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  1. spent an hour on spotify yesterday trying to find new songs and ended up with five daily mixes. spotify algorithm probably has no idea what to make of me also! the german exchange kids at the football game last night were like every time we made a touchdown and it gave me life hahaha
  2. OMM: Finished Game of Thrones Season 1 in 3 days. Am planning to catch up to the rest before school starts. @Raki I think you were the first one who tried to convince me that GoT was worth it, but that was over a year ago @M.K. Casually avert your eyes...? That's what I do. Hating it without watching it is a bit unfair though. I don't know how it's like for your culture, but GoT does follow the Western high fantasy trend. @Kid the Phantom Thief GoT is hardly a good source of education for the children. Even with a good historical base, the exaggerated amount of R18+ scenes isn't something I can justify. I found them to be generally shallow and surface, most nudity and sex having appeared in awkwardly cut and fitted scenes, but it does make it far easier to focus more on plot and world.
  3. Is this your first time? Also: I had to. I'm sorry not sorry
  4. Parfait! I've always loved the ones they sell at Panera, but they're ridiculously expensive for what they really are so we just made some ourselves. It was delicious <3
  5. Went outside to exercise and promptly regretted that decisions .-.
  6. Idk if I've already mentioned this around the forums before, but I've only ever watched Star Wars Episode VII. Yes, yes, I probably would've had a completely different opinion had I actually watched it all in chronological order and understood the references and stuff, but I can still judge it, right? The main reason I didn't like it (and why I fell asleep) was the atmosphere-- Episode VII was constantly trying to press down the grimness of the situation. Being grim is okay, but what makes being grim a great direction for any story, imo, is to show that there can be another side to it, one where the universe is safe and peaceful and the characters are happy. Coming out of the theater, however, just left me with the impression that the entire movie was grim. Thinking back to a decidedly grim movie doesn't make me feel like watching it was a great experience. Beyond that, the cinematography was just bad. Insert disclaimer here stating that I'm no expert, but oh god the way that final shot (spoiler: 360 camera zoom when Rey gives good ol' Luke his lightsaber) was done made me (and still makes me) feel all icky inside. As for Star Trek, it was just fun. It was an adventure, it had over-the-top action scenes, and it made me laugh. I loved it. Explosions probably had something to do with it, but you have to understand that not all explosions are created equal. For example, any and all explosions/action sequences in San Andreas forced the viewers' intelligence to drop, while in the Star Trek, the explosions well-timed to incoherent screams of an 80s rock band were just plain awesome. You definitely should! I usually don't follow seasonal anime, but Re:Zero is one that I find it worth it to make the effort. (probably should hold my tongue before the season ends though haha) == Rewatched Apollo 13 for the umpteenth time. The legend still stands.
  7. My throat is hoarse from excessive screaming and chanting "USA USA USA" Mostly I've been watching swimming and gymnastics since those are the two they show the most, but like Cindy said, they're over now and idek what to do anymore. Also watched some track and field, synchronized swimming, volleyball, and even handball (that was interesting). I'm pretty upset I missed most taekwondo and diving events--i'd waited 4 years to hear the announcers say "splash-o-meter" lol. OMM: I've known this for quite a while now but i still can't help but get all hyped up every time i think about it-- Ready Player One is going to have a cinematographic adaptation! And it's going to be directed by Steven Spielberg and the music is set to be composed by John Williams. I'm not even that well versed in the film industry and I'm drooling over these two names. It's coming out on Easter Day 2018, which is still a billion years away, but asdfghjkl fangirl mode has been activated. I mean, the book itself was a pain to get through because it was seriously lackluster in storytelling and overly stuffed with 80s references I don't get, but it was the book that got me into sci-fi. I can't wait to see how the Stacks, Columbus, and of course, OASIS are rendered on the big screen. The hype is real.
  8. Lol i think you misunderstood. I'm totally fine with the game as it is--it's the heat that's driving everyone to stay in their house. I think you're reading up on too many fanboy articles ranting about the update Most of the game is still the same as it was when it was first released. OMM: The book is already 5 days overdue and I still haven't managed to write a report on it .-.
  9. I've watched A Walk to Remember on TV reruns, but never the movie in its entirety. I guess I am a pretty big sap for this romances but oh well x3 Ooh that's a fun one. Have you seen Re:Zero? While watching Re:Zero I was constantly comparing it to Edge of Tomorrow and i have to say, if you like one and you can bear through at least 6 episodes of the other, life is good. == Star Trek: Beyond This is actually my first Star Trek anything and it was completely different from what I'd expected. In a good way. When we went to the theatres on Friday, I had been planning to watch Suicide Squad (hehe raki) but then my brother was like lelz no and went ahead and got Star Trek tickets. I was okay with it, because it's sci-fi and I like sci-fi, but after my horrible experience with the new Star Wars movie, I was really apprehensive about it too. And gah, the opening scene--which is like the first minute or so--completely tore down any sort of impressions I'd had beforehand. I did not expect Kirk to be a pretty chill guy. I did not expect it to be funny. Little did I know that the tone set within the first few minutes of the movie would be well maintained through the rest of the film. To be fair on my part, I'd walked in only knowing about the Star Trek legacy. I'd been expecting more sci-fi, more hard doom-and-gloom and saving the world themes (like Interstellar) (and like Star Wars) (I really did not like Star Wars) (i know i'm a nub but a nub can have opinions too right), but what it really turned out to be was adventurous, humorous, and just plain ol' fun. Sure, it was somewhat lacking in the sci-fi department and the crew dynamics felt a bit off, but it was a helluva ride and i was smiling much of the way through. Especially especially at the epic battle scene. CLASSIC JUST CLASSIC
  10. It's the same deal here. Pretty sure most of the east coast is being affected by the heat wave (please just let it be a heat wave). I've personally witnessed a dramatic drop in the number of pokemon go-ers walking around, but heyyyy both the gym and two pokestops are within reach from the pool :)))
  11. .... .......... ....... can it possibly be Hamilton that you're referring to? (though any other is totally cool too. I've always wanted to see Wicked and Something's Rotten)
  12. The lyrics to Lafayette's part in Guns and Ships. DAT FRENCH ACCENT DOE
  13. Started on Psycho-Pass and mowed the lawn. There's a bush in the back corner that somehow managed to grow to be taller than I am not that it says much . Also, I'm sure a good portion of mosquitos living in the volume of air around the property is now fat with my blood T-T
  14. Don't forget the new warning messages! xD YESSS TEAM RED LETS GOOOOOOO OMM: I've been listening through Halsey's Badlands on repeat. First time I've ever done this with any band or album, and no regrets.