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  1. lol. the inactivity. i might actually win.
  2. OMM: I'm never gonna buy another expensive controller... they go corrupt just after warranty ends :V
  3. Semester Exams... Last 12 hours to save the semester ;-;
  4. NOt 90% but seriously tho..! where the hell are yah!?
  5. OMM: I go into flashbacks a lot these days... It makes me sad. Not knowing the whereabouts of people I've enjoyed so much. Especially dcw guys and girls...
  6. REAL episode one..? https://myanimelist.net/anime/34036/Detective_Conan__Episode_One_-_Chiisaku_Natta_Meitantei
  7. i had to hear that from someone else. thankyou
  8. OMM: I dont like my new C Language teacher :/
  9. @machine signaturesssssss <3 oh my, i miss them now
  10. OMM: The new biopic movie on MS Dhoni is pure awesome <3
  11. The New Notification Bar... yumm yumm <3 <3

  12. Hey Vi..! Russia eh..? Cool I have a sister who is half Ukrainian and half Russian i hear it's a great country... Sure, all conan loving people are here..! But we talk about almost EVERYTHING so don't hesitate if you wanna have a dose of lame jokes from us xP
  13. It's a sea of fun... Dive in Don't hesitate to talk to anyone ^^ everyone here will make you feel like family
  14. Yay..! welcome to DCW..! Sorry but the exam season is here so you might not find much people till a week or two... but hakuna matata, just ping to pass time and hear our lame jokes xP great to have you here
  15. Pyramids..! :0 Sorry but whenever i hear about Egypt, that's the first thing that comes to my mind xP Stick around and tell us more about Egypt ^^