this week lol, a bunch of gods/titans married their sisters, just like the Targaryens), and no doubt in some societies as well (don't quote me on it). Anyway, to leave these things out for the sake of a few sensitive souls such as yourself is silly, and it makes for a boring story. We want to watch something that's different from what we know and are used to, and it being historically accurate is a much-needed addition to shows these days. Then there is the fact that you focus only on these few aspects of the series, when in fact there is so much more to it! The different characters, factions, the relations between these and the intrigue and plotting all add together to make one hell of a story/world! The fact that there are dragons, 'zombies' and magical gods, what have you! Come on, don't tell me you wouldn't enjoy it? Best of all, everything feels real, like it could've happened in the real life if our world worked a bit differently. So yes, it's silly you feel that way about GoT. I'm going to pull the old card of "but you're okay with gory stuff?!" (I know you're probably not alright with that, but take 'you' in the more general form), because frankly, how is that more acceptable than nudity and sex? To put it simply: it's not. They're both realities of life, so why be the fool who hides it away? That's a thing we're good at here in Scandinavia; we don't hide away these sensitive topics for the sake of sparing some innocent eyes and ears, but rather we 'embrace' (for the lack of a better word) it to inform people of the realities of life that is sex, nudity, even rape and gore. It's not that we approve it, or encourage it, but what better way to prevent horrible things from happening than educate people in it? If we stay ignorant, how will we know how to act in these situations? There is just so much more to it than you think. Just take Lord of the Rings, for example. That's a nice and cozy family film, right? No nudity, no sex. It's all good, yeah? Except thousands upon thousands of people are killed throughout the movies/books, the Shire is being seized and enslaved (only in the books). The Game of Thrones is similar, only it's on a much more personal and realistic level in the way it's being conveyed, not betraying the fact that these are people too.
  10. Don't go burning your house to the ground now D: How can you drift away from the Game of Thrones? It's the one unrivaled show out there, with a cast so huge yet so intriguing, it's like you're glued to the screen throughout the seasons. Don't stop at season one.
  11. What kind of auther is R. L. Stine?
  12. Yes, I do have an interest in books. (: Have you? Which genres do you like? Also, I just realised I made a mistake in my last post. Lene Kaaberbøl didn't write a trilogy, but a four-book series (quadrilogy/tetralogy?).
  13. Not for me, no. Never heard that song, haha! nice
  14. I presume you're on Team Mystic? q: A bunch, in fact! Track cycling and badminton especially! I've also watched various sailing/rowing sports, as well as one wrestling match, some handball and athletics sports as well. Denmark won their first, and only, gold medal in swimming, though I didn't watch that one live as it was happening at night time in Denmark.