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  1. I am currently reading Detective Conan, Yotsuba to! ( I know this is for children :c, but it's fun and funny.. somewhat ).
  2. Celtic Woman - Amazing Grace..~
  3. I wonder how it will be the appearance of "Big Ben" after four years of maintenance and renovation.
  4. I like it, It's great for your first fanfic. (^▿^)
  5. 999,673
  6. Cookies? What is my favorite house in "Detective Conan"?
  7. footprint eimseomr
  8. ugly > <
  9. Kaito Kid c: L is next..
  10. Last episode I watched was 867, I'll stop watching for a while.
  11. I wish there is no life in universe.
  12. {ZDNCUJTQU KSSF! (code2)} It's hard, I do everything.. Caesar cipher (shift26), i read (code/hint) vertically, I looked at the code in the mirror+/upside down - → ↑ ↓ ←,exclude this characters from English alphabet, find words with 9 letters, and 4 letters...etc. ........ ~I think S= O/E, and maybe U=E, so S=O.. =| ????e???e ?oo? |~# 〜 It's took maybe 4 hours . 〜 *sigh* ...we need another hint c: (looks like it's over to get hint (last login last year))... I have some questions▿ .. question1: How "tengaku squared" know (YKOTFRL) is "friends"? maybe it might be another word. question2: "Hint: Every time you use DCW, you see this" see what? -In fact it was fun...
  13. I will start with the word, then the next person will write what is opposite to that word, then writes another word. EX etc... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~♠ My word is Empty
  14. DOLL