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  1. Word Association [Forum Game]

  2. Word Association [Forum Game]

  3. Word Association [Forum Game]

    Ice Cubes
  4. Word Association [Forum Game]

    Cold water
  5. Alphabet Conversation

    Eeny Meeny Miny Moe
  6. Word Association [Forum Game]

    Lemon juice
  7. Hi I am Conan

    Hello, and welcome to DCW I hope you enjoy here.
  8. The Opposites Game

    Similar Separate
  9. Count Backwards from One Million :)

  10. Count to One Million [Forum Game]

  11. Ban the Person Above You [Forum Game]

    Banned because "DCW" missed you.
  12. Who's your detective conan crush?

    oh, I forgot, and also Kazuha and Bourbon (it has been a long time since I watched/read DC). I don't have a list..., All(some> <) the characters are wonderful.
  13. Who's your detective conan crush?

    .. Sera Masumi and Haibara Ai./ Shinichi (because he's smart (I want to be like him in a way of thinking> <)), and also The Magician Under the Moonlight.. Kaito Kid ━☆
  14. Read Any Good Books Lately?

    "Genes & DNA" and "Genes, Peoples, and Languages".
  15. Hi! I'm a newbie!

    Hello and welcome to DCW, I hope you enjoy (sorry for the late reply :I